The apostate church (Part IV): Playing politics with Jesus

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Many Americans cast their vote for George W. Bush in the last presidential election because of his much-publicized Christian testimony. All that most church-goers needed to know before pulling the lever in their booth was:

(1) Is he a Republican?

(2) Is he a Christian?

Once these two questions were answered, their loyalty and allegiance became virtually immovable. That testimony carved an image of morality and righteousness into the minds of conservatives that remains to this very day. There was no stopping the tsunami wave of favorable public opinion that followed. But tsunami waves don’t just happen. They aren’t an action but a reaction…the reaction to an unseen earthquake rumbling deep beneath the ocean floor that forces the sea upward into an unstoppable wave of devastation. Without that earthquake there would be no tsunami.

In vain I tried to warn to my readers that Mr. Bush was not all that he appeared to be. Unfortunately, those eight agonizing years of Bill Clinton had successfully conditioned them into believing that ANY REPUBLICAN who called himself a born-again Christian would be better than what we had. This was the dialectic defense used against Bush critics and the relativistic result of comparing one public image to another instead of comparing the behavior of one and all to the Word of God. Consensus is a deadly process that quietly and steadily moves the center of a nation’s morality leftward until conservatives begin thinking and acting like the very liberals they oppose and the redeemed of God begin looking more like the lost they wish to save. In order for George Bush to look righteous in the eyes of the masses it was necessary that an arrogant liberal of unbridled sin and corruption precede him. Clinton was the earthquake that created the George Bush tsunami.

If you think these things aren’t planned out in well in advance by men of great wealth and influence you had better think again. Once you become familiar with the ways of globalism and the players involved it becomes much easier to predict the outcomes and agendas of certain elections and events that are staged for public consumption. At the risk of being erroneously viewed as clairvoyant, I hope you’ll take a moment to read the following piece I wrote about Bush the week he was sworn into office over a year ago. As you consider my remarks on the “choices” laid before him, please keep in mind that I am in no way a fortune-teller. I just don’t swallow the steady flow of propaganda from the mainstream media that misguides most folks these days. The media isn’t just liberally biased. It is globally biased and will manipulate public opinion using conservatives as well as liberals. Like many others who do more than just read headlines and watch TV for their news and information, I simply recognize the global agenda for what it is and refuse to play along in the tit for tat, party vs. party game that republicans and democrats use to confuse the electorate. Once you get past this dialectic distraction your vision and understanding of world leaders and events becomes much clearer. A healthy Christian worldview is essential for this.


There was an alarming article and accompanying photo in yesterday morning’s news that told of President Bush worshipping the “universal god” in a Shinto temple in Japan last February. The picture shows him signing the temple’s book that officially confirms the disturbing event.

Bush ‘worship’ at Shinto Temple troubles Christians in Japan and U.S.

Though the article’s author suggests that Bush may be drifting into “universalism” many of us who have researched the countless reports of his repeated participation in occult activities and practices like the Skull &Bones Society and the Bohemian Grove know that pagan idol worship is nothing new or unusual for him. His calling Islamics to the White House recently to worship Allah with him in response to the Twin Towers tragedy is just more evidence that he’ll honor whatever god is politically expedient for him at the time. When addressing evangelical Christians, politicians and world leaders eagerly use ecclesiastical catch phrases like “ecumenism” and “ecumenical” to promote an unbiblical unity with everyone who claims to follow Christ, even if their beliefs and behavior clearly suggest otherwise. The reality is, “ecumenism” includes everyone from Marxists to Mormons and Bill Clinton to Bill Hybels with a generic Jesus that serves as a storefront mannequin to lure Christians into the big-wide-world of global/socialism. “Universalism” is just the alternate word those same people employ when addressing non-Christians to promote the very same agenda…a one-world religion. These dialectic terms and slogans are merely transitional tools designed to bring everyone together under a manufactured god at the United Nations.

“Ye cannot drink the cup of the Lord, and the cup of devils: ye cannot be partakers of the Lord’s table, and of the table of devils.” (1 Corinthians 10:21)

So, what does Bush have to do with today’s apostasy in the church, you ask? Brother George, simply put, is the new measure of morality in America for a Christian constituency that no longer reads or obeys the Bible it claims to embrace. Like Clinton, he is not the cause of our spiritual decline but rather the effect. If an outsider wanted to see where America was spiritually, all they would have do is observe the presidents we elect. Sadly, many still see Bush as the pseudo-savior of America, not so much because of the things he has said and done but because of the things he HAS NOT said and done that Bill Clinton and Al Gore HAVE. In reality, Bush is the personification of the lukewarm Laodician religion that Christ said he longed to spew from his mouth. If you don’t think Bush is looked upon as divine by his supporters then I invite you to go to any conservative chat room or news group on the internet and criticize the words and deeds of both he and Jesus Christ and see for yourself which one of the two is more passionately defended.

“Ye adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” (James 4:4)

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