“The world is a safer place?”: Which world, Mr. Bush?

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Past presidents had the good sense never to make a statement like that for fear of being removed from office and placed in a restricted environment.

So, given the state of the world today, where does President Bush get the nerve to say something that preposterous? And what makes all but a few Americans believe such a ridiculous statement, to the point that Bush feels confident he will glide into his second term?

There’s something nutty going on here and a bit of hypothetical musing might prove worthwhile.

Look at it this way. Let’s say YOU are the President of the United States. You are holding the most powerful office on earth. But before you got there a few minor trouble spots in your life had to be overlooked. And, unfortunately, for America, they are still being overlooked.

You went to an elite university but you fell far short of being an A student. You had a drinking problem but hope you’ve beaten it. You went into the military, then proceeded not to show up for duty. Family money helped you go into business, where you didn’t set the world on fire. Family connections helped you get the job of Texas Governor, where your performance was no better than so-so.

Running for president, you snuck in under the gun by using the tactical ploy of stopping the count before some citizens had the chance to have their votes tallied.

Once president, you did a not-too impressive job. Ditto on September 11th when airplanes hit the World Trade Towers and the Pentagon and you spent seven precious minutes reading to the school children like a good president, while “Rome” burned.

You then jumped into action, frantically blaming Osama bin Laden of Afghanistan, but then announced an undeclared war on Iraq— which had nothing to do with Sept 11— and sent American soldiers in to capture Saddam Hussein, getting lots of American soldiers and even more Iraqi civilians killed in the process.

Yes, you did send some American soldiers to Afghanistan to hunt down Osama.  Three years later we’re still hunting.

You told the American people that we will find weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but as of this day, we have found zilch. You told us that taking down Iraq would be a breeze, but now we find that the “breeze” has become a 3-year killing storm.

You set up a puppet Iraqi government-backed by the USA-and run by Ahmad Chalabi, our “friend”, who all the while was giving U.S. secrets to Iran and is now a wanted criminal living in Iran.

Then you look around and see that Iraq is just the beginning of our endless dilemma.   Iran is getting more belligerent by the day. Syria, Turkey, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Israel, and the rest of the Middle East is a tinderbox ready to ignite.   North Korea is dangerously playing the nuclear card. Africa is a dying continent full of brutal warlords.  Most South American nations are struggling to survive. Venezuela, especially, is in a state of political chaos.

Meanwhile, back in America, instead of pulling the National Guard out of Iraq and putting them on our borders to stop the horde of illegal aliens from invading our country, you actually (with the blessing of Vicente Fox, Mexico’s president) encourage illegal immigration by discussing an amnesty for them.

You do nothing to restrict corporations from outsourcing our best jobs to China, India, and offshore islands. You then tell the American people you are creating new jobs—never mind the thousands already lost—but fail to mention that these new jobs pay “third world” wages, and then you expect the workers to stand up and cheer for you.

And finally, every time our infallible intelligence agencies use the terrible “T” word, you use it to raise the threat level, which vastly improves your standing as a “war” president.

Now, my friend, you mean to tell me that if you were the President of the United States, and you had that kind of background and record of incompetence, you would have the guts to stand up and announce in every speech you make (and not flinch) that, because you are the president, “America and the world has become a safer place?”

With balls that big, Mr. President, I’m surprised you can even walk.

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