The age of illusion: Welcome to the 21st century

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Isn’t it fascinating how we have come to embrace illusion as a way of life? Like kids at a magic show, we surround our boob tubes utterly spellbound by sitcoms, game shows, soap operas, gossip gabathons and newsaramas, complete with the chants and incantations of medicine men from the latest government/media pow-wow, while our children plop down in front of computers to act like killing machines doing battle against cryptic creatures on fictional forays armed with imaginary hand to hand combat skills and weaponry that removes heads, spouts blood and demands the massacring of everyone in sight for a superior score of simulated worthiness.It’s obvious to me that we prefer a fictional existence over anything representing a meaningful life. We seem to care not that our vain and lurid lifestyles have been designed by the enemy to keep us distracted and detained from discovering the truth about the world in which we live and the One who came to save us from it.

Now, is anyone really surprised that “Who Wants To Marry A Multimillionaire” had record ratings? Sure, it was a farce. Who cares? It hasn’t been that long since Bill Clinton promised us the most ethical administration in history. Since then we learned the hard way that he’s a socialist, a liar, a fraud, a narcissist, a philanderer, a predator and an unrepentant felon. Still, we voted him into office twice. “So what”, cry the liberal pundits, “It’s the economy stupid”! Just like magicians, they tell us, “don’t look at that…..look at this”! If the stock market is sailing toward Glory brother, why rock the ark? Who cares if dot com companies have no earnings and every sucker in cyberspace has sunk their life savings into those stocks? Look at the market soar! So what, if that money the government pumps into the Dow and the NASDAQ to keep it all from crashing is as worthless as the billions of paper dollars they printed up for Y2K bank runs. So what, if they’re manipulating gold prices down and stocks prices up to create the illusion of a robust economy under a disguised socialist regime. So what, if day traders are becoming candidates for Gamblers Anonymous by maxing their credit cards to buy hyper-inflated stocks just because everyone else is. That speculative bubble hovering over Wall Street is looking more and more like the Hindenburg every day.

Have you noticed how much you’re paying for your gasoline lately? Do you know why? It’s not because there is a gas shortage or because it’s worth more now than it was last year, as the media monkeys keep screeching. It¹s because the dollar we’re buying it with is worth less than it was a year ago. So, it takes more dollars to buy the same amount of gas. Why is the dollar worth less? Because the Federal Reserve printed money as fast as it could during 1999 and the more they print, the less it’s worth. It’s that simple. A pie is still just a pie, regardless of how many pieces you slice it into. So, now we have money to burn and Wall Street is a raging wildfire!

FYI, the Federal Reserve is neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve”. It’s just a private corporation formed by a group of international bankers, who shrewdly weaseled their way into taking over our nation’s monetary system with the help of a few corrupt congressmen who voted them into power via the “Federal Reserve Act of 1913”. It was passed while the majority of the House was away on a Christmas holiday. Pretty slick…huh? Consequently, those little green things in your wallet are not from the U.S. Treasury, but are merely “Federal Reserve Notes”…….That’s right…..little IOU’s from a bunch of professional profiteers. As you may remember, Nixon took us off the gold standard, so there’s absolutely nothing in Fort Knox or anywhere else to base our dollar’s floating value on other than the whims and whispers of clandestine con men from a sleepy little town called Screwingittuya, USA.

Now, if you’d care to try America’s new financial formula for overnight success, then take all of your make-believe money out of the make-believe bank and buy as much dot com stock as your credit line will allow. You will be a valuable part of sending those make-believe stock prices TO INFINITY AND BEYOND! And, before you can say YAHOO!!!… you’ll be popping corks, passing cigars and sitting pretty in a portfolio of paper promises and play-along profits! Unfortunately, you won’t be worth anymore than when you first opened your little E-Trade account, but you’ll look real savvy and feel quite fashionable around your friends and family. In the age of illusion, that¹s all that seems to matter.

Here on fantasy island, illusion is what keeps our accountants adding, brokers bragging, attorneys arguing, politicians pandering, loan sharks lending, strippers strutting, druglords dealing, pornographers peddling, casinos catering, homosexuals howling, pedophiles prowling, tabloids tattling, cinemas sizzling, psychics soothsaying and the circus coming to town! A century of liberalism has taught us all that truth is a dirty word and heaven is whatever freaks your twinkie.

I would go so far as to say that this entire existence we finagle our way through each day is probably just one big illusion, courtesy of that crafty old serpent from the Garden of Eden. After eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, it appears that we were all sentenced to the confines of a carnal dimension to learn firsthand the consequences of rejecting Truth, in a game ironically called “Life”. Yes…one could say that we are all players in an elaborate sensory arcade where the devil oversees a virtual reality powered by the insatiable appetites and ambitions of his passionate prisoners. For a charge of one eternal soul, you can grab your joy stick and take off in hot pursuit of all the points a serious lust-er can muster.

Back in the early eighties, after finishing a less than dazzling round of Missile Command with a very competitive friend of mine, (yes I know I¹m dating myself), someone asked me: “Who won?” I replied, “The guy who invented the game… because he got my quarter.”

Regardless of the points we put on the board of life, and how much extended play we receive, the reality is, we will all inevitability see the words: GAME OVER. Not only that, but the points we manage to accumulate with our talent, skill, education and dedication will have absolutely no eternal value…..NONE…..ZERO…..ZILCH! You see, if the game itself isn¹t real, then neither are the points. Consequently, when the game is over, the only thing that really matters is: who got your quarter?…..or in the game of life….. who got your soul?

Strange isn’t it, how willing we are to exchange the only thing about ourselves that is real and lasting for the momentary gratification of a paupers pageant…..where politicians pretend to be celebrities and celebrities pretend to be politicians…..where congressmen caterwaul for lower taxes while voting themselves exorbitant raises….. where actors become presidents and presidents become actors……where Hollywood pretends to be real while the real world pretends to be Hollywood……where christians have become the enemy of the very government they created…..where the news media pretends to be impartial while promoting a socialist agenda…..where tolerance is demanded by the intolerant……where blacks hate “Whitey” because HE’S a racist…… where feminists defend only the liberals who have been raped or abused by conservatives…..where the IRS pretends that income taxes are voluntary and the taxpayer pretends his refund is a bonus…..where the abortionist pretends to be doctoring while his patient pretends to be the victim…..and a fetus is not a baby unless the mother decides she wants it.

Welcome to the 21st century…..The Age of Illusion!

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