Pollution, not ‘Global warming’: Is the real threat

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Finally, there’s someone with knowledge and facts challenging Al Gore’s “Junk Science” hysteria over “Global Warming.” I found him in The Washington Times Weekly Review. He is Edwin P. Heideman, a college physics teacher with graduate studies at Princeton University.

Here’s what Mr. Heideman is sending out to the media to set the real scientific record straight:

There are weather variations, climactic oscillations, and spikes in temperature caused by the Earth’s natural geologic processes, but there is no proof to support the theory of “global warming” beyond one’s limited observations, imperfect weather records, and inadequate computer simulations. The facts are irrefutable.

  1. Sea floor core drillings have provided evidence of past glacial and interglacial periods in the Earth’s (5 billion year) history. Current indications suggest that the Earth is in a warming interglacial period.
  2. Most scientists agree that climatic changes and ice ages likely resulted from variations of incoming solar radiation due to the Earth’s eccentricity of orbit, precession, variations in axis (tilt) and the difference between true and magnetic north.
  3. Hundreds of active volcanic eruptions annually spew tons of debris, ash, particulates and suffocating clouds of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, causing the serious loss of life and vegetation.
  4. Everyday, the Earth is bombarded by the Sun’s cosmic rays, ions and particles, which are known to effect communications, and local atmospheric conditions.
  5. Global scientists have linked an El Nino or a La Nina to weather and climate conditions.
  6. Centuries of geomagnetic field reversals (anomalies) have been recorded in the Earth’s crust. Scientists are now seriously investigating a fluctuation reoccurrence.
  7. Wildfires of natural and questionable origin have added tremendous quantities of fine particles, carbon dioxide and other gases to the world’s atmosphere.
  8. Massive quantities of methane gas are steadily added to our global air from swamps, marshes and the flatulence of enormous herds of domestic and wild animals.

Climatology is not an exact science, and it is presumptuous of some political elitists, biased conservationists and watchdog organizations to say that greenhouse gases are all man’s fault. How does one differentiate between man’s contribution to alleged global warming and the Earth’s natural phenomena?

How does one calculate the amount of carbon dioxide converted to oxygen by the planet’s vegetation?

Currently, there are several responsible, reputable and scholarly federally funded research institutions (ex: The Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory) scientifically investigating the concept of global warming.

A far more serious threat endangering planet Earth, humanity and all life forms are the pollutants, poisons and contaminants man adds day after day to our ground water, lakes, waterways and oceans, which is effecting the world’s drinking water, foliage and food chain.

The evidence is overwhelming and undeniable.

Pesticides, cleaning fluids, detergents, phosphorous, lead, mercury and PCBs (polychlorinatedbiphenals) are just a few of the chemicals effecting groundwater globally.

A ship’s bilge, storm drains and sewers continually carry waste materials from raw sewage to petroleum products into our waterways and oceans.

All kinds of compounds, synthetic products and poisons are regularly dumped into landfill areas, washed by rain into the ground and carried to all waterways.

It is commonplace to see litter along roadsides, trash dumped on private and public land areas, around reservoirs, in national parks and on nature preserves.

Plastics (fish nets, Styrofoam and Mylar balloons) thrown into rivers and oceans never deteriorate, disintegrate or decompose and are frequently found in the stomach of sea creatures.

Necropsies on fish, octopi, beached whales and dolphins have shown increased levels of heavy metals, toxins and pollutants. Marine scientists have confirmed that many of the world’s coral reefs, which provide a habitat and protection for many varieties of sea life, are dying.

Currently, in many third world countries, substandard water breeds mosquitoes triggering pestilence, disease and death.

Local, state and national leaders, legislators and lawyers have abrogated their responsibility to protect our groundwater, rivers and oceans in fear of their political careers, lobbyist pressure, and losing contributions from big business.

Animal mutation, defects and deformities are a good indication of the destruction of the world’s water resources and serious abuses by humankind. Governments need to impose hefty fines, imprisonment or both on individuals or companies responsible for the improper disposal of toxic wastes.

Obviously, it is beneficial to improve the nation’s air quality for the health and well-being of people, wildlife and vegetation. But if the human race doesn’t stop contaminating the Earth’s water at such an accelerating rate, there will surely be, within our lifetime, an international global catastrophe that will annihilate all life, foliage and the planet.

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