Taxes of evil: Funding unAmericanism

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As America prepares to attack a virtually defenseless nation that hasn’t harmed or threatened us, our government is ignoring the real threat of North Korea and alienating much of the rest of the world. And as we try to get back one of our former staunchest allies, Turkey, and as we seriously consider knuckling under to North Korean demands for nation-sustaining resources, resources the latter squandered to build a powerful, nuclear armed military, the use of taxpayer funds has advanced to the forefront of consideration again by our ruling class politicians to affect crisis-solving “diplomacy.”

Spending our earnings to bribe our allies and pay blackmail to our enemies doesn’t seem very complicated, so what’s all the fuss about “complex” foreign issues? What’s so complex about payoffs? Isn’t that the reason politicians in America run for office? Even New Jersey Senator Jon Corzine shelled out $64 million to buy his seat in the United States Senate, and Corzine earned over $400 million as a capitalist on Wall Street.

By way of comparison, shortly after Senator Corzine blew the $64 million on election campaign spending and advertising in the liberal media, the Empire State Building in New York City sold for about $56 million. Why would a rich capitalist blow all that money to become a senator from one of America’s most socialist states in the Socialist [Democrat] Party? There must be some money to be made in government, no? Capitalism is great on the way up, but once there, let’s have socialism for everyone else to protect earned wealth and eliminate competition once one is on top, right Mr. Corzine? Right Mr. Turner, or is it left?

And as our public servants serve themselves well with our hard-earned tax money, they also help themselves to the “campaign funds” and “political donations” provided by fat cats and big corporations. A politician in a closet in Japan proclaims “global warming” in order to create treaties and legislation to further fatten the cats at Enron. Never mind that the Great Lakes have been reduced to silent tundra this winter and their economy has frozen solid. That’s still irrefutable evidence of “global warming” to the red and green parrots of mercantile socialism.

All the taxpayer billions and trillions that have been, and continue to be, spent by our wondrous great speechmakers in Washington on the CIA, the FBI, the DoD, the FAA, and the State Department didn’t protect us on 9-11, when pilots having small snubby .38s holstered to their belts would have. So finally, this cost free precaution is now allowed, except that the guns must be locked up whenever the cockpit door is opened, according to government experts at the TSA arm of Fatherland Security.

All the trillions we spend on the alphabet agencies of government, all that money spent on the IMF, and foreign aid, and the UN; all that money, and what do we have to show for it? We run like cowards from a little upstart socialist utopia where the poverty is highlighted by menus offering stray cats and dogs, rats, and in some cases, even cannibalism. And the failures of agencies such as the FBI and CIA aren’t even brought into public scrutiny.

As President Bush hints strongly for tax cuts and an economic stimulus package, every allusion to this impending invasion of Iraq drives the Dow Jones further down into the Wall Street septic tank. How can we have a massive war and reconstruction effort to make the world safe for Israel and our oil companies and still offer tax cuts? Bush started his soft-shoe routine with a $304 billion surplus, but now we’re spinning down and in.

The federal budget is $2.1 trillion. Our population stands at approximately 280 million. That translates to $7,500 for every man, woman and child in America. And that’s only the funds needed for the operation of American government for ONE year!

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