OK city and the Murrah Building bombing so many inconsistencies

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As the media parade the latest distraction technique, the execution of Timothy McVeigh, before us, allow me to remark upon a few things that trouble me. Jim Keith has written an interesting book: OKBOMB and there are facts within that are curious and not easily dismissed.

For just a few things that trouble me: why was the explosion so centered on the one side toward the building when the so-called ANFO bomb was detonated within a rental van? It is fairly common knowledge that explosions create a circle of force, not a left hand or right hand outward rush of intense energy. This was neither a shaped nor a directed charge.

Ammonium Nitrate and fuel oil, the ANFO mixture is not one that easily stays in solution while it is very hydroscopic, yet it was said that McVeigh mixed the bomb right by a reservoir and drove it many miles, many vibratory miles which would have allowed the two chemicals to separate, rendering it ineffective.

Eyewitnesses were tape recorded to report there were at least two explosions and the earliest television reports were of two explosions. Yet, later on these reports were revised to state only one explosion took place. Yet seismograph reports showed two bombs went off.

Brigadier General Benton Partin, a retired Air Force officer and qualified demolition expert, said, (and I summarize) that the examination of the building was technically impossible to be attributed to one bomb. In his report, after careful examination of the scene, the General states: “The gross asymmetry in the federal building damage pattern is ipso facto evidence that there was an inside bomb effort and a truck bomb effort.” The General was also concerned “that the vital evidence will soon be destroyed with the pending demolition of the federal building in Oklahoma City” and I admit this was also a concern of mine, for it followed the pattern at Waco. I know crime scenes and evidence is not disturbed so quickly, not at all. I was amazed to see bulldozers at Waco shortly after the conflagration. I was, again, amazed when I saw photos of the Murrah site and grass was growing on a flat plot of ground. This stinks to high heaven.

And what about the fact that the ATF (which had an incredible arsenal for domestic control) was located above a day-care center? What about the fact all the ATF agents called in sick that fateful day? I have personally ruled out the possibility that the entire team was ill on that day since I have heard of no epidemic that would have been responsible among them.

I have often thought, if Jesus Himself were to come today, he would still be hung out to dry for the war between the classes and races rages on and scapegoats will be had to sooth the savage breast.

And now I watch as the nightly news speaks not of the inconsistencies, but instead refers to a book supposedly written by McVeigh, stating in the coldest terms that he did in fact bomb the building and was callous in his statements about the children killed that day. I find it interesting that on one hand I am expected to believe McVeigh was so upset at the loss of lives, especially those of children at Waco that he would intentionally and purposefully kill children two years later on the second anniversary. Doesn’t make sense: mourn children and then kill children to protest the government’s dirty deeds at Mount Carmel.

I guess I would like to have some answers rather than the public grotesquerie that has become the ending of this man’s life. Maybe I wonder what this distraction technique does other than continue the sideshow mentality that pervades the media nowadays. All for the ratings, all for the bucks, sometimes no matter who reports, not much to decide when the facts are absent.

The last eight years of the Clinton reign have left us in such a bad place as a nation: our enemies armed against us, our hearts heavy with the lies, our military trashed and our laws only applied to thee and me. Where’s the justice in that? Where’s the salve for my wounded spirit?

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