The great big bogus debate: Breaking law, killing sovereignty

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The process of producing agreement using the Hegelian Dialectic involves the Thesis the Anti-thesis and a Facilitator who will help to develop a Synthesis. When social issues arise protagonists from both sides are questioned and moderated with the intent of reaching accord.

Agreement is a necessary prelude to peace and since peace is widely considered a Holy objective, the Dialectic is being used as a ruse to bring about a phony secular peace.

United States has long since forsaken righteous legal standards and has fallen into the pit of human legal opinion where justice is hard to find. Nevertheless, some deference is still shown to our Constitution and what little is left is being challenged by the use of the Dialectic.

A debate has been contrived over illegal immigration and the millions of illegal aliens already in our country. On one side are the 12 to 30 or 40 (depending on whose figures you believe) million illegal aliens already living in United States whose participation in the debate over how they should be treated and what should be done about their relatives and non-relatives who continue in a daily deluge over our borders allows them an illegal legitimacy. On the other side is a diminutive but growing group of America-first patriots who wish to see the rule of law upheld and our Constitution preserved.

Larry King’s Show on CNN was a classic example of an attempt to put the Dialectic into action. Larry King is Jewish and the elite Jewish agenda has and continues to be in favor of unlimited immigration which is deemed favorable to their race. (For additional information on the immigration invasion click here. )   Larry was the Facilitator but unfortunately the Thesis and anti-Thesis were weak and though Larry made a valiant effort the Synthesis was shakey. Included in the panel were New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson; CNN Commentator Lou Dobbs; California Congressman, Dana Rohrabacker; Minuteman founder, Jim Gilchrist; anchor and author, Maria Elena Salinas; CNN’s Senior National Correspondent, John Roberts; and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist of The Los Angeles Times, Sonia Nazario.

Lou Dobbs outlined the extent of the problem, “And, as I have said throughout, you cannot reform immigration unless you control immigration. You can’t control immigration unless you secure that border and it is an absolute, to me, disgrace that this Congress, this president, both political parties have refused to take the necessary steps to secure those borders and ports.

The American people are being disappointed on so many levels by this government, this administration and in fairness the previous administrations, the previous three administrations in terms of border security, in terms of illegal immigration. But this society of ours right now is demanding results and this government is dysfunctional at best.”

And Rohrebacher offered a solution, “But once these people are here, these 15-to-20 million people, they should not be taking the jobs of Americans and they should not be getting the education money, the health care money, the housing subsidies, and all the other things that we provide American citizens. If we cut them off from that, from the benefits and the jobs, there will be a trend going in the right direction. They will start leaving.”

Journalist and author Sonia Nazario spoke from personal experience. After traveling from Honduras and riding on seven trains the length of Mexico along with hundreds of central American’s intending to cross illegally into the United States she wrote a book entitled “Enrique’s Journey” . The book is about a boy seeking to be re-united with his mother.

Sonia spoke of the lack of will being exhibited by the United States Government saying, “What people along those migrants routes really talk about what would work is employer sanctions and that means not only having sanctions for people who hire immigrants who are here illegally but enforcement of those. That means that people will be actually fined, and that has not occurred in the United States.”

She went on to recommend that the United States devise a foreign policy that would help create jobs in the poorer nations in our hemisphere.

First, every person, man, woman, and child, who crosses the United States borders illegally breaks the laws of our nation and immediately becomes a criminal. When our government fails to enforce our laws it becomes a rogue regime that should be impeached and replaced with one that will uphold our legal system.

Second, not mentioned in the Larry King dialectic was the inexorable progress of globalization and its intention to erase borders and meld all nations into a new world government. Since this is the core issue, debate without its being mentioned is a debate about symptoms rather than causes.

Third, Americans need to understand that legal standards cannot be upheld when emotionalism interferes with a clear understanding of the law. When victims are brought into our courts and allowed to sully justice with emotion, justice suffers.

When Sonia Nazario suggests that America’s citizens should shoulder responsibility for the living standards of other nations in our hemisphere she misplaces responsibility. Each nation and each individual is responsible for its own standard of living and attempts to piggy back on the affluence of other nations is an illegal procedure.

Toward the end of the program Sonia Nazario stated a startling truth. She said, “And the real question is if there is tamper proof identification, will the federal government actually enforce the laws? So far, they have proven unwilling to do that. There is virtually no enforcement of the laws that are currently on the books. So you can’t blame Americans for questioning will this administration or any administration enforce any kind of employer sanctions in the future.”

Why the big debate about illegal immigration when it should be obvious to everyone that the Bush II Administration doesn’t really want to stop it? If this government can mobilize 40 thousand employees to harass citizens at our airports they could surely mobilize a successful effort to enforce our existing laws; they just don‘t want to.

Democratic Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico is a media darling and a supporter of illegal immigrants. He postures himself as a seeker of a just solution while failing to brand illegal immigrants as criminals and even bestowing them with benefits. A detailed description of his action is here. Unfortunately he is not the only biased legislator. The Webpage at one point provided a list of American legislators who support illegal aliens. It may not still exist but following is a copy of the list that was posted.

The U.S. House :

Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Chris Cannon (R-UT), Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Jim Kolbe (R-AZ)Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), Joe Baca (D-CA), Jeff Flake (R-AZ), Linda Sanchez (D-CA), Jane Harman (D-CA), Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX), Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL), David Price (D-NC), Carolyn Maloney (D-NY), Mark Udall (D-CO)

The U.S. Senate :

Richard Durbin (D-IL) Larry Craig (R-ID), Mel Martinez (R-FL), Ken Salazar (D-CO), Chuck Hagel (R-NE), Christpher Dodd (D-CT), John McCain (R-AZ), Edward Kennedy (D-MA), John Kerry (D-MA), Evan Bayh (D-IN)


Bill Richardson (D-NM), Rod Blagojevich (R-IL), Bill Huckabee (R-AR), Janet Napolitano (D-AZ),Jim Huntsman (R-UT), John Baldacci (D-ME)

The real question has nothing to do with the illegal immigrants but with whether or not United States will continue to exist as a sovereign, law abiding nation. The debate allows illegal aliens a legitimacy that nullifies our laws. That it is being carried out in the public square is tragic part of a conspiracy to bring down our nation.

In 1974, in an article entitled “The Hard Road to World Order” published in “Foreign Affairs”, the Council of Foreign Relations (CFR) magazine, elitist member Richard Gardner wrotethe ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down… but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”

A nation that cannot control its borders is no longer a sovereign nation! Wake up America!

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