Section 861: The law they hope you never read

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At first I thought this issue was amusing. Then, the more I researched it, the more compelling it became, and today, I’m here to tell you that the subject of this column is arguably, the most important issue of our lifetime. I’m speaking of fraud on a scale so massive and so enduring it could only be perpetrated by the federal government. That is to say, a federal government operating way outside of the limits mandated by the Constitution.


Everyone knows you must pay federal income taxes. There are people in jail right now for income tax evasion. The vast majority of those persons, if not ALL of them, have voluntarily (you can’t be forced to swear an oath) signed a return under penalty of perjury, swearing that they were subject to the income tax, and that all or most of their income was taxable according to the IRS code, (federal law Title 26). Then, they lied about how much income they earned giving the government everything they need to prosecute them successfully. The tax return becomes a signed confession of guilt.

Most Americans have never seen the law that requires them to file a return, and most have never researched the IRS code to determine how much, if any, of their income is taxable under the law as it is actually written. But everyone knows there is such a law, and everyone knows that all of their income is taxable.


What if everyone was wrong? It has happened before. Once upon a time, everyone thought the earth was flat. Today, almost everyone believes they owe federal income taxes. However, when the actual words, written in the IRS tax code are examined, an ugly truth begins to emerge. And the truth is, that most Americans have been systematically and intentionally defrauded into paying a tax they do not owe.


Did you ever wonder about the “voluntary” nature of federal income taxes? If the law requires one to pay, why does the IRS call for “voluntary compliance?” If one is charged with violating the law is his or her appearance in court voluntary? Does one serve time in a federal prison voluntarily or is there some sort of mandatory attendance associated with a prison sentence?


The reason for voluntary compliance is simple. The federal government is barred by the Constitution from taxing the income of most Americans. To tax each and every endeavor within the states is to regulate ALL activity, and where is the limited nature in that? The federal government is allowed by the Constitution to regulate international and foreign commerce, so they imposed an income tax applicable to income from international and foreign commerce. However, they still would like some of YOUR money, so they wrote the law in a very convoluted and easily misunderstood way.


But, as complex and torturous as it may be, the law must still be printed in English and in black letters on white paper. To determine one’s taxable income under the law as it is written, one must find section 861 of the tax code and read what it says. The best way to start understanding this subject is watch Theft by Deception a fine documentary video produced and available from Larken Rose.


But don’t take anyone’s word for it. In order for you to refute the IRS’s false claim on your money, you must know the law for yourself. Armed with that knowledge, you can stop voluntarily complying with a law that does not exist. To be more correct, stop complying with a misapplication of a law that does exist.


My research shows that at least 300 persons have requested clarification from the IRS on this subject in general and section 861 in particular. To date, the IRS has refused to address these questions and they have resorted to bullying, blustering and threatening. But ALWAYS they have refused to address specific questions about section 861. Also, to my knowledge, not ONE person has been prosecuted for relying on the written law as expressed in section 861 of the tax code, and has paid the least amount or taxes owed – ZERO!


And legally paying zero federal income taxes is the most patriotic thing an American can do. Because most Americans are ignorant of the law, they have been unwittingly forging their own chains. It is the American taxpayer, more than anyone else, who is responsible for rampant federalism. The taxpayer is responsible for federal meddling into areas they have no business in, such as education and commerce, not to mention foreign aid and foreign entanglements.


In a Ponzi scheme the fraud eventually collapses from a lack of new investors. In the federal income tax fraud, there is no dearth of gullible prospects, because as P.T Barnum once noted, there is a sucker born every minute.


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