Politicians do not live in the real world!: Republicrats are devouring our wealth

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The United States Congress – all 535 congressmen and senators – no longer live in the real world.

They have become America’s wealthy elitists.

They can no longer relate to the working middle-class who make from $40,000 to $75,000 year.

Once upon a time, $40,000 to $75,000 year was what “rich” people were paid.

No more.

Today’s shrinking middle-class ($50,000 salary) is slowly sinking into that gray, uncertain area just above the poverty level.

With soaring taxes, insurance and educational costs, a working family today needs $100,000 a year just to break even.

Our politicians in Washington, D.C., and to some degree the elite legislators in the State Capitols, live far beyond the means of the average working mother and father.

Our politicians have become a greedy pack of millionaires owned by the powerful special interests – from the trial lawyers, unions and seniors, to veterans, corporate Wall Street and the Hollywood Left.

I do not know one poor or middle-class politician serving “the people” in either Washington, D.C., or our State Capitols across the country.

America is in a moral, ethical crisis, motivated by money, power and absolute control over the oppressed taxpayers.

Everybody is suing someday, hoping to win the jackpot so they can retire to a life of leisure and luxury, much like the elected representatives.

Government continues growing faster than inflation, pushing the middle-class relentlessly down the financial ladder of life.

America’s in big trouble because the politicians no longer serve the people, but rather the special interests that keep them in office every election.

Power begets power. Money begets money.

Political lobbyists control the money machine and the future of America’s economy, education, environment and energy – The Big 4 “E’s.”

And don’t count on today’s politicians to change the “E” forces shaping our society. They’re too busy taking care of themselves.

The politicians know they can stay in office if they continue to “play the game” because they know that more than half of today’s eligible voters no longer vote.

The majority of voters have given up on “the system.”

They see no hope, no light at the end of the tunnel of corruption and despair.

Sure, we think and talk about another Tax Revolution, like the one that created this once great Constitutional Republic 227 years ago.

But it’s not going to happen until some unselfish, sainted individual is willing to go head-to-head, toe-to-toe with a “one-party” system controlled by hypocritical Democrats and Republicans and their selfish lobbyists who think only of their own economic interests and not the ultimate survival of the United States of America.

We no longer have a two-party system.

We have “Republicrats” devouring the wealth, our resources, for their own personal gain.

Wake up, taxpayers!

Wake up, voters!

Wake up, workers!

Take back America before there’s nothing left worth saving.

We did it in 1776.

We can do it by 2006.

Go for it!

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