Republican religious conservatives: What went wrong?

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I have some serious questions for the new Republican Religious Conservatives.

Is your movement to change the laws within the federal government really based on legislating your moral values or is it merely a power tool for control? What was taught to us in Sunday school was to form a personal relationship with Jesus to improve our ability to be better, more moral individuals. When did this desire turn to wanting control over other people’s actions and eventually wanting the government to set the rules?

Religious faith came from the family unit with periodic trips to Sunday school and ceremonies shared during the many holidays. For years, there was an unwritten law asking religious people to keep separated from the government. This unwritten law came about from letters between Madison and Jefferson and it seemed to work for 200 years.

During WW2 we saw the churches and synagogues crowded with families praying for the safety of their soldiers and even the safety of the innocent people who lived in enemy territory. I used to feel a terrible sense of loss when I would pass by a home with a gold star in their window. I may have not known the individual but I knew my grandparents did. We would share our coupons with the family and hope the tragedy of losing their son or daughter would soon ease up for them. One can never forget the loss of a child no matter how old they are or how they wanted to fight in the war against our enemies.

In 2000 America elected a man for entirely different reasons that we had done in the past. Governor George W. Bush was the Governor of Texas and a declared Christian. I believe he ran on a “moral values” agenda simply to prove to the American voters that he was the opposite of the previous President Bill Clinton. Clinton had done some pretty shady things abusing his power as POTUS but the American people only saw a man who chased and caught women constantly. Why was this so important? Apparently it was.

Clinton single handedly brought down the level of decency in America. The main stream media went after him as they did not do with President Kennedy. I remember the early days of JFK and his brother where they had their way with many Hollywood stars, models and girls in general. The difference was that they represented the leadership of the greatest nation on earth. Somehow between Kennedy and Clinton the press decided to ignore the reputation of America and get the dirty stuff out to the public. It was on this basis that American voted for a man of God.
A Man of God? What exactly did this mean?

1. A President who could keep his pants zipped?

2. A man who would never lie to the American voters?

3. A man who would keep his oath to protect and serve the U.S. Constitution?

What did we expect from a man who had never seen a war, never made a success in any business venture or earned a wage in his life? Could he be expected to keep America free from assault, keep our government out of our personal lives and our business proceedings? His campaign managers knew the GOP agenda but did he?

The Conservative Republican Agenda went something like this:

Limited Government

Individual Liberties and Freedoms

Personal Responsibilities

Millions of us have asked ourselves what went wrong with the Republican Conservatives. What terrible influence took over our President Bush to have him break every single one of the Agenda items that had been in force for so many years? Was it the influence of the Christian Coalition; the Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell agenda that would change how America operated? Would the Separation of Church and State be forever destroyed? Was it such a powerful movement that took the major function of the White House and turned it into a building block for a Christian Nation?

America had been victims of Islamic terrorists at home and in other nations. Our American hostages in Iran, the first bombing of the Twin Towers, the embassies abroad and yet not a single action by the White House recognized the threat to all of us. Messages sent during the Clinton years were ignored and the focus of the new Bush White House was to prohibit gay marriages, embryonic stem cell research and abortions. Massive federal programs were developed and the entire Conservative Republican Agenda was tossed out!

Starting in 2000, the message sent was that the Christians were in charge and things would be changing. The first change was to destroy the Republican Conservative Agenda and turn it into a plan for a near police state. Massive changes in the War on Drugs and it would soon include added sins of the flesh. When Bush finally got his Cabinet selected somebody found some of the Taliban/AlQaeda threats but filed them away because Bush wanted social changes while he still had the power to promote them. He was making show progress and something had to be done!

Could a religious man plan for an attack on America? That is the question on the minds of millions of Americans at this time. Suddenly dozens of books have been written implying that 911 was an inside job. The 911 Commission Report was apparently as inaccurate as the Warren Commission on JFK’s death. Would it be the end of America if this could be proved?

Could it possibly have been a plan designed by the One World Order PNAC Neocons to use the innocence of President Bush 41 and 43 and bring on their own world governance plans? Was the Religious Right just a tool to bring in the voters? Was going after Clinton for the wrong reasons the plan to allow another Bush to get back into the White House?

Even after 911 and the Patriot’s Bill and Homeland Security in place, America still is not safe from assault. Is it possible that Bush’s desire for the Super Highway opening up the Western Hemisphere to buy and sell American products has become more important than our Security? NAFTA lost millions of dollars in unfair trade agreements and Bush pushed with great passion to have CAFTA passed as well. It was not simply a Congressional Vote but billions of dollars dangling in front of the House Members noses in pork spending for their states pressured many to vote for the Agreement.

Of course it shows most of us who are aware of these actions, that our Representatives are not worth their salt and we should throw them all out in November 2006! In my state of Arizona, the House members are voting lock-step behind Bush because they are using moral standards instead of Constitutional laws for their basis and the cost be damned! But apparently our safety is also being damned and very few will stand up for closed borders and revised Immigration laws. These Conservative Representatives are not working for their constituents but for their own power within the Bush White House. They must be sent running before they drive out federal debt beyond the power to ever control it. How dare they use “Conservative” in their brochures or ads!

I now question exactly what a Religious Conservative is. My Reps attend church and speak on political presentations instead of bible quotes. They have gone beyond Jesus, and their new God is the Powerful OZ in the Bush White House.

I’ve been on line for nearly 10 years and have seen a movement grow under the name of Republican Party that developed into a vicious bunch of hateful Americans. A poster on any forum knows how utterly mean and nasty these Conservatives have gotten in just the last 13 years; Conservatives have become extremely partisan in their points of view and due to the abortion issue still number one in their minds, have taken some terrible shots at the women of America.

On one Conservative Forum one man actually printed pictures of all the pretty Conservative women in contrast with the ugly Liberals. I would love to see pictures of the posters so we can see who is calling the kettle black. It is nothing but mean and cruel and the comments on Hillary Clinton have been brutal; not of her political positions but her ugly face and body.

Anyone who dares to make a derogatory statement against President Bush is immediately considered an agent for Al Qaeda. The last victim of this slander is Cindy Sheehan whose son was killed in Iraq and is now having her background in Liberal Organizations questioned. Drudge is having a field day with her. Apparently so few Conservatives have sons in the service they have lost all connection with our armed services. In my mind, they have lost all connection with the Republican Party.

I have a personal bone to pick with this as I was a faithful and conscientious Republican since 1953 when I was allowed to vote for the first time. The agenda of limited government individual freedoms and personal responsibilities was part of my political and private life and my love for America came from the civil rights for all Americans whether they believed in God or not. It was the perfect, free, Secular country on this planet.

Today it is divided up between religious and secular, liberals and conservatives with one still active group of Republicans working like hell to bring back the agenda. Another of the great divisions comes from how much government do the people of America want? Conservatives and Liberals alike want more federal power over the people including academic education curriculum, one school fits all! Health care must be government controlled which will make it part of any partisan campaign for power. The FDA now wants to control our supplements and we gave them that power within CAFTA. The government will direct our length of stay in the hospital without exceptions and these are liberal and conservative desires. Unless we can stop it, how we die will be a part of the federal government’s plans. We all saw Bush’s reaction to the Schiavo case.

State’s rights are on their way out! The 10th Amendment of the Constitution is trashed by both parties. Have Americans given up their choices for government control? It was the one agenda item that Republicans have fought for, for as long as I have been a voter. Choice is a dirty word in the Religious Conservative circles and they want all actions and decision to be set in cement just like the 10 Commandments and if we aren’t careful these choices will be eliminated by an Amendment to the Constitution.

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