What a Difference a Day Makes: A Global Transformation

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Fear is quite the motivator, isn’t it? One day our privacy and freedom are more precious than diamonds, the next day they’re as passe’ as pet rocks. No my friends, America will never be the same again. As the song goes: “What a difference a day makes…24 little hours…”As I watched my big screen indoctrinator and listened to the pathetic propaganda of political pontificators and passersby being paraded before the camera’s lens, incessantly quizzed by reporters wanting to know “how they feel” about it all, the consensus became almost as shocking to me as the tragedy itself. Already they were shouting slogans like: “Whatever it takes to get these terrorists!!! Whatever it takes to keep this from happening again!!!” WE WANT VENGENCE! WE WANT PROTECTION AND WE WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!” One guy actually said, “SO WHAT if you have to get to the airport 3 or 4 hours early to catch a plane. WHAT DO I CARE if they take my luggage, open it and spread it out all over the floor?”

Were these the same people who so passionately protested surveillance cameras being installed all over the streets and intersections of America? Surely these weren’t the same concerned citizens who refused to tolerate Echelon and Carnivore sifting through every phone conversation, fax transmission and email message for details on their everyday lives? Could these be the same fearless patriots who would not be intimidated, profiled and databased by government gofers bearing census long forms? They couldn’t be the same warriors that wrote letter after letter to Washington DC demanding that their medical records, bank accounts, credit reports, financial transactions, online activity and personal history be kept off limits to government snoops and marketers. Maybe these weren’t the same outraged Americans that cried out when the Constitution was trampled to get to Elian Gonzalez, Randy Weaver and David Koresh. But, watching reporters this week work the streets and alleyways of New York City in search of tears and fears for “world peace” one would certainly think so.

The following quote appeared in a story posted Thursday morning on The Drudge Report:

“But Eva Chung, a 34-year-old from Columbia, who is a mother of two young children, said that after the nightmares of the past few days, Big Brother doesn’t sound all that bad.”

Privacy Trade-Offs Reassessed

Now, do you honestly think that the United States of America with all of it’s riches, resources, relationships and high technology; the country who has managed to obtain 700 leads and finger a network of 50 Arab terrorists in only 3 days, has for the last 8 years been unable to locate a bearded man sitting out in the wilderness of Afghanistan with a rifle and an attitude, when reporters and cameramen seem to find him all the time for interviews and photo ops? And then there’s that nagging question that haunts us every time Saddam Hussein raises his ugly head and clinched fist over in Iraq. WHY WAS IT AGAIN that we didn’t send our troops on into Baghdad and end his career once and for all? And has HE TOO been impossible to find for over a decade now? What about Qaddafi, Castro and the dozens of other defiant dictators that seem to effortlessly elude the mighty reach of “the most powerful nation in the world”? It kind of makes you wonder what’s really going on here, doesn’t it? Could it be these guys are just puppets in a pageant all being used to persuade us toward a greater agenda? You tell me.

As the dust and emotion settles over Manhattan and we all return to our daily routines digesting the drama that played out before our weeping eyes this week, I would ask you to consider the infamous words of global elitist and billionaire David Rockefeller as he and others like him carefully planned out our future from behind closed doors.

“We are on the verge of a Global Transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nation will accept the New World Order!”

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