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The briefest scan of the “news” pages reflects nothing new.  The same garbage in the Middle East, and the so-called Peace Process which is no process at all.  The same war in Iraq, with only a few knowing what is really going on in that nation.  Americans are given perceptions.   Facts are scarce. War with Iran looms large in the windows of fear among Western people and nations. We only want things that stay “over there” among smaller, weaker nations with no real armaments of mass destruction.  Many Americans oppose the “war” over there because it isn’t a real war, it’s an invasion and failed occupation of a formerly sovereign nation, caught up in a rebellion the media calls an “insurgency” because some folks don’t like what America did and they’re taking it out on every American they can find.

Now and then a volcano erupts, an airplane crashes, or an unexpected face takes first place in a golf tournament.  That’s minor news, stuff that used to be the page 12 items.

Where’s the news?

What really is going on in Iraq? Do we know how many people are actually being killed?  Or do we release figures that “prove” we have a war to fight, but not enough to raise national ire to boiling point?  Why is America still in bed with the Saudis, a strict monarchy with no inclination to become a democratic nation, when we have our own oil supplies?  What’s the real story behind the rising oil prices?  If we don’t have enough oil reserves, what happened to them?  Why did the government decide to invade the Middle East?  Was it to protect Israel?   Come on, let’s have news that stings, that bites, that gives facts rather than government-approved propaganda.  Americans should demand the truth, not accept the plates of trash they’re handed.  They wouldn’t accept garbage plates in a restaurant, why do they accept trash for their minds?

Who’s picking freedom out of American pockets while the media points somewhere else?  “Look over there” is the general tone.   Look at the airliner crash, at the weather in Madrid, at Iran’s supposed nukes, but don’t look at home, don’t put the finger on the bums in public office who are selling out this nation and stifling freedom by needless laws and unconstitutional restrictions against public displays of Christian religious beliefs while supporting the same types of displays by other religions.  And how about government grants to universities to further their studies on evolution, a truly outdated theory that is just convenient because the “news media” doesn’t expose what scientists really know about the probabilities of a universe of intelligent design that demands a Creator.  Why isn’t the agenda being exposed?  Is it because the promoters of the agenda own the press?   Well, in part yes, but what else?

Media doesn’t ferret out all the anti-God nonsense going on in this country, reporters don’t count the crimes against citizens who try to stand for the Constitution or bring up their children according to their religious beliefs.  The stories are slanted to make Christians look like whack rebels while the government entertains “dignitaries” of Islamic nations wearing costumes that were in fashion 1,500 years ago and who hold their women with as much regard as their cattle, or less.  Then our leaders speak of spreading democracy, and the USA isn’t a democracy (at least not by the Constitution) but a federal republic. What hypocrisy!

Cable and broadcast news has made an icon out of Peter Jennings because he died of lung cancer.  If he had died of pancreatic cancer, would it be the same?  No.  He would have quietly departed amid hushed farewells and that would have been the end of the matter.  In death, he’s an icon because he is now a tool for those who want to tell others what to do and not to do,, beginning with tobacco. Choice has nothing to do with freedom in their minds.  That’s a totalitarian mindset.  The food police are on the job also.  So are the vitamin police, willing servants of big pharmaceutical houses that object to the billions of dollars that Americans spend, as a matter of free choice in a supposedly free nation, on vitamins, minerals and food supplements as opposed to prescription drugs.

Choice is either free choice or it isn’t free and it isn’t choice, it’s coercion!  If I am going to need a prescription to take calcium-magnesium-zinc and cod liver oil for arthritis, I’m being coerced into having a doctor’s approval of my choices. As it is, I buy it now, of my own free will, from vitamin dispensers. (This is not an invitation to write me about your pet cures, you have your choices, I have mine, and if I want information I’ll get it myself.)

I’d say it appears that every third commercial on television (cable, channels about food, weather and travel) is for some new drug.  “Ask your doctor….”  or “you may be at risk.”  Just enough to put a seed of fear into your mind.  Then you run to the doctor and fork over some money there, perhaps also to the lab for expensive tests, and then buy some prescription drugs you may not need at all and could backfire down the road of life when you aren’t expecting it.  No wonder it takes so long to get an appointment with a doctor now.  The offices are filled to overflow with folks who think they might be “at risk” of dying.  Well, they are. Everyone who has ever lived has also died, and nothing has changed that fact.

How many new pills does each pharmaceutical house release each year?  I don’t see that in the news. What is the cumulative total of consumer purchases for prescription drugs, particularly new ones?  I don’t see that in the news.  It hasn’t even been put in public view that the government doesn’t want us to have free choice about what we elect to put in our mouths … food supplements and herbals vs. prescription drugs. That doesn’t make the news. It slips under the so-called “radar” of public view while the media points to some riot in Obu-Dobu that has no bearing on Americans.

I’m not hearing as much now about the border issues.   Has something closed the border?  Or just shut off the news about it?  I suspect the latter.  The drug trade is way too profitable to shut down ingress to the US by illegals and smugglers.  This government has no intention of closing borders, rather it is in favor of opening them.  Are open borders on the front page?  Not that I’ve seen.  Politicians don’t like to disclose their private views, they hire speechwriters to tell the people what should be done, not what they intend to do.

If lying in campaign speeches were a punishable crime, we’d lose most of Congress overnight. The White House would look more like a ghost hall and many governors would be in lockup.

Our nation could be on the road to vast improvement if that occurred.

As it is, the media simply rehashes the old news, which is no news, and picks out some celebrity to feature. So-called “news” is there to entertain more than inform now. Worse, it is there to instill fear in the public consciousness with every newscast so that there is unrest, uneasiness and a plethora of vague fears in the public mind.  Which is worse?  Dying of bird flu or cancer?   I cannot answer that .. to me, dead is dead and the direction of our soul is the only meaningful issue.  Death is unavoidable, so let’s get on with life.   Happiness will prolong life but the things we fear will snuff it out. However, happiness of the genuine fabric has been displaced by materialism, the act of trying to fill spiritual and emotional voids by stuffing the hole in the soul with “stuff.”  We can buy now and pay later, we can increase personal debt, we can hand currency to children who want some of our time and attention.

Is that in the news?  Very seldom.  That’s feature material.  News is who killed someone, how our wars are going, crimes in the neighborhood and vast devastation brought about by natural disasters.

There was a time I wanted to be a journalist.  Not now, even if I weren’t well into retirement.  If I could not write the truth I found, I would not write.  Searching out truth now is a hazardous business, seemingly more certain to cause untimely death than tobacco of any sort.  Just count, if you can, the number of bioscientists and others who might embarrass the government who have committed suicide (with a gun fifty feet away) or otherwise met with the grim reaper in some unexpected place.  Being prominent, knowing too much, or chasing truth by discarding the babble spewed out by politicians is very much a health hazard.

Truth is truth. In journalism, if it isn’t truth, it isn’t news — it’s propaganda.

Relative truth is an oxymoron, a contradiction of terms in one statement.  Yet what we see today is relative truth, just as proponents of a “living Constitution” want to make it into something it is not, a draft in a looseleaf notebook, the original of which is only a museum piece.  The same thing is being done to the Bible by the people who follow the agenda of the globalists, because the Bible is a dangerous book.  It tells the truth about man and what he is, how rotten and in need of redemption we people-creatures are, how we fall for vices and easily wander off to follow false gods.  It tells of the destruction of the wicked for their evils.

Two changes in our society could make more of a difference than people would believe:  bring back the Bible as the standard for law and morality, and bring back the Constitution as the law of the land.

The media wouldn’t lack for news, that’s a certainty.

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