Survival guide to semantic warfare: Understanding the enemies of the west

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John Loeffler (the host of the Steel-on-Steel Talk show in America), is one of the very few Americans I have come across who understands modern communism and terrorism down to the finest detail. I urge people to listen to what he has to say because this can serve as your survival guide to understanding the enemies of the Western world. John is one of the few who understand Semantic warfare which I deal with in my book,Government by Deception.

Let me point out that terrorism is something, which has a long history of being sponsored by Russia and China. Terrorists all over the world, have been trained by military personnel from Russia. One should not therefore see terrorists as individual groups. There are terrorist organisations, and terrorist states, and then of course, the biggest sponsor of terrorism on the planet, Russia. One should see all these groups as being interlinked and having a common background and a common hatred of the West even though, officially, the USA no longer fears Russia. Russia really is still the enemy, and so is China, and people should never forget the clandestine role they play in this world. The terrorist groups and terrorist states of today are in one way or the other tied back to the old Soviet bloc. Arafat was sponsored by the KGB. The Soviets played a massive role in arming those opposing Israel. Saddam Hussein’s political party is actually a communist party. But people want to be blind these days and refuse to see the thread tying all these dirtbags together.

There are many ways of spotting communists and terrorists and seeing just how closely they all work together. One such way is to have a better understanding of the language they use.

One must keep in mind that most of these Marxists and Leftists are master propagandists. This is something, which people in the West do not seem to understand or appreciate the significance of. These people were taught by military instructors in their training camps how to write propaganda and disseminate it. They were taught how to twist words and how to slant stories. This is a deliberate military tactic and it has been greatly refined and advanced since World War I.

Propaganda falls into different categories. There is “white” propaganda, which is the propaganda of the truth. This is when putting out the truth serves somebody’s purpose. Generally speaking, this is the type of propaganda the Western world has practised mostly. It is actually a very powerful form of propaganda. By simply putting out the full facts of a story one can hurt the opposition. However, in the real world, both sides play this game. Then there is “black” propaganda, which is the propaganda of the lie. As a rule, this is the most difficult propaganda to practise. However, the Russians are probably the ones most practised at playing this. Then there is “grey” propaganda, which is a mixture of the truth with carefully selected lies. At its finest, grey propaganda works like this. You disseminate a story, which contains verifiable facts. Then you weave into it credible sounding lies which the opposition can’t verify. Those reading or hearing it tend to believe it because they can verify part of the story. So then they believe the part, which they can’t verify. Grey propaganda has considerable usefulness in the world and is used by everyone.

The media is the instrument of governments and the stories, which hit the media, are mainly the ones that it is in someone’s interests to tell. There should conceivably be cases where a story is in nobody’s interests, and theoretically, everyone will keep their mouths shut about it. Intelligence agencies, governments and the military have channels (officially and unofficially) whereby they release or plant stories in the media. It is through these channels that a massive, worldwide propaganda war is played, and the public are the pawns. There is therefore a massive worldwide war for the minds of men and women being played in the media every day. You should keep this in mind when reading newspaper stories.

The most insidious propaganda is that which comes from a concealed source. For example, and “investigative journalist” happens to “stumble” upon a story. He tells it, and it shocks you. What you might never know is how that story got to him. It could come from a friend, or the enemy could feed him this. One should therefore always watch to see who benefits from the telling of a certain story.

Terrorists and Marxists are well versed in playing the propaganda game. There are different types of propaganda, but the most effective is “Atrocity Propaganda”. This is when you put out news stories of massacres and various “crimes against humanity”. Atrocity propaganda is practised to a considerable degree by the PLO. They are always claiming there are “massacres” and they love telling you about how innocents (especially women and children) are being killed. They of course downplay their own terrorist atrocities against Israel by claiming that people on the Palestinian side are so outraged that they just run amuck of their own accord in their efforts to “fight oppression.” These sorts of stories are the normal bread-and-butter types of propaganda. Everyone in the world plays these games to various degrees but the “liberation type” of terrorists, like the PLO, are the best players of this type of game.

However, there is a much more subtle and deadly kind of propaganda, which has even greater meaning for those of us who have been exposed to it and who understand it. This is called “Semantic Warfare”. Semantic warfare is a uniquely communist invention. Let me quote a small piece from my book from a British Professor: Professor Qualter explains that communist propaganda: “has been characterised by a distinctive use of language described with fair accuracy as ‘semantic warfare’. The language of Communism… is not so much a means of explaining to the unbeliever what Communism means, but an armoury of weapons and tools intended to produce support or dissolve opposition to Communist policies on the part of people either hostile or indifferent to them. The meaning of a communist word is not what you think it says, but what effect it is intended to produce”

At first you may think that Semantic Warfare is just a figment of one’s imagination, but hear me out. This stuff is very real. You’ve been exposed to it, and I suggest you watch for it. Then you’ll see for yourself that I’m right.

Firstly you must realise that communists have changed their style over the decades of their existence. They moved ever further away from harsh words towards softer terms, which mean the same thing. They have had psychologists and psychiatrists study prisoners and determine the weaknesses of human beings. They evolved a deceptive use of words where words are used for the emotional effect they have on their enemies.

I mentioned some weeks ago, in my Etherzone article The Secret Code of Terrorists that terrorists have a code whereby their followers ignore their public statements. The same is true of communists. But there is even more to it than that. Their followers also know about their use of semantic warfare and their followers can understand what is actually being said.

Let’s take a common term for example, “peaceful coexistence”. It sounds pretty nice doesn’t it? It means let’s live together in peace and be tolerant of each other. Doesn’t it? Actually not. Let me quote from my book:Qualter went on to explain that the term “Peaceful Coexistence” immediately makes the average Westerner think that the communists want to live in peace with us. But after a meeting of eighty-one Communist Parties in Moscow in December 1960 they issued a public statement saying that “Peaceful Coexistence” meant “The intensification of the struggle of the working class for the triumph of socialist ideas,” rather than “the conciliation of bourgeois ideologies.” Qualter explained that it really meant that the communists were to intensify their efforts of creating a worldwide “classless” society. In short, “Peaceful coexistence” has nothing at all to do with peace, but in fact relates to the defeat of all capitalism.

As you can see in the above, by the communist’s own definition, “peaceful coexistence” meant something completely different to what the average Westerner thinks it means. But the term “peaceful coexistence” is bandied about in the media and when Westerners hear it they are immediately misled. But the communists know what it actually means.

A common word which you will hear terrorists and Marxists (especially African Marxists) using is “peace”. When asked by journalists “Mr Arafat, do you want peace?” – Mr Arafat will of course say “yes”. You will think that we are all speaking the same language but we are not. I used to watch the use of this word when I lived in Rhodesia and when I came to South Africa. Peace really means “the surrender of the enemy” – which is of course you and me! When these terrorists and communists are asked, “Do you want peace?” – they will say “Yes, I strive for peace”. But then you will see that their actions are not really consistent with a desire for peace. It will seem as if they say one thing but do another. They will also never really compromise. In time to come you will realise that to them “striving for peace” merely means working to defeat their opposition. What they are really saying is “We will wage war against you until you surrender and then we will have peace”. In the case of Rhodesia, Namibia, South Africa or Israel, they really meant the destruction of the existing order. You will see that the PLO’s real aim is to destroy Israel.

Another highly deceptive term is “democracy”. This is special favourite of African Marxists. You will hear them lauding “democracy”. The average Westerner will think that they want Western-style democracy everywhere. But a closer examination of their use of it will show you that they only regard their fellow Marxists as being “democratic”. When they call for “democracy” they are really calling for the conversion of countries into “Communist Democracies”. You will never hear African Marxists (like the South African government for example), ever saying that Zimbabwe is undemocratic. Never. Because they know that Mugabe is a fellow communist and so they will not criticise him (except perhaps for show to fool people).

The Marxists never called themselves “revolutionaries” or “terrorists” which is what they really were. Instead they call themselves “liberators” and “freedom fighters”. They claimed they came here to liberate the blacks when in fact they came to enslave them. Consider Zimbabwe today where blacks can vote – but that doesn’t mean much because the government fiddles the numbers as they please. So the blacks there are actually enslaved. They think they are free when in fact they are not.

Another word you will hear a lot being used by the Far Left, Marxists and terrorists is the word “struggle”. Struggle is a general word meaning war. It can mean anything from a strike to a fully-blown conflict. Struggle doesn’t sound threatening. But in reality it means they are at WAR!

If you will watch terrorists and people on the Left carefully, you will see that they are either outright communists or heavily influenced by communists. Their style of talk, and the things they say come virtually from the pen of Karl Marx. The problem is that the wording they use these days is different to what they used to use. They do not speak of the “bourgeoisie”. They will instead use terms which are of modern origin and which were designed by communist propagandists. You will hear words like “exploit”, “racist” and “oppress” being used constantly. You will hear them saying things like “the disparity between the rich and the poor”. Well, that is sheer communism. That is the basic false thesis of communism. This is nothing more than class warfare with new window dressing. You will see too, that all these people are constantly attacking capitalism and profit. They will make it sound as if the average businessman is a thief. Once again, this is nothing more than undiluted communism. In prior decades communists used to speak of the “capitalist robber system.” In other words, capitalism is, in their eyes, a form of organised crime. Take a hard look at the left of today and you will see the people who regard themselves as “liberals” are often just a stone’s throw away from outright communism. The Clintons of course were true communists. Clinton’s “Third Way” is really the “New Communism”. The other name for it is “Self-Management Socialism”. It is a form of communism which has virtually taken over Europe.

Keep an eye on the news and watch the context in which certain words are used by terrorists like Arafat. Watch their word games and their actions. In time you will see that these people are practitioners of communist-invented semantic warfare. Then take a look at people inside the USA who are on the far left and see for yourself how many communists or communist allies are walking around inside your own country trying to destroy it from within by attacking capitalism and the Western way of doing things.

You may be shocked.

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