Three cheers for Rosie!: Sleeping Americans

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“. . . who will stand up for me
against the workers of iniquity?”
Psalm 94:16

I have found from hard experience that I’ve always had to stand alone and vulnerable whenever I took a stand for truth and principle in the midst of lies and deception. So I can well understand and sympathize with what Rosie O’Donnell is experiencing right now. It seems that she has awakened to some of the many disturbing facts about the so-called “terrorist” attack of September 11, 2001, and the government’s sloppy coverup in deceiving the American people. Rosie has only been doing what any intelligent person would do – asking questions to shed light on the subject. Her questions have incited the Neocons and their “higher powers” who manipulate and control our “boy president” to attack Rosie unmercifully.

Rosie’s widespread audience should hold her in high respect for her fearless courage. Perhaps the correct word to use in this situation is not “fearless,” for I‘m sure that she has spoken out boldly even while experiencing very much fear, which makes her a real hero for all Americans to emulate! Her attackers claim that her questions have caused a big drop in her audience, but the information that comes my way indicates that her listeners have increased by some 600,000. Great! This shows that many here-to-fore sleeping Americans are finally beginning to wake up to the high treason and moral filth that has infested our central government over the last number of decades.

The attack on Rosie comes from the New World Order cabal which has secretly infested the White House, the Congress, and the Pentagon. And who makes up this vicious cabal? It is the odious pro-Israeli Neocons who serve as a front for the behind-the-scenes evil conspirators who manipulate and control our “boy president” to systematically destroy, with congressional complicity, our constitutional Republic. The ultimate goal of their treasonous agenda is to debilitate America economically, militarily, and morally; to destroy the constitutional fabric of our once great nation; and to meld America into a fascist-type one-world dictatorship in which most Americans will be unthinking, poorly paid peons who must bow to the dictates of their political “superiors.”

My economic research indicates that the real standard of living of working Americans generally tended to rise year-by-year through hard work and savings until about 1973. From that time forward the following factors have come into play: monetary inflation to finance government deficits, rising taxes caused by an uncontrolled central government, a rising influx of welfare-seeking immigrants, and various federal programs which made it profitable for companies to move their manufacturing plants overseas. The result is that we are losing our manufacturing base and workers have lost their jobs. America – a nation in which one paycheck used to be enough to support an entire family, and still save money for a rainy day – has degenerated into a much less prosperous country in which Mama also has to work just to make ends meet economically, and often the children are left to fend for themselves. Some of this, of course, is because of changes in spending habits (which have been encouraged by unconstitutional federal spending and monetary policies), but most of it, in my opinion, is the result of “New World Order” plans mentioned above. Thus, the average family has become so involved in just trying to “stay afloat” financially that very few Americans can take the necessary time to observe and ponder how rapidly our economic and political freedoms are being eroded and undermined by the growing tyranny in Washington, D.C.

The deeply entrenched Neocon network in our nation’s capital has been frantically calling for Rosie to be dumped from her prominent public platform; and some have even been calling for her to be executed for “speaking against her government,” as if it were Rosie who is the worker of treason in our country instead of the Neocons and their hidden backers! Well, Rosie, when they stand you up to face the firing squad or the guillotine for exercising your freedom in speaking the truth as you see it in this once-upon-a-time “land of the free and the brave,” give me a call, because this is one Rose that will stand with you to defend the right of free speech! Who would want to live in an America, anyway, in which freedom of speech and the spirit of liberty have been snuffed out? For that is exactly where we are headed if the New World Order cabal is not effectively exposed and opposed. I have been fighting the growing tyranny in our country for over 50 years, and the battle is not yet over. I welcome you as an allied participant!

Folks, this high-placed cabal is growing ever more addled because an increasing number of patriotic Americans are finally waking up to the revolting truth about the so-called “terrorist” attack of 9/11. And when enough Americans start calling for a real investigation which will uncover the frightening truth, many treasonous persons in high places – politicians, government bureaucrats, members of the military – and their influencing advisors will head for cover. And, as a result, our Republic (it’s not a “democracy”) just might be saved!

This is exactly what I hope for and pray for each and every day:

That God will pour out His wrath on and unseat the ungodly conspirators who are now in control of our country; and that God will replace these traitors with faithful, dedicated people of His choice who have both the heart-felt zeal and the intestinal fortitude to restore constitutional freedom in our beloved Republic.

God has revealed a biblical plan for restoring freedom in nations where tyrants have unconstitutionally usurped power. It is called governmental interposition. God’s plan calls for raising up intermediate magistrates to interpose themselves between tyrannical rulers and the people who are being oppressed. The role of the intermediate magistrate is to rally the people as a means of unseating the ungodly tyrants if they won’t step down peacefully (See: I Kings 12: 1-24). [In matter of fact, I have written a small book about the biblical principle involved and how it works. It is titled Reclaiming the American Dream, By Reconstructing the American Republic. The principle of governmental interposition, if followed, provides a peaceful way of restoring freedom.]

Note: Every office-holder throughout our nation who has ever taken the oath of office, “to uphold the United States Constitution and to defend it against all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” qualifies as an intermediate magistrate. This includes, not only every elected official and appointed bureaucrat and judge at the national, state, and local level. It also includes every military officer and enlisted person, since all military persons have taken such an oath. On one hand, I truly fear the blatant tyranny that has grown like an insidious cancer at the highest levels in America. But on the other hand, I take great encouragement in the vast number of hidden patriots who must exist among the millions of intermediate magistrates I have just mentioned. I pray daily that God will awaken them to the challenge of restoring biblical freedom and constitutional government in our great nation. Join me in this prayer!

If most Americans had even the slightest hint of the foul and immoral stench that has been covertly working filth and treason high in our government for many years – and is continuing to do so at the highest levels at this very moment – they would shudder in panic. Let’s cite just a few:

1) The gross sexual perversion which has infested the White House, the Congress, and high-placed members of the political elite for decades; the blatant kidnaping and selling of young boys and girls into sexual slavery to be used by high-placed VIPs in Washington, D.C. and other places in our country and the world. Yes, it is a vast network! [See: John W. DeCamp’s THE FRANKLIN COVER-UP, Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, which was published in 1992]. While serving in the Nebraska Legislature, John DeCamp started to investigate allegations about the widespread abduction of young people into sexual slavery because he was sure the allegations were false. But he discovered that the allegations were indeed true! So, he wrote the above-mentioned book to awaken Americans about the on-going filth in the highest places in our government.]

2) Do you remember that President George W. Bush suddenly had eight federal attorneys fired recently? Did you perhaps wonder why? Here’s the answer, according to investigative reporter Tom Flocco. (

According to U.S. intelligence sources, President Bush obstructed justice last December when he had senior advisor Karl Rove and White House Counsel Harriet Miers instruct Attorney General Alberto Gonzales to fire eight U.S. attorneys who were among several others conducting ongoing public corruption and secret national security grand jury investigations connected to an espionage-linked prostitution / pedophile sex ring operating at the Washington Ritz-Carlton and other DC hotels, whose clients included U.S. senators and congressmen, elite Washington news reporters and high government officials–some of whom were named by an intelligence insider.

Members of this filthy underground network go to great extent to protect each other and to viciously attack anyone who breaks rank. How many members of Congress have been part of this underground? And how many have been compromised to such an extent that – instead of being faithful to their oath of office and of their duty to seek the best interests of American citizens – they fearfully succumb to manipulation by higher level power brokers? The word here is treason to the Constitution and to the American electorate! Does this help us understand why it is so difficult to root out this poison that has infected our nation and which threatens to destroy us?

3) Deception and lies about “weapons of mass destruction,” and false claims of Saddam Hussein’s alleged ties to Al Qaeda, led trusting and unobservant Americans (and compromised legislators?) to support the George W. Bush Administration in its unconstitutional pre-emptive wars against Iraq. [See: The Downing Street Memos, which reveal how George W. Bush and Tony Blair conspired to deceive the British Parliament and the American public.] The tragic result is the needlessly sacrificed lives of over 3,000 of our own young people killed in military service, plus the merciless wounding and destruction of the health of over 20,000 other young members of the military – all of whom were led to believe the lie that they were “defending America’s freedom.” Think also of the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians, including helpless women and children, who have been killed (actually, murdered) by our needless use of cluster bombs and depleted uranium (which is also destroying the lives and health of our own military and their families). All this has earned the well-deserved, undying hatred of the Islamic people against America.

4) Now the sights of the Bush Administration are set on Iran, another country that has never been a threat to America, but a country which the political leaders of the United States, Britain, and Israel have long been actively undermining in the press and by other means. The Bush Administration and the controlled news media have been very active in verbally attacking Iran as a means of psychologically preparing the American public to support a military attack on Iran. In the meantime, covert destabilizing activities by the CIA, British Secret Service, and the Israeli Mossad are being carried out inside Iran without the knowledge of the American public. And a massive array of U.S. ships and planes have been deployed to the Persian Gulf.

Critics of the current Bush Administration’s policy regarding Iran have voiced their expectations of some sort of “false flag” operation – like the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident” (the false claim that North Vietnam had attacked American gunboats) which set the stage for our invasion of Vietnam during the Lyndon B. Johnson Administration. [The Vietnam War cost some 58,000 American lives, some 300,000 wounded, a monetary cost of over $167 billion, rampant monetary inflation, and an uncountable psychological and spiritual cost.]

Back in 1953 our CIA worked covertly (on a British-sponsored plan) to overthrow the Prime Minister of Iran, Muhammad Mossadeq, who had been democratically elected in 1951. The Shah Reza Pahlavi, though unpopular with the Iranian people, was reinstalled because he was regarded as pro-Western. By this interference in the internal affairs of a foreign sovereign nation, America’s political leaders opened what has turned out to be a “Pandora’s Box” which has served to destabilize the whole Middle East and to unite the Islamic nations against America’s crass imperialism.

The resulting chaos from America’s military imperialism in the Mideast, and its unquestioning support of Israel’s genocidal policies against its Arab neighbors, both serve to further the hidden agenda of the New World Order forces who control our government. Yes, unfriendly foreign interests are certainly in control of our central government in Washington, D.C., and they must be unseated! The biblical principle of governmental interposition by intermediate magistrates is a peaceful method of accomplishing this needful task.

It is my sincere belief that our historic nation of America is in great danger and is headed toward doom unless the American people quickly awaken to what is happening right under their very nose and take steps to re-institute a new government, which is exactly what our founding fathers established as their right to do as free and sovereign citizens. A prerequisite for such action is freedom of speech (First Amendment) so that sleeping Americans can be awakened. But if the right of people to speak out and ask disturbing questions of our elected and appointed officials is denied, then the only alternative left is armed revolution. But the principle of governmental interposition can bring about needed changepeacefully in restoring the American Republic to “the land of the free and the home of the brave!”

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