Playing Russian roulette: With a bolt action rifle

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As former IRS agent Sherry Jackson recently found out, walking into a US federal courtroom and expecting justice makes about as much sense as walking up to a craps table and betting your entire fortune on a roll of the dice.

The four-year federal sentence handed down last week for her non-violent “crime” of “willful failure to file” means somebody at the IRS, (Insurgents Representing Satan) really does not like Sherry Jackson.  She would probably have gotten less time if she were convicted of killing someone while driving drunk.   Her only mistake was in naively thinking that a federal court would actually give her a fair trial.

I did not follow the trial, but we can be sure that Sherry never got to present any real evidence to prove her innocence.   But even if she did, the gang of thieves and liars who run the courts can change the rules in the middle of the game.  One thing the tax honesty movement has proved – there is no law.  Period!

There is rumor that a jury may even have been present during the proceedings, but it was obviously packed, probably intentionally, with a cowering band of fearful, obedient servants – who are so conditioned to bowing down before Caesar that any independent thinking is an impossibility.  A hundred years of government school brainwashing has made sure of that.  Convictions in these sham trials are a mere formality.

The IRS can now add Sherry Jackson’s scalp to their growing list of high profile convictions – Erwin Schiff, Ed Brown, Larkin Rose, Wesley Snipes, to name just a few.

Sure, the IRS does manage to let one get away every once in a while, in spite of such a crooked court system – Joe Bannister being a case in point.  But, even those who “win” still suffer the emotional and financial trauma of being attacked with all the fury and ferociousness of a vast criminal enterprise called the US federal government.  Tails they win, heads you lose.

I will not second-guess anyone’s motives in taking take the fight directly to the beast.  I am just not sure most of those who do so have actually counted all the costs – and the fact that they will usually have to go it alone on a playing field that has no rules.

From a practical standpoint, there just aren’t enough people in this country who have the foggiest idea how to wage a battle against the IRS to ever make a difference.  This will limit the fight to the very few Don Quixote’s who have the energy to make a run at the windmill. Whether they plan a “show me the law” defense, the “861 evidence,“ or a 16th amendment challenge, the system has too much at stake to let many of these tax honesty types go free.  That is why they make sure to bag a couple of the big ones – and make sure the word gets out.

This is not to say we should quit exposing the IRS scam.  But fighting the criminal collection agency, while ignoring the crime family that runs it all, is not a very effective game plan if the ultimate goal is to get our freedom back.  The IRS is only a symptom of the problem –the whole system is a scam!

We have no government, we have no Congress, we have no money, we have no courts, we have no local police, we have no 2ndamendment, and we have no freedom.  Arcane arguments about the IRS codes, or the definitions of income, only serve to detract from the real issue…


While our hearts go out to Sherry Jackson and her family, her lengthy prison sentence for refusing to fill out the proper paperwork only proves that we now officially live in a police state.  With nearly one quarter of the entire worlds prison population housed in an American cage, (at an incarceration rate seven times that of Canada) it is obvious that taking our fight to a corrupt court system is a sure path to being locked up.

Unfortunately, the way our founders took care of the problem with their King George is no longer available for us.  We have surrounded our king, and his court jesters, with a gang of heavily armed, increasingly belligerent, federal agents – which now includes nearly every one of our state and local police forces – against which the little peashooters they have allowed us keep will prove no match.  For the purpose for which it was intended, our 2nd Amendment is for all practical purposes, dead.

Then of course, there is the reality that if ten conspirators ever got together in a room to plan a real attempt to take back our country, odds are high that five of them would be government informants.  Now with legalized federal snooping, there is no safe haven to plan the next revolution – even in our own homes.

This is not to say that I actually have a plan.  To the contrary, I think we are totally screwed.  My only hope is that after this all comes crashing down there are enough of us are alive to put the pieces back together.

I was somewhat optimistic that Ron Paul would have made a little more headway during the campaign, but it was obvious that the lying warmongers who have seized control of our country did not want his message getting out.  Ron did do us one huge favor – he helped us confirm the sad reality that most Americans like stealing from their neighbors, they just want someone else to do the stealing.

Did the IRS simply arrive from outer space to begin draining our wealth?  Did some foreign invading army grant your state government the authority to steal your money?   Did your local school board, who holds your house hostage at gunpoint, just wake up one morning and decide it was time to start shaking you down?

No, it turns out that deep down, most Americans actually want, even expect, our neighbors to pay for our schools, our roads, our retirement, our food, our health care, and whatever else our little hearts desire.   And since few of us have the courage to go down the street and take our neighbors money, just who did we think was going to fund the gravy train?  We have outsourced our criminal intent toward our neighbor’s wealth. 

We are getting exactly what we asked for.  The IRS is only the outward sign of our cowardice and self-centered greed.  We will have the IRS breathing down our necks until we regain the spirit of self-reliance, and begin to cherish the freedoms that once made this nation great.

Until then, individual attempts to slay the cash eating dragon we have created is a lot like playing Russian Roulette with a bolt action rifle.

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