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Even when they’re wrong, the massive demonstrations by immigrants, most of them illegal aliens, have proven to all Americans that our borders, ports, and coastlines are wide open. That anyone can enter our country at will and that Bush, Congress, and the departments of Homeland Security have done little or nothing to secure our borders from terrorists after September 11, 2001, almost five years ago.

This is another reason to get rid of George W. Bush and his cohorts in Washington. For the sake of security alone, we can’t afford to wait until 2008. Send him packing now.

With our borders as open as they are, it also brings into question other statements by Bush that too many have taken as fact or have mistakenly believed. Namely, that the terrorists are a bunch of fanatic religious extremists who will stop at nothing to destroy our “way of life.” If that were true, what’s been stopping them from conducting another murderous and suicidal attack? It certainly isn’t our increased security.

Nor can it be because we’ve “taken the battle to them” by invading Iraq. It only took nineteen of these terrorists to bring us 9/11 and after the invasion of Iraq their ranks have swollen. Just as we can send covert Special Forces into Iran to destabilize that country while we’re overextended elsewhere, so too could the al Qaeda afford to send a few more terrorists anytime they wanted. And they wouldn’t have to enter legally this time. In fact, they could have been part of Monday’s demonstrations and we wouldn’t have noticed.

With his ratings falling, no one needs another terrorist attack more than George W. Bush. It would mobilize the country behind him once again if it weren’t for the fact that he’s done little to secure our borders. So, in that respect, the demonstrations by illegal immigrants are possibly saving us from another tragedy by showing how little has been done to improve security and putting Bush at the point of a two-edged sword. It even adds to the possibility that he and his crew were complicit in the first attack.

On top of all that, we’ve got a situation in New Orleans where Bush hasn’t been able to live up to his promise to rebuild the city “bigger and better than ever” in “the greatest reconstruction effort the world has ever seen.” No wonder the American people have lost faith in this president.

When Bush said that he wanted to wait until local state and city officials decided what they wanted to do, the council to rebuild New Orleans said they wanted the levees rebuilt to withstand a Category 5 hurricane and estimated costs at $22 billion. Bush offered around $6 billion.

Any president that can run up the national debt $2.6 trillion since taking office, $438.5 billion so far this year, and $101 billion in March alone, can certainly raise the money to fix both of these problems.

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