What women want: Who cares? (Part II)

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My original piece was very popular with readers. I snagged dozens of email replies, the vast majority of them were complimentary, many were enthusiastic, and several went well beyond that. In general, men simply loved it, women over 40 thought it was hilarious and truthful, but most women under 30 went ballistic. The under-30 women readers came at me with their claws out and the volume turned up full. They accused me of many things, but it was evident early on that they hadn’t actually read it.

They (somehow) misconstrued what I had written as an anti-women diatribe. Had they actually read the piece they would have known that it was just a humorous rant against fickleness and irresponsibility. They also would have known that my personal opinion offered nothing more than a helpful suggestion to improve the reported unhappy state of today’s modern woman.

My message was: a) fickle women are their own worst enemies because they are not taken seriously, b) many women are fickle, irresponsible, and unhappy, c) many women would be much happier if they were less fickle and more responsible because then they would be taken seriously.

Numerous male readers indicated that they simply didn’t care what women wanted anymore, based on their many years of experience. Reasons cited included: fickleness, irresponsibility, double standards, constantly changing standards, special treatment, and an inability to please women, no matter what they did.

This piece will attempt to explore the subject further, albeit from a different direction. Instead of attempting to somehow ascertain what women really want, this piece will offer a brief snapshot of what some others think that women want since many modern women are apparently still struggling with this decision. Granted, this is just peering into the fog of today’s headlines and is far from comprehensive, but it could be illuminating and maybe even entertaining. Faint of heart readers may want to stop reading now.

The Daily Telegraph reports that what many women apparently want is sexual joy in a nasal spray, one that could be available within two years.

“The drug, PT141, is designed to work directly on the central nervous system, making the brain send messages to nerves in sexual organs. The effect was uncovered through tests on rats and experts believe that sexual dysfunction in women is usually a physical rather than psychological problem. Most women with sexual dysfunction problems are usually offered psychological or sexual therapy. Dr Annette Shadiack, drug maker Palatin’s director of biological research, said experiments suggested PT141 “increased motivation for sexual activity”.”

The Observer reports that what many women apparently want is the National Health Service to purchase some sex toys for them, including vibrators to help them rediscover their sex drive.

Amelia Hill writes, “Women suffering sexual problems ranging from a general lack of desire to severe genital deformity are being prescribed vibrators on the National Health Service to help them rediscover their sex drive. One of Britain’s most eminent consultants in sexual dysfunction has also begun regularly referring his patients to a London sex shop for advice on exploring their bodies – with the range of sex toys available. ‘Almost half of all women suffer from a sexual dysfunction, and sex shops and their accoutrements could be a vital part of their therapy,’ said Dr David Goldmeier, consultant and lead clinician in sexual function at London’s St Mary’s Hospital…Although one in three women now owns a vibrator – according to recent research by Ann Summers sex shop – the instrument’s use in medical circles remains controversial.”

Cherie Booth, the British Prime Minister’s wife, wants fewer women locked up in prison, a proposal that would appear to be very popular among British women, especially for those already incarcerated.

Gaby Hinsliff writes, “Cherie Booth…will face fresh accusations of dabbling in politics tomorrow when she backs a major inquiry into the treatment of women criminals, which is expected to push for fewer females to be locked up. The investigation, headed by a Labour MP, will look at why the female prison population has more than doubled in the past decade. It comes as new research suggests that, rather than being due to more women committing worse crimes, the courts are losing sympathy with female defendants as the traditional perception dissipates of women being gentler and more law-abiding.”

“She visited jails during her training as a part-time judge and friends say she has developed a close interest in female inmates. She believes too many women are behind bars, and that this has damaging effects on their children ‘Women’s crimes are quite different from men’s. They tend to be either economic crimes or narcotics-related,’ said Katharine Rake, director of the Fawcett Society. ‘We are not asking for preferential treatment. But some evidence suggests that if women transgress the socially accepted norms, they tend to be sentenced quite harshly. The move to incarceration can be quicker than for men. ‘A lot of women are in on very, very short sentences and I think there are big issues there about whether incarceration is the right method of treating these relatively minor offences.’”

“Research by Carol Hedderman of London’s South Bank University, who is now working for the Home Office, shows that while the sentenced female prison population doubled between 1992 and 2000, the pattern of female offences hardly changed. The number rose from 1,659 women prisoners to 4,195. Magistrates appear to have become tougher, with the proportion of cases in which they ordered custody growing fivefold over the eight years. A Home Office study in 1997 found that magistrates were more sympathetic to women, viewing them as often motivated by ‘need not greed’ – for example, shoplifting children’s clothes or food – and more respectfully behaved in court.”

What are we to make of these headlines? A reasonable summary might be:

– Women want to enjoy sex more and they will take a drug to ensure it.

– Women want the State to buy their sex toys for them, no mention of men at all.

– Women want special treatment in criminal court and less incarceration.

Dare I even say that these wants bear a striking resemblance to the reasons cited above by men why they didn’t care what women wanted anymore? Let’s see: inability to please women, special treatment, double standards, and irresponsibility. Hmm.…

On the other hand, just in case some men still exist who do care what women want what would appear to be in order for them? I suggest the following:

– Spend heavily at your local sex shop buying toys for her.

– Stock up on alkaline D-cell batteries for her.

– Cater to her every whim, even though it changes hourly.

– Get used to double standards and special treatment for her.

Don’t forget, I’m just the messenger. You are under no obligation to agree with this message. Reader feedback is encouraged. And for all those under-30 women who can’t wait to flame me again: If you hated my first piece so much, why did you read this one?

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