The wolves have overrun our camp: And most are too asleep to notice

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081206-N-5549O-002 PHILADELPHIA (Nov. 6, 2008) President George W. Bush is escorted onto the field by a U.S. Military Academy cadet and a U.S. Naval Academy midshipman before the start of the 109th Army-Navy college football game at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia. (U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O'Brien/Released)(U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kevin S. O'Brien/Released)

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George Bush did us a favor when he cursed the name of GOD while declaring our Constitution “just a piece of paper.” Once and for all, the mask of this born again imposter has been completely ripped away, exposing the very dangerous wolf hiding behind it.

There is no longer any doubt about the serious threat this President poses to our freedom. Bush’s betrayal of the oath he swore to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution not only makes him a BLASPHEMER, it also earns him one other title of ignobility – TRAITOR!

The President has done a brilliant job of surrounding himself with lying sycophants who think and act like him – which seems to have emboldened the whole bloodthirsty gang. The contempt they show for our Constitution is quite brazen, and they obviously relish rubbing our noses in it. From the war crimes committed in Iraq, to the unconstitutional spending binges, to the exploding debt, to the kangaroo courts, to the systematic slaughter of millions of American unborn children – a relentless assault is being waged against the foundations of our republic.

This is not news to those of us who have been paying attention to the moral and fiscal catastrophe that is unfolding before us. What is truly amazing, and impressive, is that George Bush has been able to persuade tens of millions of otherwise intelligent people to follow blindly along with his madness. This has allowed the assault on our liberties to grind on nearly unopposed – making the Bush cabal a far greater menace to our freedom than some wandering band of desert bedouins could ever hope to be.

Ratcheting up the intensity of his attacks, Bush recruited the paranoid psychos at the NSA to perform illegal wiretaps and warrantless searches against American citizens. Along with that, he set up CIA prison camps, in countries that are even less friendly to the rule of law that we are, for the purpose of skirting around our anti-torture laws.

Those are serious crimes that demand a swift and severe response if we have any hope of hanging on to what little is left of our republic. The main response so far has been an attempt to bring charges against those who exposed it all.

However, we need to recognize that George Bush could never have committed these felonies and war crimes alone. He needed a great number of accomplices, and unfortunately, he had little trouble in attracting plenty of willing participants. Which can mean only one thing – traitors have infested nearly every level of our government.

Before we can even begin the fight to remove these traitors from power, we need to get the American people to wake from their coma and realize what a desperate situation we are facing.

We have a slight problem though. Those who seek to enslave us may be ruthless, but they are certainly not stupid. They have Americans scurrying around, so fearful of the Islamic boogeyman,that most are willing to suffer through any indignity or loss of freedom in exchange for the illusion of safety – when all along it has been those who are supposed to protect us that are the very ones threatening our freedom!

One rather unsettling development is that there is apparently no level of criminal behavior our occupiers can exhibit that is enough to get GOD’s people off their knees as they bow before George Bush. America’s quisling1 pastors, which include nearly every big, money-grubbing, warmongering name in Christendom – along with the Republicrud zombies they have led astray – refuse to call this phony believer to account for his evil deeds.

And it’s not just the Republicans. The Democrats, who should be bright enough to figure this out, are just as useless as ever. Which leaves us in the grip of a “two” party charade, fully committed to implementing the burgeoning police state. Meaning, we are completely screwed no matter which “side” is in charge. What a mess!

Our government has become a vast criminal enterprise from top to bottom, and we have seen that the leaders of it will do absolutely anything to maintain their grip on power. Lies, murders, and larcenies have become standard procedure – making the nine eleven cover story, that knife-wielding lunatics simply waltzed onto those airplanes and drove them into buildings, more impossible to believe every day.

The only terrorists that pose a threat to our freedom are the wolves in sheep’s clothes that have sneaked into our camp undetected and are gobbling up the few remaining shreds of our freedoms at a ravenous pace.

Things do not look good. The political solutions we seek will continue to fail us. That is a given. This would be a good time to cling to the only hope we have, which is Jesus Christ and His shed blood.

1. quis·ling  (kwzlng) n. A traitor who serves as the puppet of the enemy occupying his or her country.

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