No excuse: The race card defense

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WARNING: Please carefully read the following safety instructions. These are critically important and the management is not responsible for any damage caused by failure to comply. If you get high on drugs, then ball up your fist and hit a police officer, you will be beaten. That is just how it works. It does not matter if you are black or white, fat or skinny. When an intoxicated person throws his fist at a cop, the cop and his colleagues beat the stoner up.

Here is another warning. If you are a famous athlete when some woman you just met comes into your hotel room and you have sex with her, she may decide to charge you with assault. If you are guilty and it can be proven to a jury, you will go to jail as a convicted rapist. Even if you are not guilty, what in the world were you thinking?

It does not matter if you are black or white, or if you are tall or short. Even if you are one of the best basketball players in the entire country, you have no idea of who is this woman that you just met. She could be a complete nut case. Having sex with her is stupid – forcing her to have sex with you is a horrible crime. Either way, with the presumption of innocence until proven guilty, intense legal problems can and often will result.

The management would like to offer another warning. Any middle-aged pop-music singer who likes little boys to come over to his house and sleep in the same bed with him is weird. And when one of those boys tells his counselor that the pop-singer molested him, it does not matter if the singer is black or white. It does not matter if he has a number one record or is washed up. The singer is going to be charged with an unconscionable crime.

Race baiters have become viciously clamorous in their accusations that some who neglected the aforementioned warnings are victims of ethnic persecution. And this has demonstrated just how ridiculous the once-valid “civil rights” movement has become. Since when did it become all right for a black man to get stoned and hit a cop? When did race become an excuse for adultery and alleged rape? How in the world does someone use race to justify sleeping with other people’s children, possibly molesting them?

Modern race-rage works to the detriment of most Americans descended from Africans. People that work hard and pay their bills, who raise their families and go to church, who are the beneficiaries of true civil rights reform, need not be tarnished by stoners, rapists, and child molesters. Yet undeserving black people will eventually be held in disrepute if the race card continues to be a defense for the worst crimes.

Sadly, those who make their living by dividing Americans along race lines do not care. There is too much money to be made from donations and extortion; donations from people who are convinced by an illusion that they are new victims of racial bias, and extortion from companies or organizations through guilt for bigotry that does not exist. With fortunes extracted and the addictive nature of ill-gotten gains, the temptation to reject both honesty and decency is severe.

Political notoriety must be maintained. A regular stream of media attention is required, lest one sink into obscurity absent any real accomplishment. Entire candidacies for office and political issue activist organizations have been established on false outrage. For the extortionists, any opportunity to stoke fires of perceived racial oppression must not, and will not, be allowed to slip by.

Automatic as the ticking of time itself, race tension parasites crawl out of the woodwork every time one of their opportunities makes the national radar screen. But what value is this to black youngsters trying to make their way in America? True achievement by content of character, not the color of skin, is diminished because of assaults on someone from another race. Justice is not served when crimes go unpunished, as a defendant is found innocent by reason of false perception in racial persecution.

The United States of America has been a multi-racial nation since it was founded. This is part of our nation’s strength, even though days in oppression because of ethnic origin plague our history. But it is a leap through more than time when false assertions of bigotry are made about standard prosecution of crimes.

Logic and common sense are pierced, then shattered, before one can argue that a man who gets high and hits a cop is a victim of racism when the police use their government-issued batons to subdue him. A man who admits to sleeping with other people’s children is no good civil rights figure when he is accused of molestation. The athlete from a national league who commits adultery in a hotel room, who may be guilty of rape, is no representative of good citizens that share his ethnicity.

Racial discrimination still exists in America, but such is becoming more rare. Efforts to eliminate it are undermined with cheap attempts to seize attention by those who would rather preserve racial tension as issues for political gain than see it disappear completely. They do nothing to better the lives of average people from all races.

In 1995, an American that has done true work to solve problems for her country described racial opportunists. Ezola Foster wrote, “The human actors and stage managers have mostly succeeded in making things worse. We will remain in a mess until values are instilled.” Those values are not found in accused rapists, child molesters, and drug freaks. They are not found in race-rage extortionists.


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