The business of racism: Citigroup’s partnership with La Raza

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Citigroup, a financial services company, recently announced a 105 million dollar partnership with the National Council of La Raza, a racially orientated Hispanic activist group.

The business wire report read as follows:

“As part of our ongoing work in the Hispanic community, we are proud to be partners with the National Council of La Raza, an organization that has done – and continues to do – so much for so many,” said Sandy Weill, Citigroup chairman and chief executive officer (CEO). Financial services company to commit $105 million to revitalize Hispanic communities.

While Citigroup most likely considers its new partnership to be a public relations coup with the ever increasing Hispanic population in the U.S. (only because of Bush’s liberal no-borders policies), it is also alienating Americans of European decent by inserting itself into the ugly world of anti-white racial politics. The financial services company is taking for granted that its acceptance of a racially driven organization will have no repercussions with white consumers.

Citigroup’s intent may not be malicious but think about what they are doing. They are accepting a relationship with an organization that’s membership, as well as its purpose, is dictated solely based upon race. The NCLR touts mobilizing the Latino vote and promotes a wide variety of issues that it deems to benefit people that are Hispanic. Its new relationship with Citigroup will allow it to obtain financing for “affordable housing and community facilities, including single-family homes, multifamily rental housing, schools and job training, childcare and healthcare centers that are in Hispanic neighborhoods and/or serve Hispanics”.

Now turn that around. Would Citigroup form a partnership with an organization based upon race that’s membership and the issues it promotes were exclusively to the benefit of the white race? Would they offer financing for the above-mentioned purposes to those that are only White or serve Whites? What would be the consequences if it did so?

If it did such a thing, Citigroup would be the subject of numerous lawsuits, boycotts, a massive negative media campaign, and quite possibly criminal prosecution for so-called hate crimes.

So where is the outrage over Citigroup’s partnership with La Raza? Which by the way, translates into ‘The Race’.

There is none. Partly because of lack of media attention to such an issue, but also, because Whites have been conditioned to believe in the individual and not the group in such matters. They have been conditioned to act individually and not to act collectively as a group with regards to race. To do so would be racism. Yet Whites have also been conditioned to accept that non-Whites have a right to organize and act collectively on the basis of race without such actions falling into the category of racism.

Maintaining the promise of individual rights for all Americans as guaranteed under the U.S. Constitution should continue to be a principled position for Whites and non-Whites alike regardless of personal prejudices. However, there does seem to be a problem. When non-Whites act collectively to further their political agenda, they are in effect committing a collective act of racism against Whites. To provide financing to an individual because they are Hispanic, Black, etc., is just as much an act of racism as it is to provide financing to individuals simply because they are White. Race should not be a factor.

It seems to be clear that Whites must now either decide to act collectively to snuff out race based organizations as well as institutions of business and government that support them, or to begin to organize collectively based upon race in an effort to counter such a threat. Essentially, such organizations are promoting anti-White racism. If left unchecked, and allowed to strengthen because of out of control immigration, it will not be long before Whites in America are to suffer the same fate as Whites in South Africa. How long will it be before the U.S. adopts a land redistribution system?

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