The war on terrorism is phony: Bush’s borderless homeland security policy

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An all out global confrontation may be unavoidable, as even the Pope Speaks of a “Clash of Civilizations” as a scenario that may be inevitable, but, avoidable or not, it won’t make much of a difference to Americans because if president Bush continues his destructive borderless Homeland Security policies, the United States of America will be abolished and its civilization will not likely survive.

The president has given the final ok for the borders of the United States to be opened to Mexican truckers. Mexican truckers will no longer be restricted to a 20-mile commercial zone in U.S. Border States where they load their cargo on American trucks for wider transport. They will now have free reign on U.S. soil.

This will hurt many union truckers, but so to will the independent contractors, individuals that own and operate their own rigs, small business owners that are sub contracted to haul goods across country. These are our people, both labor and small business that will be decimated because they will be put out of work by Mexican low wage truckers.

The administration has said that they are fulfilling its commitment to NAFTA. What about its oath to protect and defend the United States constitution? NAFTA is clearly a violation of the constitution. Why is there a greater commitment to NAFTA than to the United States?

Once Mexican trucks are rolling down U.S. highways they will be used to smuggle drugs, illegal aliens, as well as weapons of mass destruction into the United States. Or it is possible that the trucks themselves could be transformed into rolling nuclear bombs. Why would the president endanger millions of Americans as well as the survival of the nation?

Bush’s open border obsession doesn’t stop with Mexican truckers. Amnesty for illegal aliens was once again made an issue by the administration when Tony Garza, the new ambassador to Mexico, according to the Washington Times, “told reporters in Mexico City that reaching an accord legalizing the status of Mexican immigrants — without giving them citizenship — continues to be a top administration priority.”

Bush was actually backing amnesty for illegal aliens right up until the September 11 bombings. Although quickly backing off of this new attempt for amnesty, the administration already has a backdoor policy of amnesty for illegal aliens in place.

Somewhere around forty cities in the United States accept Matricula cards as a form of identification as do many banks. The Mexican consulate issues the cards to illegal aliens that break into the United States and reside here for six months.

This is amnesty!

To make it worse, a foreign government is issuing a form of illegitimate citizenship in the United States and local governments are collaborating with it to break federal law. The Mexican government is also keeping a centralized database on these illegal aliens when they are issued Matricula cards. This will also allow Mexico to direct illegal aliens to take advantage of wealth redistribution programs in the United States and more importantly gives Mexico the ability through direct mail to interfere with the internal politics of the United States.

Why hasn’t Bush cracked down on local governments violating federal law as part of his War On Terrorism? It is certain that this unofficial amnesty policy is a national security risk. It is also clear that the Mexican government is violating the jurisdiction of the United States government by giving illegitimate citizenship status to illegal aliens.

The United States will absorb 1.4 million immigrants in 2002 despite the so-called War On Terrorism. If this trend continues a clash of civilizations is likely to occur between Americans, as the population will grow to 450 million by 2050. Simply moving everyone from around the world and putting them in one place (America) isn’t going to make them get along. It is more likely that they will bring their regional conflicts to the streets of the United States in the 21st century.

Why does the Bush administration refuse to police who enters the United States but willingly creates a police state within the United States.

To a large extent, international terrorism is the result of out of control immigration policies around the globe. Even what will likely become the global KGB, the Information Awareness Office, which is a branch of the military now establishing police powers over Americans, states, “It is difficult to counter the threat that terrorists pose. Currently, terrorists are able to move freely throughout the world.”

As time moves on Bush’s immigration policies make it more and more apparent, that while the terrorism is real, the War On Terrorism is phony. Informed rational thinking people couldn’t possibly conclude otherwise.

It appears that Bush’s goal is not security it is a global police state.

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