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During a phone conversation with an engineer who’d been working on “smart gun” technology before it became law in New Jersey, he asked incredulously: “How can a law be written about something that doesn’t even exist?”

Of course, the answer is easy. There is no competition in New Jersey as regards either the media or political philosophy. But a bad law such as New Jersey’s “child proof” or “personalized” gun law is easily overturned. For that matter, so are all the lawsuits against gun manufacturers by cities and states. Do these government entities have police departments? Do those police departments purchase guns from the very same manufacturers being sued? How can these government entities sue with the full knowledge beforehand that their lawsuits are frivolous and intended only to financially strap low margin gun manufacturers? Is this the height of absurdity?

Not only is it absurd, it is dangerously unjust and makes a mockery of the law. But how does one fight back? How about some counter suits by the manufacturers against these government entities for filing frivolous lawsuits for the sole intention of bankrupting legitimate businesses?

A local chapter of the National Rifle Association I belong to made it clear that they didn’t want to get their hands dirty fighting the media monopoly in New Jersey. Instead, they hired a “professional lobbyist” and paid her a six-figure salary. That was several years ago when a six-figure salary wasn’t that easy to come by. At an annual meeting of the chapter, I asked her what her media strategy was, considering that the media has always been the leading proponent for gun control. Her response? “Hrmmph!”

In fairness to that local NRA chapter, they did hire busses and organize several trips to Trenton to assemble a show of force for legislators when the committee debates were scheduled on the proposed “stupid gun” law. This, however, wasn’t a problem for the elected representatives. Legislators not wanting the audience to hear what they were plotting banned them and moved the meeting to a private room. This is the way laws are created in the most corrupt state in the nation.

After the “stupid gun” law passed, I decided to do more than just write columns. It should be understood that the illegality, injustice, and un-American unconstitutionality of gun control is what has inspired me to write. Ron Dixon was sent to jail for defending his child with an “unlicensed gun” by a Hitler Nazi District Attorney. This kind of Nazi-style “I-am-the-law” attorney supremacy and arrogance equates precisely to that of legislative despots who pass these unconstitutional and therefore illegal laws. They can be fought and defeated.

But defeating bad laws requires organization and lawyers who are motivated to stop gun control. Those in the NRA who have pointed out that gun control is step one in the destruction of all our freedoms were of course right. But with four million members, where are the NRA lawyers now that gun control is so vulnerable? Where is the NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action?

A few weeks before the “stupid gun” law was to be voted on in the legislature, my state senator contacted me and asked for help. He wanted to have some basic statistics on gun ownership. I contacted NRA-ILA, knowing that three previous attempts over the years to get basic, simple information from them resulted in zippo. Once again, it sounded like some kid a couple of hours out of college. He directed me to their website. Not wishing to sound like Peggy Lee, I asked anyway: “Is that all there is?” They were useless.

I was able to get the information I needed from the appropriate state agencies. I will release that information in the future, but for now, my point is this: The NRA is worse than useless!

I decided what was needed was a grassroots organization that would be free to act, and to do so without the structured incompetence of the NRA and their “cave-in mentality” of political expediency. But writer and radio show host Geoff Metcalf contacted me and directed me to his piece, “I am not the NRA,” archived on WorldNetDaily. Additionally, the efforts of Nicki Fellenzer in her piece “Betrayal of Trust” on the website of Armed Females of America, also documents frustrations with the NRA in excruciating depth and detail. And Carl Worden’s piece for the Sierra Times entitled, “Is it the NRA vs. the GOA in Texas All Over Again?” also conveys the same message.

And the message? The message is that the NRA and their chapters are dangerous to gun owners! With somewhere between 70 and 94 million [John Lott] gun owners in America, virtually all believing the NRA is fighting for their constitutional rights, they’ve been virtually lulled to sleep!

The two members of the local chapter of the NRA I contacted to start a coalition group with exactly the same intentions Mr. Metcalf had, sounded excited at first, got my hopes up, and then never called back! They dodged both my phone calls and e-mails. And that folks, is the NRA!

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