Revolutionary communist party USA: And racial profiling

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revolutionary-communist-party-usa-and-racial-profilingThere is so much going on in the political scene, especially as regards Israel, the war on terrorism and Iraq that it is hard to comment on it all. Perhaps the most frightening are the rumours and revelations regarding nuclear weapons. There is the bizarre story of nuclear weapons “disappearing” in Russia (into the hands of terrorists?) and of Libya, Egypt and Saudia Arabia being closer to developing a nuclear bomb than Iraq is!

The propaganda war is heating up in a big way and President Bush is the focal point of that attack. He is coming under fire from every conceivable angle as every communist, communist ally and closet communist get stuck into him. Nelson Mandela launched a tirade against President Bush recently. According to The Daily Mail & Guardian here, Bush refused to take a phone call from Mandela some time back.

My article last week, Iraq’s Baffling Moves was well received and it generated a lot of interest. A lot of people wrote to me saying they were OK with the idea of assassinating Arafat or Saddam. As usually happens when I attack Yasser Arafat, I get a bunch of spiteful people then sending me spam or subscribing me, against my will to various pro-Palestinian mailing lists. I am stunned at how many there are, and some, clearly are revolutionary in nature. These people want war!

I have been thinking for quite some time, that war might actually be very necessary to the survival of the Western world, particularly the USA and Israel. The reason is simple: One cannot placate one’s enemies. These people are filled with a hatred for those of us in the West (and yes, we whites in Africa firmly regard ourselves as part of the Western world). We have watched events affecting the Western world with a great deal of angst over the years because we perceive our side to be losing. I believe that war might actually be the very key to the survival of the West. Why? Because the Western world has been losing the peace. The enemy moves forward clandestinely and makes their most headway during times when we do not resist and when there is peace. But when we fight – then we drive them back. Our problem is that we never break their power completely and so they come back. We need to learn to smash them for once and for all in a conventional war – like we did with the NAZIS in WWII.

The war between the West and the enemies of the West is a case of quality versus quantity. The communists need the masses. As I explain in my book, Government by Deception, communism and socialism draws to it the losers of the world. It creates mass movements composed of those who are on the bottom rungs of society. Many times, these people are there for a reason. They are there, not because they were as oppressed as they like to make out, but because they would be losers even if they never were oppressed to begin with. The Western world, on the other hand, attracts a more go-getter type of person. Someone with initiative, brain-power, etc. So whenever there is a clash between these two sides, you will find that the few clash with the many. And the few, because they are composed of a better type of person, normally, tactically, slaughter the opposition. Believe it or not, but conventional warfare, normal warfare actually works in the favour of the Western world. But the Western world, being basically peace-loving, hesitates and refuses to use force often until there is little choice. The irony is, if we used force more readily, then we would have obliterated our foes a long time ago. Indeed, the Russians would never have been a problem if they had been confronted and destroyed early on during their existence. The same is true for the Chinese and for every other terrorist, and Marxist movement on this earth. The West dawdles. The West loves peace. That is why, as long as the West refrains from fighting, they stand to lose everything. As I state in my book, there never was a time of peace. People think we had peace. There never was such a thing. From the day the Bolsheviks came to power in Russia, in 1917, until now, there has never been a day of peace. During all that time, they connived to destroy everything Western. We thought there was peace. But we were fools. All the time there was a one-sided war, where they attacked and we just stood around and defended. Every time, in any country, that communists and socialists were confronted openly, they have been thrust back with relative ease.

The problem is, their strategists used psychological and propaganda tricks to divide us and make us betray each other. We see that relations between the USA and Israel become strained at times when in fact the USA should be 100% behind Israel, backing Israel to the hilt. I believe Israel should be allowed to do whatever it wants in order to destroy its enemies and to sort out all those “Russian clients” in that part of the world, like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Iran, etc. One Reader from last week asked me if I knew why the USA was going into the Middle East when in fact, Israel was the one with real interests in the region and in much more danger from Iraq. The only reason that makes sense to me is that perhaps the US Government has felt (since the first Gulf War), that if Israel were unleashed, then the Arabs could accuse it of being a bully. Perhaps the rationale is that it is more politically acceptable for the USA to be there as a sort of “neutral” party thereby not worsening Arab/Israeli relations. I have always believed Israel would do things much more efficiently than the USA anyway. The Israelis are masters of covert ops and doing things with minimal force. Why not let them do whatever they need to? But US Military Planners and Politicians may have other ideas.

As I said above, last week’s article drew a barrage of pro-Palestinian mails to me. I deleted it all as usual. But there was one item which came my way (thanks to my enemies!), which I just have to share with all of you.

Let me start out by reminding people of what I have been saying about communism in my articles during the last few months:-

Communism is alive and well everywhere – including inside the USA
Communists are still out to destroy Capitalism, and the West, especially America. (Take note of the use of the words “Globalism” and “anti-Capitalism” in the media. These are the latest Commie buzz words)
Communists across the world side with the Palestinians
Communists hate Israel and want it wiped off the face of the Earth
The Arab world is aligned with communists against the USA and Israel
Communists try to portray the USA and all Westerners as racists
Communists even support the “Green/Environmental” agenda

I am reproducing the e-mail I received in its entirety – including the e-mail address of the revolutionary warmonger inside the USA who sent it. Take a look at this e-mail, and see for yourself, how many of the points I have been trying to get across are in it:-

Date sent: Thu, 26 Sep 2002 13:02:59 -0700
From: sadiqa_li_fillistin <[email protected]>
Subject: Revolution
To: [email protected]

Comrades and friends,

The only solution to the miseries of the world we live in today is with revolutionary change that overthrows the US capitalist system and its bourgeois supporters once and for all.

Whether the evironemental disasters our planet is subjected to for the increased profits of the capitalist few, or whhether in its carrying out the imperialist war on Afghanistan, its blatant fascist support of the Zionist enemy against the Palestinian revolution, whether its internal explosion in violence racism and unemployment within the US borders ever since September 11th,or its continued threats to attack Iraq all those are but symptoms of a rotten system that has not stopped harnessing victims ever since its disaster inception.

The new draft program of the Revolutionary Communist Party-USA is a step in that direction, the direction of the DICTATORSHIP OF THE PROLETARIAT in the direction of the DESTRUCTION OF THE CAPITALIST SYSTEM of backwardness and violence. The new program of the RCP-USA is out for review by the masses and is available online.

Help spread the new program and to get it in the hands of the masses particularly of workers and oppressed. You are invited to join in the discussions on how to improve it to criticize it and to make it into the voice of the workers and oppressed in the USA.

Here is the link check it out and pass it on to your contacts:

For a Revolutionary Communist Program in the USA Workers and Oppressed UNITED!

AlTajamo3 AlNahdawi Al3arabi fi Amreykah AlShamaleyah
Arab Renaissance Coalition in North America
For A Socialist Future
A Liberated PALESTINE—>Arab Unification—->SOCIALISM
Workers of the World Unite-Ya Omal Alalam Itahedo

Look at the second last line showing: A Liberated Palestine, Arab Unification followed by Socialism!! That’s communism… This is of course a particularly rabid Arab communist. Most communists are however much more subtle… But the aim is the same…

Folks, if you don’t believe communism is alive and well, and thriving in this world of ours, then you are out of touch with reality. I urge people who don’t believe me, to find a communist organisation (there is one in a city near you – no matter where you are), and to get their literature, speak to their people, and talk to them. Meet your enemies face to face and see how they are filled with hatred for everything the USA and the Western world stand for. Or just rush to the nearest University and you will find stacks of Communists there!

Communists are everywhere and you will be amazed at how many there are. Just this week I did some promotion for my book here in Johannesburg. I went to two large book stores. At the one I was well-received. But at the other, which might well be the biggest book store in South Africa, I was chatting to the buyer – a white woman – who was fawning over the SACP [South African Communist Party]. She was saying “they are doing such a good job”. She went on to tell me how her parents had been supporters of the SACP. When she saw my book, she was aghast and started mocking it. I wasn’t going to be put off with her nonsense so I said to her, “I have Freedom of Speech and this is my opinion and what I want to say”. She was absolutely stunned that I called Nelson Mandela a “deception artist”. There are believers, and lovers of communism everywhere in this world. They come in all shapes and sizes, and these people believe things which are hateful, and which are contrary to all human experience, human history and human knowledge. They believe in a huge pack of lies, and they are prepared to start wars and burn countries to the ground so that that pack of lies may govern all.

Just look at this new group in the USA, who are out to overthrow the USA as it stands now. Don’t think numbers matter when it comes to propaganda. A minority of hardcore communists have always managed to use propaganda and lies to good effect and they end up taking over countries. Propaganda is a wonderful vehicle to capture the minds of the dumb masses. I’ll bet there are lots of other movements like this one. If you folks are concerned citizens, you might want to befriend these people and find out who their allies and friends are and then you will see a massive worldwide network out there which will stun you.

The octopus which threatens the Western world, especially Israel and America, has lots of tentacles and is aimed at drawing the masses of the world against you all.

Someone reminded me this week that I had promised in a previous article to say something about profiling/racial profiling.

Some time after 9/11, there was a ruckus kicked up in the media by the “profiling/racial profiling” used at airports whenever Arabs got on planes in the USA. The ruckus was so bad that one day President Bush held a press conference and condemned “profiling”. He said he would have none of it and that he had issued a direct order to stop it! My own mouth just hung open! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!

All this “equality” and all this leftist propaganda is successfully messing with people’s heads. Here is a President, apologising when in fact he shouldn’t be.

It seems to me, we are all drowning in this leftist pseudo-intellectual garbage and most people don’t know whether they are coming or going any more.

I am all in favour of profiling – be it racial, sexual or whatever. Oh yeah, I am a proponent of some (but not all) forms of “discrimination”. Why? Because it is logical. It is common sense. In fact, it is downright scientific.

Let’s take a step back shall we? Criminologists, psychologists, sociologists and Police have all spent a lot of time studying people. A natural consequence of this is that one finds that patterns occur among humans. Much as we dislike it, we discover, that humans as a mass, are actually quantifiable and predictable.

Consider for example, this little psychological test (which I assume is true) and which has been doing the rounds on e-mail for some time:-
This is a genuine psychological test. It is a story about a girl. Whilst at the funeral of her own mother, she met this guy whom she did not know. She thought this guy was amazing. He was her dream guy. She fell in love with him there and then. A few days later the girl killed her own sister.

Question: What is her motive in killing her sister?

Answer: She was hoping that the guy would appear at the funeral again.

If you answered this correctly, you think like a psychopath. This was a test by a famous American psychologist used to test if one has the same mentality as a killer. Many arrested serial killers took part in this test and answered it correctly. If you didn’t answer correctly – good for you. If your friends hit the jackpot, may I suggest that you keep your distance.

Like it or not, people exhibit patterns in all their aspects of behaviour and in their abilities.

Criminologists and Police have found ways of narrowing down the number of suspects. They have to because there are many times when there is little to go on. So, in order to save on time, money and effort, they follow certain logical and statistically proven procedures. It is a statistical fact that men commit far more crimes than women. Men are much more prone to committing violent crimes than women. And even when they do commit violent crimes, like murder, there are different patterns. Men are more likely to murder strangers, whereas women almost exclusively murder spouses or ex-lovers. Often, female murderers also break down and confess afterwards. The list of patterns goes on and on. Let me take this moment to mention that once you start studying humans and the patterns they exhibit, you will find that virtually every Politically Correct notion about people is completely false and totally unsupported by science and logic!

Murder is a crime where people go to great lengths to get rid of the evidence. The first person police go and question is a spouse. Then they go to close friends and relatives.

Consider the OJ Simpson. There is nothing particularly “racist” about the Police questioning OJ after the murder of his ex-wife. People on the left of the political spectrum are always trying to “prove” the old communist thesis that Western Police are “racists” – hence the hue and cry about the LAPD being racist. Every day, Police across the world, follow the same pattern.

Let me digress and say that the OJ Simpson case caught the world’s attention and several hours of the original court case were broadcast here, live each day. I recorded about 2 hours on video tape each night and watched it the next day. I followed the trial, day after day, geting my first glimpse at a live US Court proceeding. For the most part I was impressed with the profesionalism, but I nearly fainted when that jury came out with their verdict. I thought everyone on that jury had lost their minds.

Getting back to 9/11, it should be obvious, even to the brain-dead, that Arab/Muslim radicals hate America. The first World Trade Center bombing was the work of such people. Their hate speech, even in New York, was recorded and shown on an excellent documentary some years back called Jihad: In America which we saw on TV over here. There is nothing particularly “racist” in scrutinising people and treating people differently because of what race or nation they belong to if there is evidence pointing to them as a group. It is merely logic in action.

Didn’t you Americans throw Japanese people into camps during World War II? Wasn’t everybody, in all countries, taking certain logical courses of action like that? Weren’t the British scrutinising every German in their country?

The enemy propagandists are always on the attack in America and around the world. They use a type of “Intellectual Terrorism” on people. They launch vitriolic tirades against their enemies in the hope that their enemies will back down. Since they are very efficient at spreading their hate, lies and slander through the media, they are often successful at intimidating people. In this case, the President of the United States.

But underneath all that hate, and fake rage lies… nothing… Their pseudo-logical bunk has absolutely no substance to it. They are always the fake champions of pointless causes. They are out to create “equality” and to “save the poor from oppression”. Phooey and bunk! The poor would have been poor even without “oppression” – as has been amply proven in Africa. They were poor even before they were “oppressed”, and they remained poor after the “oppression” was gone! Removing colonialism, removing Apartheid, removing white rule did not improve the lives of those at the bottom. In fact, they are worse off. It goes to show that they are poor because that is all they are capable of. If “oppression” were real then removing the oppressors should have resulted in them rising up and moving onwards and upwards. But that never happened. It turns out that the poor actually benefited from having others, with greater knowledge and skill driving their destinys. “Oppression” is another one of these pseudo-logical, bunk ideas which have actually become accepted as mainstream thinking.

In this article, I have drawn attention to the hate which sprouts forth from the mouths of communists in the USA as they try to “liberate” the “oppressed” in the USA and as they try to bedevil US officials who were logically using profiling to try to make air travel safer for innocent people. All of these things are lies, lies and more lies. They are intended to create hatred, and to mess with your head so that you do things which are to your detriment. They use their vicious slander to bedevil the work of Police and security officials so that your society may be damaged thereby and so that they can find new pretexts for destroying your society. These are vicious, evil people who are not here to help anyone – not even the “oppressed”.

People should beware, because the media is filled to the brim with buzz words and pseudo-intellectual bunk. There is so much of it and it is very easy to fall prey to it and to believe it. But it is nothing more than Intellectual terrorism, and enemy propaganda at its finest. I hope, in later articles to visit more of these pseudo-logical issues which we are inundated with. There is a lot of false “logic” out there, trying to tell you “If we do this… we will solve that problem.” Don’t you believe it. Chances are, if you follow that “advice” things will get worse – a lot worse!

The enemies of the Western world are inveterate liars of the highest order – and it is all aimed at furthering their strategy of “The Weak Defeating the Strong”.

I leave you with this final thought: The Worst thing a conservative can do, is to keep quiet. That is a recipe for certain defeat. The only hope for conservatism is for us to speak out much more loudly and to counter the many lies put out by our enemies.

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