Sodomizing society: It’s not funny anymore

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I ran across a recent article about a California company marketing female lingerie to heterosexual men and was once again struck by how this “conservative” news service continually feeds perversion and promiscuity to its customers for ratings and numbers, like all the “shock” programming made available on their sister channel. Not to be outdone by Hollywood liberals, Fox News, under its banner of “fair and balanced reporting” regularly provides titillating, tantalizing and tawdry stories for our consideration and consumption as if to be providing a legitimate public service by doing so.

Posturing as respectable they are able end-run the conscience of their conservative viewers and readers who trust and accept Fox’s self-polling and shrewd programming mix of prudence with perversion ONLY BECAUSE it has not been officially declared “liberal” by a compromised collective. This is exactly how the Hegelian Dialectic seduces its victims, my friends…dressing up as one thing while being another, mixing and blending right and wrong, good and evil, liberal and conservative until the confusion of compromise makes everyone and everything indistinguishable. That’s the consensus process and the wily ways of The New World Order.

Lingerie Closes the Gender Gap

It has of course become quite fashionable to laugh at homosexuals who virtually own the television networks now as they charm their way into our hearts and homes re-educating us all (and our children) in humorous and endearing ways as to how cute, clever, entertaining and harmless they really are. If a television network REALLY wanted to be “fair and balanced” they would follow television shows like Will & Grace with disclaimers bearing the hard cold facts about the dangerous lifestyles they promote and not censor the tragic consequences of “gay living” from it’s viewers. But you see there’s a secret agenda at work here. Global socialists seeking to enslave us all *through our appetites* understood long ago that the more time we spent with adorably funny homosexual role models night after night, laughing and indulging their behavior, the more we would learn to tolerate, then accommodate, then accept, then defend, then protect, then imitate and eventually embrace their ways as normal until HETERO-sexuality became the alternative and frowned-upon lifestyle. That is the goal. That is the plan and that is EXACTLY how you and your family are being seduced on that big screen TV in YOUR living room by a sodomized society of suicidal sadomasochists who follow their glands and their government for every pound of flesh.

Haven’t you heard? They aren’t sick. They’re special! Just ask Ted Kennedy. He’s legislating them right into the mainstream so you and I won’t have to read our bibles and make those hard choices about what is right and what is wrong!

Hate Crime Law Creates ‘Animal Farm’ Justice System”

So go ahead and tell your gay jokes and tune in to your favorite television show for all of the hilarious escapes of YOUR favorite gay characters. Shove your copy of “The Birdcage” in the old VCR the next time friends come over and laugh it up! Then, as the credits roll and everyone goes home, remember these words:

“Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!” (Isaiah 5:20)

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