The march is on!: Beware of the quack

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When I saw our “lame-duck” president trying to contain himself before the cameras at that press conference last week immediately following the would-be election where he almost burst into laughter over the Florida fiasco I knew right then that the fox had once again been in the hen house. It was just his little narcissistic way of letting us all know who was to blame. No surprises here… After all, he did warn us that he still had ten weeks to quack. In light of Al Gore’s clumsy and impromptu concession withdraw and his well-documented history of delusion, I doubt he himself understood what was really going on behind the scenes. It seems as if old Al is just another of Clinton’s “useful idiots”. As I see it, the Quacker-in-Chief is skillfully playing the two parties against each other (as global socialists always do) with the intent of defeating not just the republicans but the Republic and it’s loyalty to the Constitution, one of only few remaining governmental absolutes.What we have here is the Hegelian Dialectic at work, that process I referred to in my Willow Creek series known as consensus or as Authority Research Center’s founder and president, Dean Gotcher calls it, “Praxis”. Developed by an 18th century German named Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, it was later adopted by Italian communist Antonio Gramsci as the ideal solution for conquering the West. (Gramsci Strategy) He knew that it could not be defeated by war and bloodshed (which is traditional Marxism) but only by the compromising and corrupting of its culture and institutions through infiltration and attrition. Socialists don’t want to destroy America. They want to disassemble it for reinvention. The formula is thesis + antithesis = synthesis. (Conservative + Liberal = Socialism) It is the compromised and manipulated outcome achieved through the forfeiture of absolutes (Constitution) by opposing forces (republican vs. democrat) for the sake of world peace. This is why many of our nation’s closet socialists like Hillary Clinton are now calling for the elimination of the Electoral College (among other things).

We must understand that Clinton & Co. are not just after republicans here or the continuing of his “legacy” through Al and Hillary but the utter demise of the Constitution and all it’s absolutes like term limits. What’s more, if he can’t defeat it by overturning the electoral process, he still has the trump card of Martial Law that he can pull on us by declaring a National Emergency. (For instance, whenever voters decide they’ve had enough of this bogus ballot brouhaha and begin taking to the streets in protest.) His secret signing of presidential executive orders a few years ago has made possible an unprecedented power play that could be every bit as real as those elaborate underground command centers and rural concentration camps we’ve all read so much about. Tyranny is still only one signature away. He knows that and he knows WE know it. So, he’s giving us a peaceful alternative before all hell breaks loose; like Don Corleone, he’s making us an offer we can’t refuse. We can do it the easy way or we can do it the hard way. This is why he was choking back laughter at that press conference as if someone had just told him a dirty joke. He knows he ain’t goin’ nowhere…not into retirement…not to Hollywood…not to New York…not to court and CERTAINLY not to jail.

You see a socialist is not a soldier with a gun that conquers by force, but a suit and tie with a briefcase full of contracts and charitable ideas that you invite into your home for coffee and conversation in the name of tolerance, diversity and unity. Once inside, he shrewdly turns the members of your household against each other using envy, jealousy and covetousness. Then right before you kill each other and burn the house down, he offers you his “compassionate” solution. That solution is compromise; the forfeiting of the very absolutes your home was built upon. Once those absolutes are willingly surrendered, no one believes in anyone or anything anymore except a PROMISE…the promise of peace and prosperity. Unfortunately, that promise is just as empty as the souls who offer it because it is built on a flimsy foundation of floating values, situational ethics and a dangerous line of credit all provided by that slick-talking stranger sitting in your living room from Washington DC.

Always remember: Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left. While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another, they both march in the same direction…toward global governance and a Hell on Earth.

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