Telling it like it is!: Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: A man after my own heart

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Recently retired “news” correspondent Mike Wallace interviewed Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, President of Iran.  Every American should be intimately aware of the discourse between these two gentlemen because it brings to light critical information that has been either carefully kept from the American public or purposely distorted by our government in Washington, D.C., and its controlled media.

As I read the discourse between Wallace and Ahmadinejad, it quickly became evident that Wallace’s assignment by CBS, his long-time employer, was not to seek truth, but rather to discredit Ahmadinejad’s credibility regarding the underlying causes of the chaotic situation in the Middle East between Israel and the Arab nations.  What follows, then, is a selection of discussion points between these two verbal antagonists, accompanied by my comments.  When you read, be aware of the fact that I have been increasingly favorably impressed by the political and economic acuity expressed by President Ahmadinejad during the last few months.  It appears to me that he has been unfairly dubbed by the controlled news media as an unstable radical whose insights might lead to war and chaos rather than as a man of truth whose stated policies, if accepted by the world, will lead to peace and economic prosperity.  The website posting the discourse is listed at the end of my article.

Ahmadinejad: “. . . I fully oppose the behavior of the British and the Americans.  They are providing state-of-the-art military hardware to the Zionists.  And they are throwing their full support behind Israel.  We believe that this threatens the future of all peoples, including the American and European peoples.  So we are asking why the American government is blindly supporting this murderous regime [i.e., the Zionist-controlled state of Israel].”

At this point Wallace attempted to change the subject by bringing up the issue of Hezbollah’s use of missiles against Israel. [Hezbollah is an Arab militia movement that opposes Israeli incursions into the Arab nations in the Mideast.]

Ahmadinejad: [I mean] “The laser-guided bombs that have been given to the Zionists and they’re targeting the shelter of defenseless children and women.”

Wallace: “Who supports Hezbollah? . . . Who has given Hezbollah Iranian-made missiles and rockets that is making – that are making all kinds . . . ?”

Ahmadinejad:   “Are you the  representative of the Zionist regime?  Or a journalist?”

Wallace: “I’m a journalist.  I am a journalist.”

Ahmadinejad: “This is not journalism, sir.  Hezbollah is a popular organization in Lebanon, and they are defending their land.  They are defending their own houses. . . .

. . . the killing of innocents is reprehensible, . . . the displacement of people and making them refugees, again, is reprehensible.

. . . Please tell me, are the Lebanese inside the occupied lands right now or is it the other way around, that the Zionist troops are in Lebanese territory?  Lebanon is defending its independence. . . .

. . . and we asked for an immediate cease fire.”

Ahmadinejad went on to explain to Wallace that the United Nations Security council is “in the pocket” of America and is used to safeguard the interests of the British and the Americans, and not to provide security; it is not responding to atrocities.   “. . . innocent people are being killed.   And houses are being destroyed [by the Israelis].  Where is the UNSC? . . .”

Mr. Ahmadinejad told Wallace that the United Nations Security Council is also doing America’s bidding by trying to prevent Iran from developing nuclear energy.   The Security Council is demanding that Iran stop all uranium enrichment by the end of this month [August, 2006], which Iran is refusing to do.

Ahmadinejad: “But if Mr. Bush thinks he can stop our progress, I have to say that he will be unable to do that.  We want to have access to nuclear technology.  We want to produce fuel.  Do you not think that the most important issue of the world of tomorrow that is [sic]will be energy?  We think that Mr.  Bush’s team and the parties that support him want to monopolize energy resources in the world.  Because once they have that they can impose their opinions, points of view, policies on other nations and, of course, line their own pockets.”

Wallace: “President Bush said – vowed – he will not allow Iran to develop a nuclear weapon.  You believe it?”

Ahmadinejad: “Basically we are not looking for – working for the bomb.  The problem that President Bush has is in his mind he wants to solve everything with bombs.  The time of the bomb is in the past.  It’s behind us.   Today is the era of thoughts, dialogue and cultural exchanges.”

Wallace: “ . . . if you could keep your answers concise.  Concise, I beg you.  We’ll get more questions in.”

Ahmadinejad: “Well, . . . all of your questions require a book-long answer.   If you want me to just finish the interview, please tell me and we can wrap up right now.”

Wallace “No, no, no, no . . . . I am told that your revolutionary guards, Mr.  President, are taking bombs, those – these roadside bombs – the IED’s into Iraq.  And what they are doing is furnishing the insurgents in Iraq with the kind of material that can kill U.S. soldiers.  Why would you want to do that?”

Ahmadinejad: “Well, we are very saddened that the people of Iraq are being killed.  I believe that the rulers of the U.S. have to change their mentality.  I ask you sir, what is the American Army doing inside Iraq?  Iraq has a government, a parliament.  Iraq is – has a civilized nation with a long history of civilization. . . .   . . . Saddam’s story has been finished for close to three years.  He belongs in the past. . . .   We are opposed to oppression.  We support whoever is victimized and oppressed, even the oppressed people of the U.S.”

Wallace: “ . . . In the letter [18-page letter that Ahmadinejad sent to Bush some time ago] you praise Jesus and ask President Bush how he could be a follower of Christ and claim to support human rights but at the same time attack and occupy other countries, kill thousands of people, spend billions of dollars on wars.  And you urged him, the president, out of respect for the teachings of Christ to be a force for peace instead of war.  How is that so?”

Ahmadinejad: “That is true, which was a part of my letter.  Please give him this message, sir.  Those who refuse to accept an invitation to good will not have a good ending or fate.”

Wallace: “What does that mean?”

Ahmadinejad: Well, you see that his approval rating is dropping everyday.   Hatred vis-`a-vis the president is increasing everyday around the world.  For a ruler, this is the worst message that he could receive.  Rulers and heads of government at the end of their office must leave the office holding their heads high.”

Wallace: “. . . What do you do for leisure?”

Ahmadinejad: “I study.  I read books.  I exercise.  And, of course,  spend some time – quality time – with my family.”

Wallace: “How long has it been since the leaders of Iran and the leaders of the U.S. have had any conversations?

Ahmadinejad: “Twenty-six, 27 years.”

Wallace: “. . . would you, the president of Iran, like to resume relations which have been gone for 26, 27 years with the United States?”

Ahmadinejad: “Well, we are interested to have relations with all governments . . . and all nations.  This is a principle of my foreign policy.”

Wallace: “I know that.”

Ahmadinejad: “Allow me to finish myself.”

Wallace: “Why don’t you just answer, say yes or no?  Do you want to have relations now, after 26, 27 years, with the United States?  What harm could come from that?”

Ahmadinejad: “We are not talking about harm.  The conditions, conducive conditions, have to be there.”

Wallace: “What are those conducive conditions?”

Ahmadinejad: “Well, please look at the makeup of the American administration, the behavior of the American administration.  See how they talk down to my nation.  They want to build an empire. And they don’t want to live side by side in peace with other nations.”

Wallace: “Who does not?  Washington does not?”

Ahmadinejad: “The American government, sir.  It is very clear to me they have to change their behavior, and everything will be resolved.”

Wallace: “ . . . Last one [question].  You have a special unit of martyr seekers in your revolutionary guard.  They claim to have 52,000 trained suicide bombers ready to attack American and British targets if America should attack Iran.”

Ahmadinejad: “So, are you expecting the Americans to threaten us and we sit idly by and watch them with our hands tied? . . .  I do hope that the Americans will give up this practice of threatening other nations so that you are not forced to ask such questions.  I wish you well!”

End of interview: The complete interview can be seen here.

Tom Rose Comments: Telling It Like It Is:

After pondering the intellectual exchange of this interview, do you really think that Mr. Ahmadinejad is really the “evil enemy” of America that the Bush administration and the controlled media (for which Mike Wallace has for many years been a pliant mouthpiece) have pictured him to be?

It seems clear to me that Mr. Ahmadinejad is “dead right” in being opposed to the reckless and brutal warmongering policies of the Bush Adminstration and its behind-the-scenes controllers who are treasonously scheming to merge our constitutional republic into a brutal  fascistic new world order that is dominated by an elite political few at the expense of millions of ordinary American citizens.  As such, it also seems clear to me that Mr. Ahmadinejad is, therefore, a potentially true friend of the American public.  It is the corrupt and treasonous political leaders of our country that he opposes, not the American people.  As such, Mr. Ahmadinjad should be hailed as a friend of all lovers of freedom.  To me he seems to be more of a Patrick Henry, a true American patriot, than someone to hate and fear.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the present chaotic situation in the Middle East:

1) The present antagonisms of the Middle East grew out of the broken promises of the “British Crown” during World War I: The Zionist movement started in 1897 when the “House of Rothschild” decided to start a movement to agitate for “a home for the Jews.”  By 1916 Germany had won the war, and the British were about to surrender.  The Zionists approached the British War Board and pleaded with it not to surrender.  They asked the War Board that, if the Zionists could induce the United States to enter the war and win it for Britain, would “The Crown” [which was then, and is still, controlled by the international banking group located in “The City” of London] be willing to provide a “home” for the Jews?  The answer was “yes” (See: The Balfour Declaration, a letter sent by Arthur J.  Balfour in 1917 to Lord Rothschild).

The only problem with Britain’s promise is this: Britain had sent T. E. Lawrence to the Middle East to lead the Arab revolt against the Turkish Ottoman Empire with the promise that Britain would give the Arabs their freedom if the Arabs would help Britain win the war.  Britain’s promise to the Arabs directly contradicted her promise to the Zionists, who later entered Palestine under British protection and started the Zionist’s long-continued policy of viciously displacing the Palestinians who had been living in Palestine in peace for centuries.  Britain has used the artificially created chaos in the Middle East to gain control of the oil producing nations ever since [later joined by the Rockefeller-controlled oil interests].

2) Our own CIA covertly worked to overthrow the democratically elected President of Iran in 1953 and replace him with a U.S. puppet, the Shah of Iran.  When the CIA became dissatisfied with the Shah, the CIA then conspired to replace him with a bigoted religious dictator, whom the Iranian people recently replaced by electing Mr. Ahmadinejad as President, whose allegiance is to the people of Iran rather than to imperialistic alien powers.  The CIA (often in conjunction with the British SAS and the Israeli Mossad) always works to subvert political leaders in the Mid East (and also other parts of the world) who are loyal to their own people.  They then replace them with dictator-puppets whom they can control through “foreign aid” and other monetary and power awards at American taxpayers’ expense (to further the one-world-government ends of the elite international cabal that has controlled both Democratic and Republican administration in these United States of America for decades.

3) The September 11, 2001, “terrorist attack” was not pulled of by foreign terrorists, as claimed by the Bush Administration.  It certainly was not done by the alleged Islamic individuals who have been blamed because they did not have the technological “know how” to fly the alleged airliners that supposedly hit the “twin towers” in New York and the Pentagon building in Washington, D.C.  It was an inside job!  The “twin towers” and building #7 were all undoubtedly taken down by carefully planted explosives on the inside which obviously imploded them in a few seconds (8-10 seconds each).  And the plane that crashed in Pennsylvania did not crash because of the fairy tale that is being told about “courageous passengers” attempting to regain control of the plane from fictional Islamic hijackers.  No explanation is possible except that the plane was intentionally shot down by a military aircraft.

FDR manipulated Japan to attack Pearl Harbor as a means of changing American opinion to get our country into World War II, at the immediate cost of almost 3,000 lives of our soldiers and sailors, plus the many, many more dead and wounded from 1941-1945.  The Neocon Bush Administration also sacrificed some 3,000 lives to bring fear into the lives of Americans in 2001 for a similar purpose; and the Administration’s Neocon controllers have played on and acerbated the “terrorist fear factor” to induce the general public to support its continued vendetta against the Islamic nations in the Mid East as a means of furthering their program of building a one-world tyrannical government.  When will freedom-loving Americans wake up?

4) The recent genocidal attack by the state of Israel on its northern neighbor, Lebanon, was not the result of Hezbollah “terrorists” kidnaping two Israeli soldiers and holding them as hostages, as deceitfully reported by the controlled news media in Britain and these  United States.  What happened was this: The Israelis, following their long-continued practice of killing off peoples they don”t like (genocide against the Palestinians, and other Arab groups) had invaded Lebanon.  It was Hezbollah patriots (not “terrorists”) in Lebanon who captured two  of the Israeli soldiers who had forcefully invaded the sovereign territory of Lebanon.  And, instead of killing these invaders, as they deserved to be killed, the Hezbollah patriots imprisoned them without mistreatment and offered to exchange them for numerous prisoners the Israelis had kidnaped on earlier raids into Lebanon.

Please note that such forceful incursions into Arab countries is a standard practice of the Israeli military regime; but the incursions are always falsely “doctored up” in news reports released by the Israeli regime as legitimate responses to so-called “terrorist attacks.”  Many of the alleged attacks by Arabs on Israel are covertly orchestrated by the Israeli MOSSAD, or by the British SAS or our American CIA who secretly cooperate with the Israeli MOSSAD, as believable excuses to engage in the mass extinction (genocide) of Israel’s Arab neighbors.

In the recent attack on Lebanon which I am telling about, Israel then ruthlessly bombarded the towns and living quarters of Lebanese civilians, killing thousands of women, children, and the elderly.  Israel’s air attack rained tons of U.S.-supplied high-explosive bombs on these helpless victims.  Israel warned Lebanese civilians to leave their homes to escape harm by “hitting the road.”  But, the defenseless civilians who trusted the Israeli advice were then viciously attacked and destroyed.  Dead civilians and body parts were strewn all over the highways and roads leaving the towns.  The Israeli regime claimed that the women, children, and elderly Lebanese were killed “by mistake,” but the collateral damage done by Israel to the defenseless Arabs, whom they regard as “goyim” (non-human cattle of no worth that can be killed like so many pesty insects), happens too often and too systematically to actually be honest mistakes.
The Israelis attacked Lebanon in the recent episode (if the my sources of information are accurate, and I believe they are), in cooperation with the “Neocon” Zionists who so brazenly control the Bush Administration, and who manipulate our president and most members of congress at their will.

What is the goal of these Neocon traitors who control our American government?   Their planned goal is to soon attack the sovereign state of Iran under the spurious guise of Iran’s being a threat to world peace if it achieves nuclear power.  The attack on Lebanon was but a “stepping stone” towards our country moving militarily on Iran.   (The American people have finally had their fill of our senseless and unconstitutional military incursions in other countries [Afghanistan, and Iraq] which have cost the lives and terrible maiming of so many young Americans, so the Neocon plan in the case at hand was to have Israel respond militarily to an alleged attack by “Hezbollah terrorists.”  If Syria and Iran intervened, then the U.S. military could intervene with the approval of the American public.  (Yes, there is treason in high places in our government!)

But, why should we fear nuclear capability in the hands of Iran or other Mideast countries when we fully cooperated with the Israelis in their development of nuclear power?  Is not Iran a sovereign nation which thereby has a right to seek its own destiny?  Iran claims it is only seeking nuclear capability for generating energy for her expanding economy.  This is probably true.  But, as a sovereign nation, Iran also has every right to seek nuclear capability for defense against the “saber rattling” state of Israel whose existing nuclear capability for military purposes poses a real threat to her Arab neighbors.

Is Iran a threat to world peace?  Well, we are the only country that has used nuclear bombs on another nation (Hiroshima, and Nagasaki), and we did so months and months after the Japanese sought to end the war.  But a shortened World War II did not fit into the plans of those who controlled the Truman Administration.

The political powers behind the scene at that time had plans to develop a mythical “Cold War” between the communist Soviet Union and the Western “free countries” which would provide a believable excuse, at the expense of American taxpayers, to supply multiple billions of dollars in foreign aid every year to foreign nations that were willing to be our puppets in exchange, and to put our country on a permanent military alert and thereby build up the horrendously expensive and freedom-threatening “industrial-military complex which  President Eisenhower warned about when he retired from office.  Eisenhower, however, had been a willing participant in our military build-up which gradually and persistently changed our Constitutional Republic into the fascistic and freedom-threatening world empire that our country has become.

Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics at the University of Ottawa, Canada, spoke at the recent Perdana Global Peace Conference in Kuala Lumpur.  Here is what he said: “Iran is not the threat to global security.  It is the United States which is a threat.”  He went on to say that the military and intelligence community in the United States must confront “the criminal nature of the U.S. administration. . . .  (American Free Press, August 28, 2006,10.)

We live in a chaotic world, and the center of that chaos at the moment is in the Mideast, and it involves Israel versus her Arab neighbors.  But what we must realize is that this chaos is a planned chaos!  That is why the chaos in the Mid East never seems to end.  It is needed to further the plans of the hidden powers who control American and British governmental policy in order to generate the dialectic process of erecting a one-world government.  Traitors in high places, mainly in our own country and in Britain, have purposely used, and are continuing to use, the false threat of “attack by terrorists” to manipulate public opinion so citizens will readily support government leaders’ generation of constant war which will, if continued to its planned end, will culminate in a one-world dictatorship.

It has taken me many years of painfully observing the obtuse political leadership and bad policies demonstrated by both Democratic and Republican presidential administrations to understand what is really going on.  The policies of both parties have been so consistently unconstitutional and freedom-undermining, that an honest and alert observer can come up with only one conclusion:The consistent drift towards centralized totalitarianism in our own country and in the world can be nothing other than a devious plan for a one-world government!   Treason in high places is certainly at work, and the American people and other freedom-minded people around the world must be awakened to what is going on.  It is our own government leaders whom we must fear (and replace) if freedom and self-responsibility is to be restored in our country  –   not some illusory foreign “terrorists!


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