Treaty? Let’s buy Mexico: Call it a territory, and set up a DMZ

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The folks in Washington D.C. just have no imagination, no creativity, and a lot of wimpy thinking.  They pander for votes, pursue terrorists while leaving open borders, and otherwise leave American citizens open to becoming an underprivileged minority among illegal aliens.  Worse yet, some politicos believe we should give special treatment to illegal aliens if they come from Mexico as opposed to, say, Finland or Greece.

All this is causing distress along the United States border with Mexico, particularly if one happens to be a non-Mexican (any color or flavor) American citizen.  Farmers, ranchers and anyone who lacks sufficient land, power and money to have an establishment as safe from invasion as … well … the Bush Ranch near Crawford Texas has a problem if they live near the southern border … say ten or twenty miles, fifty miles, even eighty miles north of the border, inside the United States.  It is my guess (and this is just a guess, because I’ve never been on the premises or anywhere near it) that the Bush Ranch has not been beset with the problems that the rest of the Texas and Arizona ranchers have.  Arizona is particularly vulnerable because until the last ten to twenty years, properties passed from generation to generation, and the owners are (ugh — imagine this) white folks.   In 1905 my grandparents homesteaded land south of Bisbee, near Warren, in sight of Naco, Mexico. By the 1920’s they had resettled to the Phoenix area, but some of my grandfather’s brother’s children were still in the area in the 1970’s and 1980’s.  My one uncle moved back to that area in 1979 and lived the rest of his life there.

Onward to the plan that makes sense.  Just out of curiosity,  I did some checking on the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo (1848) that ended the US war with Mexico. I was reminded that good old Uncle Sam was paying out money then for reasons that make no sense to prudent people, such as $15 million for any hurt feelings, or war damages, that the US may have caused Mexico.  That was the beginning of our problems right there. But we did have possession of what is now United States territory, even if it is an occupied territory now.

The US of A then proceeded to pay, in 1853, another $10 million to make the Gadsden Purchase, thus securing what was already understood (by some, not by all) to be US property.  Regardless of who thought what about whose land it was, after the Gadsden Purchase, which is a valid treaty, all the land adjacent to Mexico to this very day that the maps regard as belonging to the United States became settled fact and subject to American law, jurisprudence and now stupidity.

It appears we need to make one more purchase and buy the rest of Mexico, at least as far south as Mexico City (we need not purchase the capital, let’s leave that mess for Vicente Fox).  From there south, the Mexican people are at war with one another anyway, especially around Chiapas.  Could we spare $15 billion from the war effort to buy all that land, including Baja California, and make it a United States territory?  It sounds like a good investment to me.

To top it all off and make friends with the Mexican people who would be returned to the land, we could rename our newly purchased property “Aztlan” and thus crush the silly secessionist movement that would be crushed immediately if it had been thought up by our own white militia domestic terrorists.  We can’t call Mexican people who are secessionists “terrorists” or arrest them without offending them and disturbing our cultural and political alliances with Mexico.  However, if we pay $15 billion Yanqui dollars, and we own the stuff, then it’s a valid US territory just like Puerto Rico.

Now, what have we solved for our $15 billion?  We have a new territory called “Aztlan” and that sounds every bit as Hispanic or Aztec as these folks could wish.  We’ve moved all the illegals and quasi-legals with driver’s licenses and Mexican identification cards back to what was Mexico, while still allowing them to reside in a US territory.  We’ve increased our land mass even though most of it is junk, and we can now proceed to set up a Demilitarized Zone (not that any was militarized but that’s a matter of definition).

This move would further stimulate the American economy, since all the textbooks and maps would have to be rewritten or redrawn to show our new territory, and the new border with what’s left of Mexico.

Now the DMZ would look like this:  a fifty-mile wide band (or maybe sixty) all along the border between the United States proper, and the Territory of Aztlan.  It is proper to keep the US military stationed along any demilitarized zone, we’ve done it in Korea for fifty years.  Thus, it must be legal, proper and acceptable.

This would also be a no-fly zone except for commercial aircraft or pre-approved private planes that have filed a flight plan with the US government and received a red dot about five feet in diameter to attach to the vertical stabilizer (tail) of their plane with the letters (DMZ OK) on it.  In yellow or gold.  Upon landing at an approved airport, the letters would be washed off, the “dot” removed, and another such dot would have to be obtained before the plane could return to the Territory of Aztlan. Just precautions against terrorism and an additional gun in the war on drugs, you know.

Any plane not bearing the Dot … would be immediately shot down.  Isn’t that the way we’d do it in Iraq’s no-fly zone?  So why are you yelling at me?  I’m only following established precedent … go argue with the Pentagon.

So, with a US Territory of Aztlan, all illegals deported and made residents of Aztlan (a mish-mosh of a place anyway), a DMZ and the military in place, our former border would be secured.  Our American citizens would be secured.  We’d have the right to shoot intruders who escaped the military.  And after this, the residents of Aztlan would probably hate us so much they wouldn’t want to come up here anyway.

VIVA la Nuevo America.  (Is that Spanish?)  Oh what the heck.  Let’s just get on with it.

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