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Of all the voluminous allegations surrounding the Oval Office, the President of the United States, and his subordinates these days,  none seems more pressing to us than the inquiry into the long term relationship between the Clinton brigade and Chinese Intelligence.

Recent Revelations

The possibility that two U.S. companies illegally gave China space expertise to advance Beijing’s booming ballistic missile program should raise the brows of every American. The two companies under question are Loral Space & Communications and Hughes Electronics, a subsidiary of General Motors. The heart of this probe stems from a 1996 incident where a Chinese rocket carrying a satellite, exploded shortly after liftoff and the two U.S. companies were called upon to review the failure. It was during this review that classified information provided crucial assistance in improving the guidance system of their rockets. It is this very technology that guides long-range nuclear missiles to their target. More alarming, in February while this incident was under investigation at Justice, Clinton quietly gave Loral Space & Communications permission to launch another satellite on a Chinese rocket and provide the same expertise that is at issue in the criminal case. Finally, we learn that Bernard Schwartz, CEO of Loral, was the largest personal contributor to the DNC last year. This latest revelation comes on the heels of learning the sale of super conductor computer technology to Communist China, possibly in return for campaign donations is also under investigation.

The Key Finance Players

Anyone who hasn’t been in a coma over the last few years should at least be familiar with the name Lippo Group. The Lippo Group, is a huge conglomerate based in Jakarta, Indonesia, with interests in banking, finance and other enterprises. The Group maintains a highly impressive internet presence with a number of web sites. All of their company profiles are available from their main site at Its flagship, Lippo Ltd., listed $3.6 billion in assets in 1995 alone. They own one bank in the U.S. but have extensive interest in Indonesia, Hong Kong and China. The founder of the company Mochtar Riady was born in Indonesia of Chinese ethnicity and has one son James Riady who is the founder’s right arm.

The Lippo Group purchased a small bank in Los Angles in 1984, now known as the Lippo Bank.The former Lippo’s Bank President was John Huang whose financial dealings are at the center of the Senate investigations into campaign finance abuse.

In 1988, James Riady organized a group of Lippo executives for the purpose of campaign giving to the Democratic party. According to Federal Election Commission records, Riady, Lippo executives, and business executives had  contributed more than $700,000 to the DNC since 1991 alone.

In September of 1995, Riady attended a key Oval Office meeting at the time Clinton approved the transfer of former Lippo executive John Huang from his Commerce Department position, to a DNC fund raising post. In another Oval office meeting in September 1996, Riady lobbied for favorable trade relations with China.

The former associate attorney general Webster Hubbell  was also hired by the Lippo Group after he had resigned from the Clinton administration and went to jail on mail and tax fraud charges dating back to when he and Hillary Clinton were partners at the Rose Law Firm in Little Rock. During his stay in the slammer, Hubbell reportedly had received upwards of $700,000 of which $100,000 came from the Lippo Group. The question as to whether any of these payments were  made on behalf of the White house to buy Hubbell’s silence on a meeting with Riady or about Whitewater allegations is one of the main ingredients of the Starr investigation.

Chinese Intelligence Linked To Clinton Allies

A report by the Senate committee on campaign finance abuses, alleges that a relationship exists between the Riady family and Chinese intelligence. The Riady’s have been long time supporters and friends of President Clinton since his days as Arkansas governor. In the early 1980’s the Riady’s bought a minority interest in the Arkansas based Worthen Bank. James Riady met then Governor Clinton at a Worthen luncheon. James Riady was in Little Rock at the time to learn the banking business from their newly acquired investment. While few specifics are available, the report bases it’s finding on Riady’s business interests in obtaining Chinese assistance for international business opportunities in exchange for large sums of cash and other help. The report which is part of a much larger document compiled by the Governmental Affairs Committee had caused a major dispute between the CIA and the FBI concerned about intelligence gathering data. The full report remains unreleased amid objections raised by the Justice Department.

What is called strong circumstantial evidence, the report sights six individuals with strong ties to the Chinese. Along with the Riady’s, foreign money may have been pumped into the 1996 election. The report singles out one individual as an agent of the Chinese government, longtime Democratic fund raiser Maria Hsia. Hsia worked in direct support of a ( People’s Republic of China) diplomatic post in the U.S. Hsia allegedly laundered more than $130,000 in political contributions to democrats starting in 1993. Her connection to the Hsi Lai Buddhist Temple includes thousands of dollars from an event attended by Vice President Gore (who didn’t know where he was) in the spring of 1996.

Hsia’s long time relationship with the Vice president of the United States raises questions as to what extent Chinese intelligence operatives have been able to influence the U.S. political arena during the Clinton administration. According to sensitive intelligence, she worked with Ted Sioeng and John Huang to solicit contributions from Chinese nationals in the U.S. and aboard for Democratic purposes. Such contributions are illegal to U.S. political campaigns.

The report goes on to name Ted Sioeng, former California businessman who still works for the Chinese government. Sioeng’s worth reported to be around $500 million, gave $400,00 to democrats of which $200,000 came from oversea accounts.

John Huang, the former Lippo bank executive and fund raiser for the DNC, may have some kind of financial relationship with the Chinese government. Some $3 million dollars has been returned by the DNC  that Huang collected for the Democratic effort.

Charlie Trie, a former Little Rock restaurateur who established an international trading business turned himself  in on January 28. Trie is the first person to be indicted by the Justice Department. After fleeing the country for sometime, he pleaded not guilty to charges of obstruction of justice and campaign finance violations. Until Trie turned up and appeared in court, all six of those cited had fled the country or refused to testify before the committee. Additionally, China has refused the committee’s request for assistance……..

Much of the committee report comes from international calls, wire taps and other communications obtained by the F.B.I and the National Security Agency. Many parts of this section were classified as top secret and deleted from the initial report.

The CIA in 1996 came to the conclusion that China was concerned about the lack of influence in the U.S. policymaking and the U.S. political structure as a whole. According to the CIA., China planned to raise $3 million dollars for an effort to buy that influence with U.S. politicians. Supposedly, most of the money was earmarked to the Chinese Embassy in Washington and other consulates across the United States. In June of 1996 the F.B.I warned six senators and congressman that they might be a target for Chinese contributions.

Finally, the report states: “Illegal foreign contributions were made to the DNC and these contributions were facilitated by individuals with extensive ties to the People’s Republic of China”.

The report goes on to criticize the Justice Department for failure to share relevant classified information. “That protection is a legitimate concern,” goes the report “but it has come at the cost of curtailing public knowledge and debate”.

Clever Diversions

The same White House that illegally obtained 900 confidential files on the Bush Administration, now maintains extensive enemy files on Members of Congress. Most of these files are being kept on Congressional Commitee members involved in the investigation of various Clinton Adminstration scandals. According to Judicial Watch, Opposition research is located within the Old Executive Office Building which has gathered information on Clinton administration opponents and provided the information to “friendly” reporters. These White House conveyers of shocking news inundate the main stream press with character assasinations which are gobbled up as newsworthy by the people magazine mentality of this country. Tragic indeed, when you consider the profound implications that this story and others out of the Clinton White House may have.

Two Thumbs Up For Bob Barr

We applaude Bob Barr (R-Ga.) who serves on the Judiciary Committe. It is refreshing to this author that Bob is one of the few Republican Congressional members speaking out against the Clinton Administration and has called for impeachment hearings. While all the allegations against this adiministration are important concerns to Rep. Barr, (Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, etc.) none seems more important for this truth seeker than the conscious, systematic effort by the Clinton administration to subvert U.S. campagin laws, including money in return for political favors from the communist Chinese. We couldn’t agree more.

Now with Congress back from spring break, we shall see the increase of diversionary attacks from the left wing closet to disguse the true issues at hand. Why it wasn’t but two weeks ago that Congressman Barr had to endure such an attack. It seems that Bob Mulholland, a DNC member and adviser for the California party made news headlines with the revelation that Bob Barr had been married three times and had been sued by his exes for child support. Oh my! now that is important news….STOP THE PRESSES…..! Our only question to all this is….What does that have to do with the price of tea in China?

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