What women want: Who cares? (Part IV)

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It’s been a few months since I wrote on this issue, but several news items popped up recently to give me something to babble about other than the nonstop coverage of space shuttle Columbia and Bush’s imperialism. So, here’s my next installment on that timelessly enigmatic Freudian question: What do women want?

Part III of this series ended with, “In any event, based solely on my feedback to date, I would be hard pressed to make any general conclusions other than this: many men today simply don’t care what women want. Parts I and II may have appeared to lay the blame for this situation on women in general, but it is my contention that the feminazis are largely responsible. Many smart women (and men) have already figured this out. The glory years of the feminazis are fading and the end is near. Thank God.”


The good news is that men–as a group–have made substantial progress from the bad old days of pretending to be Sensitive New Age Guys. They have moved on to the next level–Divorced and Living Alone. For many, if not most of them, this is not their preferred condition, but thanks to the State’s no-fault divorce their votes don’t count.

The bad news is that for many divorced men they now have little or no contact with their children, which is exactly the way many ex-wives think it should be. For many divorced women when it comes to the kids they already have what they want. Sharing them is out of the question so just keep mailing those child support checks guys.

Animal House in Short Skirts

College enrollments are up for women, but not for men. The former male majority at institutions of higher learning is no more and the trend is negative. I am not attending any college or university so my perspective on this issue is limited to what little I glean from online, but recent news items would seem to indicate that all might not be well.

A story from Australia indicates that sheilas down under have become very bold, they often drink much more than most men, and when they go out raging many of them make complete fools of themselves, but they don’t seem to care. The men, on the other hand, are recoiling in disgust. Think Animal House in short skirts. These young women, mostly in their 20s, apparently want only to drink to excess before bagging and bedding their prey for the night.

Sexual Predators

It appears that after many years of looking the other way and simply pretending that female sexual predators don’t exist some courts are now taking seriously charges of female sexual predation against young boys.

Jeff Cole writes, “West Bend [Wisc.] high school teacher Carla Paulsrud, 31, was charged Jan. 22 with five counts of sexually assaulting a student, starting when he was 16. Then she was hauled back into court when she was accused of disobeying a court order not to see the boy, now 17. The criminal complaint says Paulsrud, who has since resigned, had more than 50 sexual encounters with the boy. If convicted, she could be sentenced to up to 50 years in prison.”

This is not an isolated case because recent others include:

“Gina M. Schroeter, 42, of Grafton was sentenced in December in Ozaukee County to a year in prison and six years’ extended supervision for having sexual encounters with a 15-year-old Cedarburg boy. The relationship between the two was kindled while they were preparing for a church Christmas pageant.

“Laurie J. Mosher, 40, an English and drama teacher at Oshkosh North High School, pleaded guilty in August to a charge of sexual assault of a student after having an eight-month-long sexual relationship with a 17-year-old male student. She was sentenced in December to 2 1/2 years in prison and 3 1/2 years of extended supervision.

“Melissa A. Bittner, 23, a music teacher at Messmer High School in Milwaukee, was sentenced to a year in prison and three years of community supervision in June for having repeated sexual contact with a 16-year-old male student.

“Lori Ann Hanson, 36, a special education teacher at Bluff View Intermediate School in Prairie du Chien, pleaded no contest to a charge of sexual assault of a student. She was sentenced in April 2001 to serve a two-year prison sentence. Hanson had a six-month sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male student.”

Note that these are middle-aged women, with the average age being over 34 years. These are no spring chickens to be sure, but their prey averages only 16 years.

“They pick immature boys with low self-esteem who come from troubled homes, or who are having problems fitting in at school….They know that the boys they choose are far less likely to tell anyone what is happening….”

It appears that what this group of middle-aged women wants is to have their way with young boys who won’t talk. Note that 80% of these women were also teachers abusing their positions of authority by stepping way over the line in a superior-subordinate relationship, in addition to violating school district policies, ethical and moral boundaries, and statutory rape laws. They allowed little or nothing to stand in the way of what they want, much to the detriment of the abused young boys.


Amy Sohn writes, “Call them hasbians. Women who came out of the closet only to end up in heterosexual relationships. Switching teams is never easy-no matter which side you’re on. If the lipstick lesbian was the gay icon of the nineties, these days she’s been replaced by her more controversial counterpart, the hasbian: a woman who used to date women but now dates men. Though Anne Heche is the most prominent example, many hasbians…are by-products of nineties liberal-arts educations. Caught up in the gay scene at school, they came out at 20 or 21 and now, five or ten years later, are finding themselves in the odd position of coming out all over again-as heterosexuals.

“[S] ome women who switch from dating women to men may be thinking about motherhood. ‘When you’re in your early twenties, maybe you want to have kids, but it’s more abstract. I don’t think a hasbian would be with a man just to have kids, but if she fell in love with a man, it would be easy to marry him. It’s complicated to have kids if you’re in a lesbian relationship-the whole question of the father and who carries the baby and what happens if you break up.’

LUGs: Lesbians Until Graduation

“It’s like a junior year abroad to Gay World….Lots of girls at Brown, Berkeley, Barnard, Mount Holyoke, Smith, and Yale go there but don’t stay there. For lesbians over 45, sexuality wasn’t a choice. It wasn’t popular to come out. It was pre-Madonna and pre-Sandra Bernhard.”

Jaqueline Kyrakanos writes,Don’t assume that just because she’s married, has three kids and drives a minivan that she’s your average heterosexual chick. Well, don’t assume that she’s always been your average heterosexual chick, anyway. So what if she takes ski vacations in Aspen and consults her private physician about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? It just so happens that she might be a LUG, and one of many LUGs roaming the free world as though they had not a skeleton in their closets. Well, let it be known that they have a lot more in their closets besides skeletons, such as ex-girlfriends and yellowing, old, militant feminist text books.

“LUGs are a strange sub-genre of the female half of the species on which little scientific data exists. However, there are some warning sings that might tell you whether that cutie who’s been eyeing you in your Gender Relations class will potentially show up at your class reunion married to the quarterback.”

She goes on to list five common traits of LUGs, as follows in abbreviated form:

1. “LUGs tend to be Caucasian and come from wealthy backgrounds.

2. LUGs tend to frequent upscale liberal arts universities.

3. LUGs attend lots of women’s studies classes.

4. LUGs develop mad crushes on the most radical female professor they can find.

5. Finally, LUGs, who usually remain unwilling to be labeled lesbians (rather, ‘feminists’, ‘woman-identified’, the ever-popular user-friendly ‘bisexual’, etc.) begin dating women.”

“[T]hese women never refer directly to their lesbian pasts, choosing instead more ambiguous phrases such as ‘wild college days’; this same principle also allows them to proclaim with confidence that they are deeply in touch with issues concerning the modern woman. A comforting thought to all us women on the front lines of the fight for liberation that though our LUG sisters were discouraged to find that being a lesbian in the real world is just too tough (and they wouldn’t inherit Daddy’s fortune if he found out) they continue to carry the torch for women’s rights. I suppose they’re our undercover agents in the Candyland that is suburban America. After all, no one will ever know they were once lesbians… Lesbians Until Graduation, that is.”

So, where does that leave us this time around? Well, let’s see: a) many divorced women want to not share their children, but they still want child support, b) many young Australian women want to drink to excess and wake up in some strange man’s bed, c) more than a few middle-aged women (teachers) want to sexually abuse young boys who will keep quiet, and d) a goodly number of rich, white coeds want to be lesbians, but only for as long as they remain in gay/feminist bastions of higher learning.

On the whole it appears that on a given day a given women knows what she wants, but I would be remiss if I failed to point out that the wants of these women all have one common trait: overwhelming selfishness. That would seem to lend even more credence to the feedback I received from men on my three previous pieces on this issue.

What I will say is this: somebody had better start caring about what these selfish women want because their narcissism bodes ill for society as a whole and for men and young boys in particular.

Too broad of a brush you say? Tell it to the divorced fathers of young children, young men seeking brides, young boys being sexually abused by their female teachers, and the rich fathers paying outrageous tuition to small colleges on the east coast so that their self-indulgent daughters can explore a new and different lifestyle, if only for four years.

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