So busy we haven’t time to think?: Should we think about that??!

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Down through years of our history, we’ve often adopted phrases that seemed to universally describe many situations. The phrases were popular because the wording cut across most divides in cultures and interests. One phrase in particular might explain today’s many quagmires and unpleasant situations now seeming to grow faster than ever before. It was: “I’m so busy, I don’t have time to think.”

Is it time to make concerted efforts to “TAKE time to think”? Think about how and why many messy quagmires are alive, well, and dominating news and views everywhere. Or, is it already too late,? Real news, real information, real inspiration and motivation are already leaving by the express lanes of “poke ‘debit’ and sign”. Hurry up! Pick up your yard-long slip of debt of the moment, plus teasers for planning your next trip to the “five items or less” check-out line.

No, it’s not a joke. It’s been steadily happening, as more and more aspects of our lives are based on fast-changing activities, and the excitement of changes infused into a fast-changing activities-focus. Have we, in this run-up to Christmas, aided by evaporation of enjoyment of Thanksgiving, all but lost our way? Have we completely lost any possible exit from the Pied Piper fast-lane trip over the cliffs? Did we, long ago, exchange the old “baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet,” for the power ball promises of a life of ease, little effort and great rewards? Did we completely lose a possible exit from the Pied Piper fast trip over the cliffs?

We’ve become not only too busy to think; but, more important, too busy to stop aiding that rush over the cliffs. These thoughts were already germinating, before some scary possible proof of its being almost too late for hope of any change-of-focus thinking. Many of us have long been informed by the formerly mostly-informative Fox and Friends assortment of news topics and commentary. It, almost the last bastion of overview of topics and news, has now apparently joined the cadence-calling, speeded-up, mindless quick-step march to the edge of the proverbial cliff.

In fact, one of the features this morning featured a prankster mom’s involvement in a prankster daughter’s plan to appear to be falling off a high rocky cliff, supported by her elbows, yelling over the “top” for help ! A ledge supporting her was not at first noted. The supposed family prank vaulted into huge amounts of attention on national TV, overbalancing ominous other news in need of serious attention. Also, came a featured argument among the three regular “friends” on the program; two to one against retaining any teaching of “cursive writing” in schools. It seems that today young children are already into designing apps, as part of their projects at school, and now have no need of ability to “write cursive.” Then, came the news/promotion segment of a gorgeous long-haired cheerleader and her successful fame-seeking project to raise thousands of dollars for a health charity, with the high dollar goal pledge to have her head shaved on the field, during the half-time performance at whatever football game du jour she cheers at today. Priceless?? Or in aid of likely follow-on rewards?

In between segments, the news briefly reported on the growing mayhem in the Middle East, with on-scene photos of fires and massive rioting. Those who thought they had voted-in “good change” are having a very bad morning-after with edicts issued by their “successful” candidate.Our own news is filled with maniacal overnight shopping activities in aid of getting overpriced-on-sale fad items for Christmas bargains. The shopping mania news focus included many out-of-control criminal actions, and lavish displays of excessive greed, and behaviors. Merry Christmas? Little time to absorb the implications of lesser-publicized news here could put “finish” to future shopping for other than basic necessities?

What are we Number One in today? Long ago a successful ad encouraged people to “take the bus and leave the driving to us.” How many aspects of daily lives expanded on that idea, and focused on the ride? What are the intended destinations now emerging into view everywhere? Even the news that is still eagerly read or watched, has steadily changed. In earlier times it provided needed information; but now it’s so steadily changing as to be almost void of real news. Especially if it’s available only with added fees and restricted access.

Are we almost back to the days of Pony Express riders carrying what communication and news would fit in their saddlebags, across rough and often dangerous routes? We’ve willingly jumped onto the bandwagon of being too busy to think. Will we soon have endless time with nothing to do but think — about how we used to be able to be “too busy to think”??

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