Sick bay commandos: The april fools day rescue

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military-755414_1280As soon as I heard about the type of wounds received by Private Jessica Lynch, and someone’s suggestion that those injuries may have been caused by some sort of “low velocity, small caliber weapon,” I knew that the liberal spin-doctors were on the case. What I didn’t know then was how much effort would be expended on this one episode, and how large a hoax was being perpetrated by liberal feminists and the war party, who seem to be holding hands on this one.

This is a two-pronged event. (Picture the forked tongue of a serpent)  We will start with the combat “record” of Private Lynch and move on to the “rescue” at the hospital.


Said of Private Lynch:


“Sustained multiple gunshot wounds.”

“Was stabbed while she fought fiercely and shot several enemy soldiers.”

“Firing her weapon until she ran out of ammunition.”

“She was fighting to the death.”

The problem with all of the above quotes is that medical record does not support any of it. In fact, a physician who treated Lynch is quoted as describing her injuries as   “blunt in nature,” possibly stemming from a fall from her vehicle. “ It turns out that “unnamed military sources” were responsible for this fabrication, and some say that “feminists in the Pentagon” are the culprits. My question is, what are feminists doing in the pentagon to begin with?

Now let’s turn to the celebrated, captured on film, heroic, under fire, military rescue of Private Lynch from her “captors.” It was all one giant dog and pony show, fabricated, pre-meditated and orchestrated for propaganda purposes. There was no military opposition at the hospital and the American military knew this. In fact, doctors at the hospital had made arrangements to turn over the patient to the US military, but when the ambulance arrived at the designated rendezvous, they were turned back by gunfire.

Let’s examine this point. American troops fired at an ambulance –and missed. Assuming the ambulance was clearly marked, (I do) and was arriving on schedule at a designated time and place, (D-Day H-Hour) what reason would our troops have for firing on it? Did they just happen to score a “Maggie’s Drawers” (complete miss) on something as large as an ambulance? Not likely or believable. My guess is that the film crew was ready, the script was finalized, the make-up had been applied and it was time to roll tape on a dramatic military rescue at the hospital. The producers would not be denied. Private Lynch would have to go back to the hospital and be “rescued” there. A similar thing happened at the Waco Post Office. “Go back to the compound, Mr. Koresh, we will deliver your mail tomorrow.”

And so the film was shot by soldiers with night vision cameras. It would be a giant fraud for the purpose of convincing us that Private Lynch was rescued under fire, when in fact, that was not the case. Dr. Anmar Uday quoted by the BBC: “We were surprised. There was no military (opposition) there were no soldiers in the hospital. It was like a Hollywood film. They (U.S. forces) cried Go! Go! Go! With guns and blanks without bullets, blanks and the sounds of explosions. They made a show for the American attack on the hospital – like the action movies of Sylvester Stallone or Jackie Chan.”

The raid took place on April 1 by Army Rangers, along with Navy SEALs and commandos from the Marine Corps and Air Force. The only troops AWOL were the Boy Scouts and the Salvation Army- and of course one other noticeably absent unit – THE ENEMY! And, if Private Lynch was rescued from the enemy, as they want us to believe, where is the body count? Where are the prisoners we took in the battle?

From Full Metal Jacket:

Private Joker?

Yes, Sir.

Where’s the weenie?


The kill, Joker, the body count.

Didn’t see any, Sir.

Well, with all that firing, the grunts must have hit something. Are you sure you didn’t see any blood trails or drag marks?

No, Sir.

Well, re-write the story and give it a happy ending, say an officer or a sapper.

Whatever you say, Sir.

It is all too foul. While the Pentagon is inventing celluloid sick bay commandos, and creating a record of combat valor for a tart that fell off the truck, what have they said of the nine brave soldiers of the 507th Maintenance Company that died, apparently successfully protecting the female members of their unit? It seems the real heroes must rest in quiet anonymity, so the false ones can revel in make believe glory, all to drive a feminist agenda (women in the military/combat) that is not supported by a majority of Americans.

As of this writing, Private Lynch can remember nothing about her ordeal. We should all be so lucky.

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