The UN is coming for your guns: Incremental disarmament of our citizenry

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There’s a lot in common between the United Nations and soil erosion. Both operate incrementally. A couple of tons of soil washed away here, another assault on America’s Constitution there. Over time, both lead to disaster.

If you’ve been paying attention, you remember that on September 6, 2000, the U.N. gathered world leaders together in New York City for its Millennium Assembly to give the U.N. oversight of international conflicts. They gave the U.N. power to be judge and jury over violators of international law. They gave the U.N. oversight of financial institutions, commerce, trade relations, education and private property. Existing national, state and local governments are to remain as conduits to locally carry out U.N. policy. Officials in our American government approved and aided this U.N. attempt to replace our Constitution with the United Nations Charter.

In the final analysis, what’s stopping the U.N. from taking over the United States right now? It’s our armed citizenry, the citizens known as “militia” by the Founding Fathers. As long as millions of Americans remain armed with personal firearms and abundant ammunition, conquest of America by military means is a dangerous and expensive option, and would-be U.N. World Government people know this.

So this month, in New York City, the U.N. will hold a global summit meeting on the “Illicit Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons.” The stated objective is to stop rebels, criminals and insurrectionists who commit crime and revolution around the world. One of the claims is that those folks carry weapons which originally were legitimately sold to private individuals as legal firearms. Thus, they reason, firearms and ammunition must be confiscated from private citizens. Under the U.N. plan, only governments, including a U.N. standing army, would possess the world’s remaining firearms. Citizens would be disarmed, including even hunting rifles.

This is a workable plan. Hitler proved it. Hitler had his own versions of the Million Moms March and Handgun Control, Inc., who noisily demanded that firearms be licensed, then restricted, and finally taken away from private citizens. When Hitler came to power in Germany he confiscated all personal firearms for “public safety” reasons. When private citizens were no longer armed, Hitler started rounding up the Jews, Gypsies, handicapped, mentally retarded and other “useless eaters” and “undesirables” and shipped them off to slave labor or extermination camps according to their ability to produce materials for the war effort.

Do you honestly believe that the U.N. and our own federal government are so benevolent that they would never resort to tyranny after citizens are disarmed? If so, review your history. Governments are responsible for killing more of their own citizens for political reasons than have been killed in wars between competing governments. The facts and trend lines are very clear. The U.N. is working toward World Dictatorship, little by little and with the help of left-wing Socialist organizations, anti-Capitalist foundations and members of our own government, and if we don’t get out of the U.N. now, and shut that outfit down, our future will be Communism.

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