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As I write, the treason Senate – under intense pressure from Communist world government traitor Smirk W. Bush – is preparing to pass the legislation that will legalize the present invasion of these United States. So here let me repeat something I have said many times, which nevertheless deserves repetition even more because it is so little mentioned, even by our friends.

The goal of the conspirators from the beginning has been to submerge and dissolve our country in a totalitarian socialist world government they would run. But they had a problem. Go back to World War II. When it ended, these united States indisputably comprised the most powerful country on earth.

Unlike most of the other participants, our homeland was completely undamaged. We had most of the gold. No other country even came close. The problem was that you can’t merge a country at the pinnacle in everything with other countries at the bottom. That would be like trying to moor the Queen Elizabeth in a Dixie Cup. You could only merge them when they are sufficiently alike. So what would you do if your goal were world government?

One thing you could try is raising the levels of the countries on the bottom. The conspiracy for world government has tried doing that with programs like foreign aid; the problem is that the nations on the bottom tend to consume any help and stay where they are. Generally, they are bottom feeders. Instead, what about trying to reduce these united States, trying to lower its standard of living so that it corresponds better with the nations at the bottom?

At the Bretton Woods Conference in New Hampshire, the newly created International Monetary Fund, run by Assistant Secretary of the Treasury Harry Dexter White, a Soviet spy, arranged to deplete our gold supply. Years later, in a speech lauding IMF, Jack Kennedy interrupted his womanizing long enough to explain that the loss of our goal was not an accident, but the product of a carefully orchestrated plan.

In recent years, we saw the departure of our industry, thanks to agreements like NAFTA. Not to worry, they told us. Industry will be replaced by a “service economy.” Let the poor benighted slobs in other countries do the hard work. We here shall sit at desks in white shirts and work with computers. But then the service jobs departed. Now, when you talk with somebody at your credit card company, he or she is probably sitting at a desk in India, doing the job you were supposed to do.

And now comes the invasion from Mexico. Consider that a military invasion of our country could not get off the beach in Santa Monica. The invaders would be exterminated by .50 caliber rednecks the government has not been able to disarm. But speculate with me. Suppose you could mount an invasion that is not an invasion, an invasion in plain clothes, for which you could concoct a superficial, “humanitarian” excuse.

In fact, suppose your invasion conformed to the findings of Antonio Gramsci, founder of the Italian Communist Party, who said that because no military invasion of the advanced countries could succeed, the traditional Communist method of conquest must be reversed. Instead of seizing a country militarily, as in undeveloped Russia, and then perverting its institutions; in the advanced countries the Communists would first seize and pervert and subvert the institutions. Eventually, the government based on those rotting institutions would collapse.

In other words, the world government conspirators decided to use the technique of population replacement, a modern term for which is genocide. Our country is full of unreconstructed soreheads, people who still believe in the Constitution, many of them military veterans and dangerous. Even some of the women are armed. It would be too risky to try to remove them. Instead, the Gramsci technique would have them overrun.

What is the effect of the present invasion? Yes, it involves Mexicans. Remember that Mexico suffered a Communist revolution even before Russia. But Mexicans are simply the tool; they are fellow victims, victimized by their own socialist government. The conspiracy for world government is using them simply because they are there.

Is not our standard of living falling? Dad used to support the family alone. Now Mom has to pitch in. Pretty soon even the kiddos will have to contribute. Your waitress is so intelligent because she has a graduate degree. Yes, because the system is so gargantuan and has been running so long, inertia will keep it going for a while, but the telltale signs of degeneration are everywhere. Is not the dollar on the way down?

The new Communist invasion law will expand the process, adding millions upon millions of illegal aliens to those already here, overloading our hospitals, our schools, our courts and other facilities, draining our paychecks, but far more important than anything else, reducing our standard of living and changing our culture along with our population. Of course you don’t need me to tell you this. Simply look around. Habla español? No? Well, you had better learn, compadre.

The plan is that after a while the merger will not seem so bizarre. Would you not agree that by now the idea already seems less incredible? Remember that, as we speak, about 10% of the population of Mexico lives in these united States. The Communist legislation coming out of conference committee will intrude the millions we have mentioned. After a while, you rednecks will be irrelevant. You already are close to a minority.

All of this answers the question of why the Senate votes Communist despite a literal firestorm of disagreement from their constituents, even from stalwart supporters of the Republicrud Party who at last feel disgust. With a few exceptions, your Senator is the best legislator corporate America could buy. For that America, an honest legislator is a legislator who stays bought. When Hitler and Mussolini married government and business, we called it Fascism.

Remember that for years the Republicruds told us they would restore America if only you would give them control. They have control – of Congress and the White House – they have had control for many years; yet the country is in far greater danger than it ever was under the Democruds. Smirk W. Bush is just as much a Communist as Clinton.

The latest demonstration of Bush’s treason took even my jaded breath away. By now you know that Communist Bush has ordered the Border Patrol to inform the Mexican government as to the whereabouts of America’s heroes, the Minutemen, whom Bush earlier called “vigilantes.”

This is treason almost tantamount to telling the enemy where our military is during combat on a battlefield, which the Mexican border has become. Ask yourself my favorite question: How long could that order to the Border Patrol continue after Smirk W. Bush picks up the phone and says, “Stop this at once!” The fact that Bush doesn’t make that call proves the treason is what he wants. He is a Communist. He is a traitor. What does the military do with a traitor who has betrayed his comrades in battle?

Some years ago, Steve Symms, then a U. S. Senator from Idaho, who retired too soon, said in a speech that Americans peaceably solve problems in the jury box. If that fails, they go to the ballot box. But is that fails, said Senator Symms, they go to the bullet box. My fear is that the pressure will intensify, and that someone who is threatened by the invaders will fire the second shot heard ‘round the world, which would give Communist Bush the excuse for the martial law he wants.

By invoking the Executive Orders already in place, he could take direct control of everything in this country, including every human being. You couldn’t eat, live, drive, talk, even walk without his permission. The merger would be complete. And it would all be legal. Would martial law be the whack upside the head that would finally awaken the American people? Nothing else has worked.

It was Soviet dictator Nikita Khrushchev, who many years ago at the Communist UN in New York, expressed his amazement at the depth of naiveté of the American people. Khrushchev exclaimed, “These Americans! You can spit in their face and they call it dew!” My guess is that today he would marvel even more.

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