War and empire: The evil twins

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“Our culture is in sympathy with the devil because it resents the claims of the sovereign God of Scripture. As a result, it will stomach any absurdity in the name of education; it will continue to tolerate the destruction of its children morally and intellectually; it will continue to tolerate crime in the streets and in every corner; it will continue to tolerate degenerate men as politicians. It will continue to do these things and more because it has said of the sovereign, Jesus Christ, ‘We will not have this man reign over us.'” Dr. R. J. Rushdoony, “Sovereignty”, p.229

In the initial Bible narrative Cain murders his brother Abel and shortly thereafter God decides to spare Noah and the animals but destroys the remainder of His wicked creation. Even as Adam and Eve’s third son, Seth, produced progeny that began to call on the Name of the Lord and God chose to bless Noah’s obedience with a promise never again to destroy His creation, God was forced to divide the people at Babel because they were attempting to build a tower to Heaven.

The ridiculous premise that human beings are basically “good” is nothing more than a rebellion against God and the overwhelming evidence of history. We are made in His image but we are an evil-hearted and rebellious people who from antediluvian times have defied His mandates even though our defiance has cost us dearly.

When God gave Moses the Law He provided the directions for a sin-flawed creation to live in peace and prosperity. Recorded in God’s Word is a detailed account of the patience and mercy of God dealing with a generationally disobedient nation and the ultimate sacrifice of His only Son as a propitiation for its sin. “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life”.

Twenty centuries have past since the birth of the Savior and as we embark on the Twenty First Century God has chosen to touch the lives of myriads of people throughout the world. However, this continuous increase in the number of Christians has not resulted in an increase in righteousness and obedience, the hallmarks of Christian conversion. Treachery, theft, torture, murder, and aggressive warfare are pervasive in our civilization.

During the American Civil War male soldiers fought the battles but when Grant’s armies, under generals Sherman and Sheridan, executed all out war on the South, land, buildings, and people were wickedly destroyed.

Wars have always placed innocent civilians in danger. But as we have succeeded in creating more efficient weapons of mass destruction the ratio of civilian deaths to the death of soldiers has increased exponentially.

In “Enough Blood Shed” Mary-Wynne Ashord and Guy Daunceys write “Wars are thought of as being fought mainly by men against men, but most wars kill more women and children than men-today for every soldier who dies in war, ten civilians die, about half of them children.” p. 3.

Two examples of criminal targeting of the civilian population happened at the end of WWII. At Dresden, Germany  and at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Japan  similar actions were carried out. In these two already defeated nations hundreds of thousands of defenseless civilians were killed in acts that appear to have been murderous, vindictive, and arrogant.

Decisions that involve the deaths of millions of citizens, all made in God’s image, are often made in opulent quarters by men and women who have never experienced the terror of the weapons they control. The reasons are often political  and are made by godless humanists bereft of righteousness.

When David Rockefeller wrote in his “Memoirs” that he has conspired to create world government he joined a substantial group of empire builders. Wikipedia lists 213 different empires.  Of those listed the British Empire, one of the most recent, had the largest land mass. Power is an addictive aphrodisiac. Empires seek power to control lands and people. Sometimes wealth can be used to purchase dominion. Sometimes control can be secured by peaceful means but in most cases armed conflict is the tool used to create empires.

In spite of the fact that the ground under our nation was occupied before European settlers arrived and the original occupants were systematically killed in a massive genocide that is seldom acknowledged, most Americans have never considered the United States an empire nor have they thought of our nation as an aggressive force. Florida was taken from the Spanish in the early Nineteenth Century and Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines in the early Twentieth Century.

The British Empire and most other acknowledged empires were overt creations that could be affirmed by the presence of an occupying force. Since WWII the United States has maintained a covert empire with a robust leverage over a sizeable part of the world and small contingents of soldiers in about two thirds of its nations. Mysteriously, over more than six decades the defeated nations of Germany, Italy, and Japan have always elected governments that are friendly to the United States.

Zionism has created another covert empire that exerts extensive power over the Western world. In the electronic age the press and media shape public opinion and in country after country they are controlled by Zionist Jews. Control of the press and media provides an ability to control public opinion and public opinion has leverage over government. Couple this power with control over currencies and a truly frightening potential arises.

At the top of the power pyramid is the crypto-oligarchy that controls the controllers. We might call it the Board of Directors of world government. They are the faceless power brokers that meet each year at the Bilderberg assemblies. They are David Rockefeller and his lackeys and fellow travelers. They are the publicity shy Rothschild family that has control over financial instruments that can buy and sell nations, control markets, and purchase the cooperation of governments. They are English and Dutch royalty. It is the hidden consensus of these and other influential men and women that mandate world press and media propaganda and set the agenda for tyrannical control. Their quest is the ultimate empire – world government.

Until recently the leash has been financial with the United States becoming collared when the Federal Reserve was approved at the beginning of the Twentieth Century. Asia began to participate when Japan began feeding at the American market trough following WWII and became more fully involved when President Nixon invited China to join in 1972.

Though financial strings have entangled Russia for decades she has always been cast as an enemy and United States is in the process of ringing her with ICBMs. According to a knowledgeable Indian writer, China’s military power will be checked by controlling Pakistan and Yemen through a U. S/Israeli/ Indian alliance.  With military, diplomatic, and financial forces allowing the U.S. to control Asia and the Middle East the world government noose has the world’s neck encircled.

Spirituality and Pietism are acceptable. Immutable legal standards are not. The World Board of Directors is a humanistic organization that intends to set its own legal agenda. Arminianism and Dispensationalism have removed the legal teeth from the Christian religion and presided over its disastrous preoccupation with the Rapture, its support for Israeli Zionist rape in Palestine, and its resulting supine social impact. Muslims present a more serious problem. Shiria law is god given and difficult to override with pragmatic considerations. Efforts to debilitate Muslim societies by introducing immoral Western practices have not been successful and now the United States is using diplomatic and military power to bring the Middle East to heel.

The new American militancy that began in the Bush White House can be traced to the Project for the New American Century that was begun by William Kristol and Robert Kagan in 1997 and became the guiding light for the two term Bush administration. The idea behind it was that America should exert its influence over the world because it is the world’s only superpower.  The documents pertaining to PNAC have been removed from the internet but on Page 63 of the section “Rebuilding America’s Defenses” the authors maintained implementation of their recommendations would require an event similar to Pearl Harbor. Nine/eleven provided that event.

There was a large Zionist influence on the Project for the New American Century. The spirit behind the Zionist movement can best be illustrated by a video describing the origin of neo-Israel and its treatment of the people whose land they are stealing.

Accurate figures on the civilian death toll in Iraq and Afghanistan are difficult to find but there is no doubt that civilian casualties are running several times higher than soldiers. One source reveals that, “About 283 times as many people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq than in the ghastly attacks of September 11, 2001. More than 121 times as many people have been killed in these wars and occupations than in all terrorist attacks in the world from 1993-2004, according to data compiled by the US State Department. (After the 2004 report showed terrorism at an all-time high, numerous experts suggested that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were fueling an increase in terrorism, and subsequent State Dept terror tallies have remained classified.)”

The following short video and the truth about the war it is supporting should help everyone acquire a more honest perspective. Watch this short video, then read Chris Hedges article on the war we aren’t supposed to see.

Isn’t it high time we repent, encode God’s Law, and allow “This Man” to reign over us?


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