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As soon as the expertly placed implosives brought the World Trade Center down, the missile made that nice round hole in the Pentagon and the U.S. Air Force shot down Flight 93 over Pennsylvania, the massive propaganda department of the conspiracy for world government went into emergency mode to cover its tracks – not an easy job because there were so many.

Remember that at first el presidente Jorge W. Boosh said no investigation was necessary. Then he named Soviet agent Heinz Kissinger to run one, but Kissinger had to decline because he stank like a week-old corpse. Eventually, the Nine Eleven Commission published an official report. So did NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology), an agency of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

The men who ran the Commission issued their own report, Without Precedent: The Inside Story of the 9/11 Commission. There was an attempt by Popular Mechanics magazine to debunk bizarre “conspiracy theories,” and a BBC documentary based on it. There is a major piece in Vanity Fair; there are other extrusions, all staunchly defending the government’s version of what happened, all trying to hold the failing, official story of the coup together, besieged by an army of investigators who want the truth.

Preeminent among those investigators is David Ray Griffin, Professor Emeritus at Claremont College in California, whose fourth book on the subject is Debunking 9/11 Debunking(Northampton, MA, Olive Branch Press, 2007) So devastating is this latest effort, that I believe no one who is honestly weighing the arguments on both sides could subscribe to the official argument after reading it carefully.

Griffin surgically dismembers that argument, skins the carcass and pulverizes the bones. Nothing remains of the various attempts to debunk the debunkers but bunk. My guess is that flunkies for the Boosh Administration will as usual try to say nothing about it and hope it will go away. But it won’t.

Notice that Nine Eleven is the forbidden issue on right-wing Communist talk radio. Neither Laura, nor Limbag nor Weiner nor Shallow Sean will discuss it, except once in a while to mention quickly how crazy anyone who questions it must be. It is the large elephant on the coffee table in the center of the room.

It is important to note that Nine Eleven truth workers have a much easier task than Nine Eleven liars. The liars must explain away, however feebly, what everyone saw: the straight-down collapse of the Trade Center towers into their own foundations, the similar collapse of Building Seven, which was hit by no plane, and the itty bitty Pentagon hole into which the 757 has to fit.

On the contrary, Nine Eleven truth workers don’t need to prove what really happened, which would be impossible without a real investigation. All we have to prove is that the official version did not, could not, because it violates physical laws even the Boosh Administration must obey. That is what Griffin does in the new book, burying the official version under a load of circumstance even Atlas could not lift.

What does it mean to realize that the official version is bunk, is a lie? It means you recognize that the men who run the federal government colluded in this attack on the United States. We don’t yet know the nature of that collusion, we don’t know the details, but we do know that is what it was, which means that the attack was a species of coup, a kind of treason, that the traitors are desperately trying to conceal.

What they didn’t expect was that David Ray Griffin and other heroes would be following their spoor. Griffin goes through each of the official extrusions, from the original Commission report to Popular Mechanics, and meticulously takes them apart. There is much in his new book I either did not know or did not fully understand.

For instance, here you will find at last a complete analysis of how four hijacked airliners could meander through the most heavily guarded air space in the galaxy for some two hours without challenge. This section takes careful reading because the subject is necessarily complex. The bottom line is that the conspirators deviously prevented any challenge so that the attacks could take place. Griffin nails that down with the best kind of testimony, from the participants’ own mouths.

The official version clothes itself in scientific garb. Can’t you almost see the Commission members walking down hospital corridors wearing white doctor coats and stethoscopes? You will gasp when you learn how unscientific they are. When a real scientist finds a fact that contradicts his theory, he either changes his theory or junks it.

Not so here. When Nine Eleven’s official propagandists find such a fact, they ignore it. For instance, Norman Mineta was Secretary of Transportation. He testified before the Commission that when he arrived at the war room under the White House at about 9:20 a.m., Dick Cheney was already there, and much other evidence backs him up.

But the official version says Cheney didn’t get down there until about 10 a.m., because his presence when Mineta testified he was there – in plenty of time to scramble the fighters – would be powerful proof, however circumstantial, that the Boosh administration had ordered a stand-down.

What to do? The Commission couldn’t very well call Mineta a liar. Again, he was a member of the President’s own Cabinet, and other sources supported him. Whatever the Commission said about him would open another couple of cans of worms. So the Commission’s final report doesn’t mention his testimony, an omission that amounts to a lie. It also does not mention “fanatic Muslim” Mohammed Atta’s love for lap dancing, cocaine, alcohol and pork.

And it does not mention reports that some of the hijackers turned up alive after Nine Eleven, which if true would mean that someone else used their identities. Who? Certainly this is something that deserves investigation, but typically the Commission solves the problem by not mentioning it. However, it won’t go away.

Indeed, Thomas Olmstead, M.D., liberated the autopsy report pertaining to American 77 (the Pentagon) with a Freedom of Information request. The report contains no Arab names. I have communicated with Dr. Olmstead. Although he is a psychiatrist, he is quite sane. Also, the family of one of the “hijackers,” who allegedly has turned up alive, says they want to supply DNA to prove it. Would you believe the FBI has not followed up?

Regular readers know that the “cell phone calls” made from United 93 are one of my favorite subjects. Nine or so such calls were allegedly made, including the one from Mark Bingham, who told his mother his last name, so she would know who he was, despite the fact that they were very close.

Griffin nails down the fact that those calls were impossible because of 93’s altitude, from more than 34,000 feet to more than 40,000 feet, and its speed, about 500 miles per hour. Despite the physical impossibility of those calls, purveyors of the official perversion have doggedly defended them, but last year they unexpectedly backed down, in the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui, the so-called “twentieth hijacker.”

I did not know that in court, where they could have been forced to defend their story, they changed it. Now they said there were only two such calls, made perhaps when the aircraft descended to an altitude low enough to make them. We don’t know which two calls they now say were made, so they may have scratched my favorite – “Hi, Mom, this is Mark Bingham.” – but here is more proof that they were lying all along.

Remember how much they made of those calls. Remember the pathos they squeezed out of them. Didn’t they let the families listen to excerpts from them? If so, the government’s admission that all but two of the calls were phony does not mean there were no calls; there were calls but they were phony. Who made them? Did the conspirators hire actors and use technology for the purpose? David Ray Griffin explains that such technology exists.

These are just a few examples of what you will find in his book. He dismantles every aspect of the official perversion, to such a devastating extent that if you go in neutral, only to find out what happened, I believe you will come out convinced that only the men who run the federal government could have orchestrated the conspiracy. Get the book and read it.

Remember that it was a conspiracy. The government agrees. The only question is what kind of conspiracy it was. The government’s conspiracy features nineteen guys who couldn’t fly a kite, but whom Allah transformed on that magical day into pilots who could go nose to nose with Charles Lindbergh.

Yes, it is confusing, and here is another example I must pass along. Throughout this brief review, I have again and again referred to the brilliance of Professor Griffin’s analytical skills. They are formidable. There are fireworks on almost every page of Debunking, as he skewers the purveyors of the official perversion.

Also on page after page, mirabile dictu, Griffin expresses his total support for the theory of “global warming.” In fact, he says “global warming” is the real problem from which the official perversion is distracting us, “the really serious threat to human civilization,” which must be made “sustainable,” the official term for what the UN wants.

The entire purpose of “global warming” is of course to provide some at least superficial justification for the total government takeover of the world’s land, resources, people and industry – which Karl Marx called Communism – a takeover coordinated by the United Nations.

Some of you, mouths now hanging open, are wondering how a man as truly brilliant as David Ray Griffin, who has utterly destroyed the conspiracy for world government’s unscientific explanation of Nine Eleven, could also subscribe to a theory that is equally unscientific, maybe even more so, denounced by literally hundreds of the world’s top scientists – a theory that has become a religion, behind which is the same conspiracy for world government he has so brilliantly exposed.

I don’t know.

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