Political scavenging: Obama’s verminology

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Scott Brown began an ignominious career in the Kennedy Senate Chair by voting against his party. We are appropriately reminded of the old school cheer – “What’s the color of horseshit? Brown! Brown! Brown!” After his brief association with his colleagues, Brown realizes insane asylums don’t have intermissions.

Tourists returning from Haiti after the fifty earthquakes, report it as immeasurably improved. The largesse the Haitians scrounged up from around the world means they could be contemplating earthquakes as regularly scheduled events – like the March of Dimes. As head of Obama’s Voo Doo Consultancy, Bill Clinton’s visit cheered up everybody in Haiti. The Haitians refer to him as “The Life of the Cave In”. An apt name for Bubba is William Jefferson Cool-aid. Haiti doesn’t need politicians. It needs exorcists. It worked for Linda Blair.

We could have sent the earthquake survivors shiploads of relief supplies and airdropped condoms on Haiti and hoped they will eventually break even. The Haiti earthquake has given the world another Gaza Strip. Hollywood stars no longer go shopping for black infants. The earthquake has delivered some of them right to Malibu. (The devastation of Haiti was the worst aftershock since the first time Bill saw Hilary in her “nightie”.)

Apparently Toyota engineers decided the world was ready for an automobile that when you step on the accelerator it stays down. It is not true that Barack Obama doesn’t know anything about making cars. He knows exactly where to throw in the wrench. Civilization comes to Baghdad. In Iraq they are selling car bombs to operators who can prove they are safe drivers.

If the blacks think they are scorned now, it is nothing compared to the tsunami of contempt and discrimination that will inundate them in the wake Barack Obama. If Obama’s ego gets any larger, the White House will need a bigger wood pile.

Is a good reason to revive the word “nigger” because they hate it so much?

The obsequious Barack Obama can now tell one Islamic despot from another by the flavor of his ass. This is the year that Hosni Mubarak, the Pharaoh of Feces, will con Obama into giving Egypt a loan to cover the pyramids with aluminum siding.


Eric Holder and Barack Obama were drawn together when they realized they both had fields of nappy hair that are ideal for space aliens to draw crop circles.

Eric Holder couldn’t find his ass with both hands. It’s only that is important for him to remember what color his ass is. Obama, the Chicago Community Degenerate, can’t get laid without a teleprompter. Other than that he has delusions of adequacy. With Barack Obama it’s all just sleight-of-mouth. He has to read everything because he can hardly wait to hear what he’s going to say next.

If Eric Holder has his way the World Trade Center Terrorists will at least have the satisfaction of being driven to their trial by New York cab drivers wearing turbans. Not only does that maniac, Holder, want to move the Terrorists trial to Manhattan, but he wants to nickname the terrorists’ leader “Broadway Khal”.

Holder, Islam’s Man in the Department of Justice, will next try to remove the bars in the Federal courtrooms and replace them with free throw lines. Had the treasonous Holder served in World War II, he would have helped the Japanese build a toll booth over the Bridge Over the River Kwai.

Obama appointed Eric Holder America’s most intense Caucasian hater since Idi Amin. Holder is trying to inject the nation with Acorn poisoning and is attempting to replace the United States Marine Corps with the Black Panthers.

Everyday Obama introduces another reaming out of the Constitution and another defiling of the American Presidency. It is inevitable that Obama’s calamitous Hip Hop Economics will be his Healthcare Plan called Medical Blackology, in which the Democrats in the dead of night sneak up the rectum of America’s anatomy.

The Department of Population reports that thirty percent of black couples are just living together while the other seventy percent are single and looking for somebody to cheat on.

Americans don’t want Obama’s medical program forced on them. That will make Barack Obama America’s first enema bag President – you are going to get one whether you want it or not. Next Election Day Americans will tell Obama to take his Obamacare and shove it up his ballot box.

The Civil Rights gang believes with Obama in the White House they finally have a chance to bring a long standing law suit against plantation owners because their slave ships didn’t have shuffleboard facilities on the decks. Ironically, the slaves got rid of the iron chains and their descendants are now up to their asses in gold chains.

The youthful Patrick Kennedy is retiring from politics. Apparently he decided you’re only young once – and once is more than enough if you fuck it up the way the Kennedys have.

One is drawn to the conclusion that America has modeled itself not after Europe – but after Africa. The blacks are driving the whites out of America just as they drove the animals out of Africa. Tarzan is looking to rent a higher perch.

American commerce and industry will be brought to ruin either by Barack Obama or by outsource computer operators who do not speak either English or their own language.

Michelle Obama has gone on Mike Huckabee’s Show as part of her campaign to stamp out obesity in children. We finally have a First Lady in the White House that knows a fat kid when she sees one. The Obamas are mortgaging our children’s future. Michelle has all the tenderness of a bucket of rivets. It is finally understandable why grandparents and grandchildren get along so well together. They have a common enemy.

Dianne Feinstein says this is her last term in the Senate. She is one of the two Senators that turned California into another Bangladesh. During her term as its Mayor, Dianne Feinstein turned San Francisco into a sexual train wreck. Does it seem as though San Francisco parades have more than their share of fat ugly dikes?

Al Gore is possibly working on a theory that global warming is the principal cause of Negroes and cites Africa as proof. Additionally, Gore has engaged notable climatologists to press his major concern that it is inhumane that toilet seats feel too cold to Eskimos? (Will Al Gore demand grounding Santa Claus for his reindeers’ emissions?)

Floridians should not be allowed to vote. For them punching holes in cardboard is not politics – it’s therapy. Elections have become like toilets. Like whirlpools they are interesting if you like to watch crap wheel and deal.

Department of ridiculous criteria: Journalists believe the proof of that they are good at what they do is just because they do it all the time. Are we happily witnessing the beginning of the end of the mainstream Puke Press?

Bill Clinton erased for Arkansas the not-so-fine line between increment and excrement. The “Arkies” still have the Clinton Library, which for the yokels there will erase the fine line between backward and awkward.

The snow finally brought something white to Washington.

The White House is now known as Uncle Slave’s Cabin. Let’s keep the Acorns from attracting the tsetse flies presently in a holding pattern over the White House.

The Obamas are still trying to figure out what to do with Barack Obama’s Aunt “Watusi”. So far she’s been turned down as a panelist on The View and a Door Prize by the Somali Pirates.

During the State of the Union Speech, Christopher Matthews said he forgot Obama was black. ABC should give him a mourning armband to refer to.

Is Rahm Emanuel recovering from an attack of normalcy?

Joe Biden needs a global positioning device to go to the john.

The Republic of China now has its own space program. That means NASA is no longer the world’s only one-trick-pony.

If winning hearts and minds of Muslims is not an option there’s always annihilation. Or will Barack just go on another round of international groveling?

Is Obama planning to lower the maximum wage of the poor to match the amount of work they are incapable of doing?

Robert Byrd born in 1917 tells people you’re never too old to watch.

How is it that designers make clothes for near-death anorexic models but manage to sell them to people with big butts like Michelle and Hillary?

How long will the Ivy League keep dumping its robed and tasseled trash into the body politic?

Teddy Kennedy’s interment there should rename Arlington Cemetery as the Arrogance Graveyard. Arlington should be reserved for heroes – not crooked politicians.

Obama is trying to decide whether he can be in closer touch to his constituents by commuting between both Africa and Attica.

Is there a protocol for an Obama abdication ceremony?

The Clintons have turned The Democrat Party into the Tiffany’s of Treason. Clinton used to be white trash until he found Earl Scheib could make him black for only for $39.95. The Clintons will always thrive in politics as long as they have access to the big bucks and the big blacks.

Bill Clinton popularized a legal category called soft core rape. The question is how often does Bubba have to go back to Arkansas to get his core re-softened? Incidentally, when Clinton promised to put 100,000 new cops on the street was it to help round up the hookers for a New Year’s Eve Party.

Rosie O’Donnell and her lady friend are getting a divorce. Perhaps they realized it can’t be done with both of them on top.

Since they began importing underage hookers, is it appropriate to call the Acorns “Rape-corns”. (Incidentally, whatever became of all those black people who used to sing and dance a lot?)

Here is credit where credit is due. Sculpt Obama’s image on Mount Trashmore and award Nancy Pelosi with The Congressional Medal of Bitch.

Now that he’s implemented his program of taking from the rich and giving to the poor, will Obama change the name of that American holiday to Transgiving.

Obama’s fascists are giving the terrorists laptops. Why doesn’t Barack talk Fidel Castro’s cultural experts into teaching the jihadists to cha cha cha?

And this . . .

How about a tax on Socialist Presidents?

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