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Within the American population is a pool of people who can only be pushed so far. These people take action when the situation calls for it. Our national history is really the story of people like that.

More often than not, we remember people who were average citizens until some evil moved them to action, as heros. Until they stepped forward while others hung back, some of our most revered heros were “ordinary” people.

Paul Revere was a silversmith. He had a nice little business, and a good reputation, but was not, by any means, renowned until he stepped forward to spread the alarm that the British were coming.

Patrick Henry was a country preacher and would have remained an unknown. He took all he could, then rose to the challenge, stepped forward and gave his famous “Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death” speech. Today all freedom loving people revere him.

Women are no strangers to this elite group. Since the days of the Revolution, women stepped up when our freedom or human rights were threatened or denied.

Betsy Ross was a seamstress who became a well-respected member of the rebellion against British tyranny. Rosa Parks was a maid who got fed up and took a stand. She became an inspiration to three generations of freedom loving people.

Over the past few years several great ladies stood up to the most evil and corrupt administration in the history of this republic. When others were afraid to speak out, Paula Jones, Lucianne Goldberg, Dolly Kyle Browning, Linda Tripp, and Juanita Broaderick, stood up and faced the wrath of the whole executive branch of government and the Democrat party.

Vilified by Democrats like Larry Flint, Keith Waters, and Bob Bennett, these heroines remained unbowed. They took everything those evil people could throw at them. These heroines exposed the corruption and vileness the Clintons, and their supporters, accept as normal.

Now five more courageous ladies are standing up. This time it is for liberty and the civil rights enshrined in the Constitution. These five ladies came together to form the Second Amendment Sisters. It is a civil rights organization dedicated to preserving one of our most precious rights, the right to keep and bear arms.

The founders of the Second Amendment Sisters are located in South Carolina, Texas, Florida, Illinois, and New Jersey. They are using the Internet to generate grass roots support for their cause and are having an overwhelming response.

One of their first projects is a march on Washington on Mothers’ Day, May 14, 2000. They want to counter a march planned by a group of gun haters scheduled for the same day.

In fact, it was the announcement that the gun haters were going to demonstrate against our civil rights, and try to further restrict our Second Amendment right, that pushed these ladies into starting their group. They decided they had to act to show the world more women respect freedom than fear it.

Dianne Sawyer, one of the founders said, “Our initial goal was to counter the Million Mom March. However, The response has been so enormous and the support so overwhelming that we came to believe we can fill a much bigger purpose. We can educate women about guns and safety and counter the misinformation spread by the anti-gun groups.”

Ms. Sawyer went on to explain that the anti-Second Amendment groups play on women’s fear of guns and the natural inclination of women to be peacemakers. “Fear comes from ignorance. Period. We want to change that.” Ms. sawyer continued.

The Second Amendment Sisters are calling their march the Armed Informed Mother’s March (AIMM). They will hold it on the Mall in Washington, D.C. and they expect a good turn out.

These ladies deserve the support of every freedom loving person in the republic. They are fighting for all of us and facing some very stiff opposition.

The forces who want to strip us of our right to defend ourselves are well financed and supported by the elite media. These people spew some of the most ridiculous falsehoods, and the elite media publishes them as though they were the Gospel.

As an example of the distortions these ladies are going to have to fight, look at the claim by the gun haters that the U.S. has the highest number of people killed by guns in the industrialized world. This is a true statement but it is misleading.

When one looks at all violent deaths caused by any means, the U.S. is just below the middle of the pack. The gun haters do not want this known because it harms their cause.

A good question to ask anyone saying the U.S. leads the world in gun deaths is, “Would you feel better if they pushed out these people of windows or blew them up with bombs?” They go crazy. They have no answer.

The trouble is, the press never asks the question or looks into the gun haters’ figures. It is the same situation when gun haters like Sarah Brady, claim that violent crime is higher in homes with guns. No reputable studies back this up. In fact, all reputable research shows that guns are an effective deterrent to violent crime.

Women are especially disadvantaged when deprived of guns. They lack the physical size and strength to defend themselves against attack from the average man. A gun levels the field.

Guns are the only defensive tools whose effectiveness is unaffected by size and strength. They are also the only defensive tools that can be used at a safe distance from an attacker.

There are far more myths and outright lies being spread by the gun haters, but these examples show what the heroic ladies of SAS are facing. They truly have their work cut out for them.

The republic should be thankful there are fine, ladies like these five women willing to take on those who want to rape the Bill of Rights. The mere fact they are willing to stand up and fight for liberty and civil rights, puts them in very elite company. Their success will be a great benefit to the entire society and to future generations.

May God bless these ladies and their work against the forces of evil.

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