Terror bombs…: Murder and the media

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“Any person who doesn’t think we need to go to war on Islamofacism …let me take them through a Melbourne hospital where a young woman survivor, if you could call her that, is in intensive care.

Here are her injuries:
Burns to 90% of her body
Amputated left leg below the knee
Smashed lower right leg
Broken pelvis
Smashed left arm
Infected extensive shrapnel wounds to her stomach
No left eye
Fractured skull
Kidney failure.

Later report from Australia-buddy: “Jodie Cearns, 35, Brisbane (stepdaughter of Olympic heptathlon gold medallist Glynis Nunn-Cearns) – critical: burns to 90 per cent of body, collapsed lungs, kidney failure, shrapnel in stomach, had left leg amputated above the knee, right leg and pelvis broken, may have lost right eye but swelling still too great to tell, pressure on her brain.”

This was in an email from my friend down in Australia. We have been keeping abreast of the terrorism closer to his side of the world, where terrorists groups are really heating things up. The result of the bombings in a resort in Bali were horrendous. I saw the buildings and they were twisted metal and skeletons of debris, people were running down the street and the flames were wickedly coming through the roof of the nearby buildings. It was a scene straight out of hell and that is what the terrorists want: us, the infidels, to taste hell and live in fear.

I wonder why the rest of the ‘peaceful’ Muslims, those who follow the teachings in Islam, haven’t stopped the vermin in their midst. I notice, through great pain and difficulty, the Catholic Church has been through a major cleansing process, publicly derided on the nightly news. Yet, where is Islam? Where are the mosques speaking out and taking care of the terrorist cells within their very walls and communities. You can’t tell me they don’t know what’s going on. Go into any church or place of worship, and when the prayers and hymns are done, the gossip is whispered and everyone pretty knows what everyone else is up to, for good or ill.

I know us ‘infidels’ can spot a problem in our communities and fix it, if possible. Some mom late coming home from her day job? One of those who work at home takes in the kiddo and keeps him safe till mom or dad get home. Somebody gets into a car accident on the front road? It isn’t long before somebody runs to a phone to call for help, while another tends to the scene. We have a child running wild in the neighborhood, you can bet somebody’s mum or dad will sit him down and explain the consequences in plain, easily understood English. When we had a power outage that lasted for over a week one late winter, folks came out and fed and cared for those who needed. We shared, we kept safe, we watch and we promote life. That’s what the ‘infidels’ do.

And what, you may ask, do the “blessed by Allah do”? They put fake suicide bombs on their children and march them in parades. Or maybe mothers send their sons to die and get $25,000 from the terror masters (unless they get stiffed by Arafat). Or they pray in mosques every day yet do not root out the evil that lurks therein.

I may be wrong, but when I think of that woman who started out this piece, I wonder why it is seemingly unnoticed by those who are of the ‘peaceful religion of Islam’. Why has no one come forward to offer sympathies like George Bush did? Why are we, the so-called “un-noticed by God”, as the recent representative to the UN Coffee club, er, Security Council from Iraq told me, among all his lies and insults, the very people who care enough to send tax dollars to DC to feed the world?

Anyone want to bet who doesn’t call up the hospital down under and offer a kidney should the one that woman has remaining fail? I seriously doubt but would be deliriously happy if something happened here and now with the victims like happened after 9/11 when the Masai tribe sold their cattle (their most prized possessions and the basis for any important deal, (e.g. marriage dowry) and sent the money to the victims fund in New York. What an incredible lesson these people of the land taught the Moslems who live in the land of the free, the home of the brave and the fat bank account in the land of opportunity, America.

Considering the fact that the recent terrorism that is plaguing the beltway could spread to other cities, you’d think the good guys would want to make themselves known. I wonder why the inquisitive media haven’t interviewed leaders of the American Muslims, find out what they are doing to help, get them some coverage to put the message of aid out. Oh, wait. Silly me, must be having a senior moment writing that the media would actually investigate (especially something without the sex-connection) anything fully, or, really, much at all.

I call the ‘news’ the “speculation” because pretty much that’s what the major media do, especially on cable networks. Five minutes of facts involving a story, and BINGO!, hours and hours follow with nothing really new but rather what everyone speculates or thinks they know or really knows about an area that might have a bearing. Might have a bearing in a college class on the psychology of the demented mind. Constant updates, called ALERTS! that really 99% of the time aren’t. Everybody drops names, or mentions their “police sources” twenty times in a fifteen minute segment, or just replays Son of Sam stuff, most likely because they just happen to have it in their files and the kids who run the visuals seem to also direct the discussion.

Start out with a murder straight out of the Terrorists Handbook, add speculation and discussion, for example: shooting -> Son of Sam -> talking dog -> lovers in cars ->, add twenty minutes of ‘how you feel about this questions, as many commercials, the ubiquitous News Alerts (some Hollyweird star slips up with the overdose), the high-tech Star Wars noises that accompany the ‘new’ title and a full third of the bottom of the television screen is print/scroll/date/time/day, name of the specific hourly program/flashing live up screen sign. Pretty soon you have no news but a real throbbing headache. I haven’t even mentioned the incorrect spellings that used to be laughable, but not so much now that I just paid my school taxes.

If the cable networks want to do the split screen they should take heed of the Bloomberg network’s split screen. Everything has its place, you get to learn really quickly where to watch on the screen for what you are looking for; the personality featured is completely enclosed in a full but smaller window and then when the on-the-scene video comes in, if the camera man is focused centrally on the action, you actually see what he sees or wants us to see instead of that damned bottom footer.

The media have been called to task for goading the shooters. “No head shots” , followed by “the victim was shot in the head”; “he takes the weekends off” followed by “latest victim shot on Saturday night…” and their excuse of having to protect the public is pitiful.

If the media insists on speculation, why don’t they speculate about something worthy, like the shootings being straight out of the Terrorists Handbook? That could go something like this: shootings -> terrorists handbook -> recent statements by head Muslims about activation of cells located in the United States and around the world -> the bombings in Bali -> al Qaeda -> bus bombing -> Hamas and on and on and maybe we will actually be informed.

If I can get more information on the Internet on what the rest of the world’ s newsies are reporting, why can’t the Bigshot networks with their big advertising revenue budgets? I’ve pretty much had it and I have friends that have had it, too. I’m tired of not finding the reportage that is pertinent to the state of war we are in (thanks to Mr. And Mrs. Bill Clinton—stay tuned for the nuclear enemy mess he started in North Korea—it’s coming!). There are just too many things I need to be apprised of now that I am under assault on my home turf. When I wrote that Bill Clinton and his Missus reminded me of freeloaders who are invited into the home (out of a Christian heart), eat the food, drink the booze, leave a mess and steal on the way out, I should have mentioned, after they leave, they leave the gates open and the wolves are running the perimeter. Yikes! And his Evita is looking at the presidency? Talk about war on two fronts. Talk about vowing to protect our Sacred Republic (the very opportunity itself a veritable major gift from God) from all enemies, both foreign and domestic.

As a nation, we are going to learn and perfect our autonomy or die trying. We need to inform ourselves, and associates and I are working on that now, getting ready a hardcore news page. But in the meantime, we must inform ourselves because the media has pretty much become a rank tabloid. (One can actually, after Monica and Bill, find more truth without the distortion of degree of importance or the propaganda (CBS NBC ABC), in the tabloids if that’s your only recourse.) But they are legions of us on the Internet, we are finding and sharing important information, we are taking care of ourselves, families, communities and pretty soon, we will outnumber the sheople who just ignore anything outside their immediate lives.

If you could only watch the local news, you would have heard Dan Rather bitching for months about the President’s not making his case for war against Iraq. Of course, if you watch only Dan Blather (“I don’t believe Bill Clinton lied”), you then wouldn’t have seen the speech of national importance where the President made a sober case, listed the crimes, named the perps, laid it all out, would you? Okay, some folks don’t get cable. But those of us who do, would really appreciate getting some, well, news.

If everyone who watched cable heard about the email that started this article, would they then be more aware that al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, Jemaah Islamiyah, Hamas, et al is on the move? Would they be taking matters more seriously and maybe, just perhaps, forcing the Senate to pass the Homeland security budgets, free up the manpower to fight terrorism here, lest we have a bus or suicide bombing?

Face it folks, the one thing we all have in common with the recent shootings in the Beltway is it could have been any one of us. It could have been me and Cowboy driving to my daughter and son-in-law’s to hang out with them and the fast-on-his-little-feet 14 month-old baby, stopping for a bite to eat and some fuel and WHAM!, either of us laying dead in a pool of blood next to the other’s feet. It could be you, dropping your child off at government school (another reason home schooling is so great, (aside from the education they actually get) not only do you protect your kids from every bug and virus to come down the pike, but they are safer at home than at a non-homeschool). I can only imagine the day parents have when their kids are in a ‘lockdown’ situation, away from the bosom of those who are charged to care for and protect them.

My uncle cuts his grass; my cousin vacuums her car… yes, all of these terrorist murders could have been any one of us. Really brings it home, doesn’t it? It sure is up to us and I have faith we will not let ourselves, homes, families, country down. Nope, not by a long shot. Take heed: the warning is out, we are at War, a war like we’ve never known, as our current president has emphatically told us and we’d best keep our eyes and ears open and our minds finding just what we need to know to not only survive, but to be victorious. The entire world depends on us, for America has always (despite Bill Clinton telling us America would be irrelevant in the near future) set the tone and carried the load.

We are a country blessed, still, with more freedoms than any other and we pay the highest price. How high that price, that’s up to each of us. God, give us strength.


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