The world of Islam and the world war

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Islamic fundamentalists have launched a Jihad against the entire non-Muslim world. This Jihad is being fought on three fronts. The first front is the war against secular or nominally Islamic governments. The second front is the war against all nations who are either on the fringe of the Islamic world or who have substantial Muslim minorities. The third front is the war against the predominantly non-Muslim United States and other western countries, which they consider to be part of the “great Satan.” The sooner we stop pussyfooting around and recognize the nature of the enemy, the sooner we can start winning.

The Islamic fundamentalist views the world as divided between the “Dar es Salaam” or the House of Peace, which is Islamic, and the “Dar el-Harb” or the House of War, which is non-Islamic. He believes that he is commanded, as an article of faith, to wage war against the non-Muslim “Dar el-Harb.” He believes he is fulfilling the will of his God when he kills the precieved blasphemers of his faith, whether they are secular Islamic citizens sunning themselves on a beach in Algeria or unsuspecting American workers in an office in the former World Trade Center. We must wake up and turn the tables by turning THEIR world into the “Dar el-Harb” and, by doing so, demonstrate the falseness of their God. This is the only language and action that they will understand and respond to.

The Qu’ran clearly commands the faithful to engage in war against the infidels. The only concession granted to the infidel by the Qu’ran is that he will be allowed to live in a Muslim State as a dhimmi, or second-class citizen required to pay a Zakat, or extortion, for not converting to the true faith. Most Muslims are fortunately not that religious, but, it is incumbent on those of us who seek a secure and free future to understand the belief system of the Islamic true believer as they carry out conspiracies to kill as many of us as possible.

If enough people had read Mein Kampf, and took it seriously, back when it was published in the mid 1920’s, Hitler’s murderous faith may not have achieved power. Likewise, it is essential that we study the Qu’ran and related documents, which constitute the faith of the today’s terrorist conspiracy. This is, again, not a matter of being anti-Muslim, as most Muslims are not that religious. We must examine, unflinchingly, the beliefs of the Islamic fundamentalists who are killing us!

Lets examine the most recent activities of the Jihad. Sunday, Sept. 30, a car bomb explodes in the Talpiot area of southern Jerusalem killing no Jews this time. The Islamic fundamentalists behind the terror directed against Israel believe they are commanded by God to kill Jews who fail to become dhimmi or submit to the rule of the true faith. Fundamentalist Islamic religious forces largely motivate the Israeli/Arab conflict.

Also, on Sept. 30, a suicide bomber rammed through the main gate of the State Legislature building in Srinagar, Kashmir with an explosive rigged car. At least 29 people were killed in the explosion and subsequent fighting. The Pakistan based Islamic fundamentalist group Jaish-e-Mohammad claimed responsibility for the attack.

The Debkafile reports that Bin Laden has continued planning for a long term Jihad against the non-Muslim infidel. His command is divided into five areas targeted for terror. Bin Laden himself commands the Afghanistan-Pakistan-Tadjikistan theatre of operations. Jumna Mamangani leads the Central Asian command, which includes parts of Kyrgizia, Tadjikistan and his native Uzbekistan. Jihad Islami chief Ayman al-Zawahri commands the Balkan theatre, which is based in Albania or Kosovo and covers Europe and Britain. Former Hizballah hostage taker Imad Mughniyeh commands the Middle East, and Algerian Islamic fundamentalist Fateh Kamel commands the North Africa-Spain-France theatre. Al Zawahri and Kamel also command the U.S. and Canada through deep cover cells and sleepers.

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