Stepping into God’s realm: Our culture of death

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I am afraid for our times, for our nation and for our world. It is disturbing to me to know that much is occurring in our lives which is unethical, immoral and ungodly according to the way in which I have been taught to believe, but have become acceptable to those who govern us. They force their evil positions upon us, their constituents. Because of political value to them, acceptance of what can be perceived as bad, is being allowed to be made right. Did not God say something in the bible like, “Woe unto those who perceive sin to be made right”? That is exactly what we are doing in this once-great nation right now. Our founders would be appalled at the changes we have allowed to occur in our way of living today.

We have allowed homosexuality, abortion, fetal tissue research-tissue taken from those whom were prevented from being born, selling of aborted baby parts, and now, stem-cell research-cells taken from live embryos to be perfectly honorable in our lives. Perhaps someday in the future, we will open the door to cloning of humans, euthanasia, elimination of the mentally and physically handicapped and the elderly who need help to live to be perfectly honorable as well. Are these the ways of good? If one belives in God, certainly one must believe they cannot be the ways of a kind and loving God. The Pope is the highest ranking representative of God on earth and he calls America a “culture of death”. Shouldn’t we all listen to him and take heed of his words?

It is my belief that there will be grave consequences for practicing these unjust, evil deeds. Wars were often a way in which God used to punish people for their sins. The Blessed Virgin told her visionaries this just before World War One was to occur. Look to the Balkins and the middle-east right now. The seeds of hatred, planted long ago, have sprouted and now the fruit has ripened. If ignited, a war at this time, especially in the middle-east, could spread swifly to other nations and the world would be embroiled in a war the likes of which have never been seen before. God has provided mankind with the technology to completely destroy themselves and has given us the guidance systems to make this entirely possible. Could these be our rewards for tinkering with his duties? Nuclear weapons ARE in the hands of many rogue nations right now. This should scare the hell out of every freedom-loving person in America and on this mismanaged planet.

America is NOT the America as it was in the days of its founding. God was in the hearts of our founding fathers and was an invaluable partner in the creation of this nation. Where do we place God in our lives today? When we destroy life or attempt to change it in any way, we are stepping into his realm, the realm of God. These are his functions and his alone. No person on this planet has the right to experiment in any way with that life which God has intended to be. May God have mercy on us all and our “culture of death”.

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