Signing off!: Goodbye, and good luck!

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I don’t believe in miracles, but I do believe in God! My minister advised me that the “coincidences” I have experienced are termed “synchronicity.” Whatever! Documenting such events is usually deemed a “no-no” for writers, so I shall not pursue this further.

For me, writing is an emotional release. I’m still convinced of the blatant stupidity of the media, their collective ignorance and unprofessionalism, their bias, and their existence as putty in the hands of government. It is this that has always motivated me to write to right the wrongful, editorialized journalism rampant in America today. But I have come to the sad conclusion that America doesn’t wish to be either right or free.

It is explained by the recent re-election of America’s greatest tyrant, and the total lack of a meaningful opponent. Americans have thus confirmed their disdain for the Bill of Rights and their individual freedom, the latter requiring responsibility founded upon the Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule.

Without the acquiescence of the American people, there would be no Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Without the full approval of Americans, there would have been no unjust, unlawful and unnecessary invasion of Iraq, a war that is destroying both our economy and military. This administration has destroyed forever the once coveted and untarnished image of America as a bulwark of justice, peace and freedom.

Our government doesn’t answer to the American people, but to a tiny foreign state identified by the international banking Illuminati as the launching pad for a one world government and New World Order. This Illuminati-envisioned one world government was predicted by Benjamin Franklin over two hundred years ago, and was in all likelihood the reason for his curious answer regarding the newly formed republic: “…if you can keep it!”

We’ve lost it, and I feel permanently. I had illusions that I could make a difference. Since I started writing, things have gotten much worse. I started by believing Barry Goldwater, the Republican Party and Rush Limbaugh, and voted for George Bush in 2000. Today, I’m ashamed of having been a Republican these past forty years, and now Bush and the Republicans have made me ashamed of being an American.

The destruction of our morality, the method of educating our children, our religion, our military, our money, our economic creditworthiness, our sense of justice and decency and even our history, all serve to demean US as a nation apart. We were once the beacon of Liberty. I had always thought My Country would outlive me.

It will be hard not to write as I writhe in pain witnessing the injustices America is visiting upon the rest of the nations of the world. I regret justice will eventually come as the opponent and conqueror of my own land – but come it will. My input is insignificant, even as the might and power of the Illuminati will become insignificant.

This is a good time to stop. For all those who have read my work, and to the editors as well who have given me a voice, offering their support, guidance and encouragement, I thank you. I hereby offer my parting shot, after first offering the traditional sign-off of the great Edward R. Murrow: “Goodnight, and Good Luck.”


Ted Lang


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