The US flies the jolly Roger with skull and bones leaders at the helm

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There is a good reason why Senator John Kerry (D. Mass) is the Democratic party’s frontrunner for the Democratic nomination for president in Election 2004.  He, like the members of the Bush dynasty, is a “bonesman” or lifetime member of Yale’s Skull and Bones Society.  If George W. Bush has a problem in Election 2004, and Kerry wins the presidency, no problem.  The policies of the secret societies whose aim is world governance will continue and the propaganda machine will crank out fables about the differences between liberals and conservatives … with neither elephant nor donkey representing true conservatism, and both involved in the conspiracies for a one world government.

Observers of the Washington political scene have long said we no longer have a two-party system.  We have but one party and the illusion of two, with the media propping up the illusion that there is still the old two-party system in full force and effect. That is absolute fiction.  It’s what the American public wants to hear, it’s how they vote, it’s even how they argue politics, as if we had even the distinctions that were present in the 1950’s and 60’s.

Until and unless a viable, independent Third Party arises in America to represent the Constitution, liberty, and a return to sane domestic and foreign policy, we will have dynasties of Bonesmen and socialists leading America into the New World Order that is over 200 years old in philosophy and intent as to American politics and America’s destiny as a nation.

After two wars since September 11, 2001, no capture of the culprits whose photographs and personas of evil fired up the misdirected patriotism of the Joe Lunchbox public, many of whom still are in denial over the weapons of mass destruction fabrications, there may be a shift by Election 2004 to the demand for change.

Electing a Democrat won’t change a flipping thing as to America’s political posture.  In the eyes of the world, America is no longer the kindly red white and blue, but the nation that flies the Jolly Roger, the skull and crossbones flag of the pirate ships who captured, looted and killed on the merchant vessles they overtook.

Every pirate ship flew a benign flag until it set its sights on helpless prey, merchant vessels loaded with some form of treasure. It used to be gold and jewels.  Today, the “ships” are ships of state and the treasure is oil or high-potency drugs.  At the moment before the attack, the old-time pirate ship lowered its benign flag and hoisted the Jolly Roger, and the merchant vessel had only short warning that a predator was about to attack.  So it is today … our leaders do some barking and growling at the leaders or policies of other nations and then America’s leaders call into battle the vast military organization and high-technology weaponry to make swift work of the targeted nation.  The declaration time is shortened, the active combat time is likewise shortened, or at least the official time of combat.

A slight difference is in how the Jolly Roger is displayed, or more accurately, not openly displayed.  We always maintain the lovely red, white and blue as the official standard of the America that once held the world’s respect.  The skull and bones is not flown from the mast of any ship of state, it is worn in secret by the leaders who guide this nation into war, intimidation of other sovereign nations, and the destruction of the ship of state of American constitutionalists, some of whom just disappear, commit suicide without reason or are found dead by other means and the story of their demise fades from media coverage quickly.

The old pirate ships were a bit more honest about their dishonesty.  They hoisted their Jolly Roger, took their booty, set fire to the merchant vessels and made slaves of the merchantmen aboard, at least those who survived.

The skulldruggery occurring in world politics now makes piracy on the high seas look like a video game from another era, or just a bad movie made on a low budget.

Why doesn’t America live by and within the boundaries of its Constitution?  Because that Constitution is diametrically opposed to everything today’s polital insiders advocate.  The leaders want no part of an America where the leaders must have the consent of the governed, and the blatant and insulting manner in which they ignore the voice of the people attests to this fact. Our courts have been politicized, so it is apparent that anyone who holds any position of authority in the government system either toes the line or loses his/her hope for job security and advancement.

The Constitution stands between the total victory of the One World Order over the American electorate, and deceit by the ton is being poured out of every form of media to convince well-meaning American citizens that we still have our freedoms and that our leaders are working in our behalf.  Nothing could be farther from the truth.  Our leadership is working toward the undoing of all American rights, the relegation of the Constitution to a historic but inoperative document of museum quality only, and the instigation of a militant society in which the arbitrary rules of the game are set by the rulesmen of the day.

That, citizens and future serfs, is exactly what is going on under our noses!

No stage production or major movie ever had such scripting, rehearsals and advance publicity as does American government, nor was ever a theatrical production as phony as what passes for partisan politics in America today.  Some of us know this, but most do not.  “Joe Lunchbox” still believes he lives in the America where unnecessary laws, restrictions and infallible identification were science fiction. Today they are reality, right down to signing a “privacy” form that denies privacy, in your doctor’s office, at your pharmacy, at an emergency care center, and dozens of other places.  Your driver’s license was once just a certificate that you had been granted the privilege to drive, now it is close to being your National I.D. card, and may either become such or be replaced by the NID.

To ensure the continued control of America by the pirates of our ship of state, any third party that appears to be gaining support has its members attacked and its funding cut off, as well as some of its advocates threatened into backing out because their families would be targeted.  If that is honest politics then we have reinvented the dictionary also.

In Election 2004, if Mr. Bush faces his Bonesman brother Mr. Kerry, the voters may as well vote “neither of the above” or write in the name of their favorite city councilman.

In this age of genetic engineering and hybrids, in politics one can cross an elephant with a donkey and all they get is a bigger jackass with a bigger appetite and greater weight to crush the puzzled American voter.  Sadly, the majority of American voters do not even notice what is happening, because it’s never on the nightly news.  Nor will it ever be unless enough Americans come to their senses and demand that the pirates give us back our country.

Maybe they will actually have to see the Jolly Roger fly on American flagpoles.  Only it won’t be the skull and crossbones, it will be the flag of the New World Order.  Then it’s too late to take America back except by force.

(Ed. note:  Dorothy Anne Seese is engaged in writing an inspirational/devotional book, and will only write commentaries on politics, news, and world events as she can spare time from her main endeavor.)

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