News turns to Blather we haven’t got a clue … go back to 1941!

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Here comes the media overkill with 24/7 coverage of events we’ve all seen dozens of times by now.  The news is over, it happened the day the World Trade Center was bombed, along with the Pentagon.  If terrorists are going to strike again, it just might be someplace like the Golden Gate Bridge rather than more hijackings.But if the Jihad leaders are watching U.S. television, the terrorist organization(s) behind the World Trade Center bombings have to be laughing.  American leaders and media anchors keep saying we have to keep calm, while the entire nation is under lockdown.   That’s calm?

They must also be laughing at America’s ineptness and the round-the-clock news coverage that isn’t news.  It’s a spectacle of American confusion and political blather about how we’re going to hunt these varmints down and do ’em in.

Did the terrorists blather about how they were going to do to the WTC?  Of course not.

If the United States truly believes that an act of war has been committed against this nation (which most American citizens seem to believe) then why hasn’t the Congress declared war against persons or organizations unknown, to be fully engaged at time of identification.

That might look like we at least intended to do something.

On September 11, 2001, the day of the bombings, the buzzwords of the day were “wake up call”.  I thought they meant all of America, not just the people.   I really thought they meant the Congress and the administration too.  My optimism about this country keeps getting the ice water treatment.

About all I’ve heard is that the powers-that-be in Washington D.C. are keeping the telephone lines busy to everyone they can think of to call on, to see if we have support.   Good grief, and we were supposed to be a superpower?  After this national embarrassment, enormous destruction, loss of life, breach of weakest-link security and the loss of billions of dollars, it seems that no one greater than Nepal need fear the superpowers of the United States.

We’re the world’s super-blather.  News anchors and all.

My memory may have slipped a notch over the past 60 years since Pearl Harbor, but I believe war was declared within 48 hours of the attack on PH.  And as much as I dislike the socialist politics of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the old boy did have the charisma (even without television) to galvanize the nation for war and get the American people rallied around the effort.

Secretary of State Colin Powell is a master of non-answers.  President Bush II is a master of the three-minute non-speech.  The only people who make sense are those who are now out of power.  No wonder terrorists feel right at home on U.S. soil … what’s to fear?  Our spy cams are trained on our own citizens while hostile terrorists roam around renting autos and hotels without effort.

This should be an everlasting embarrassment to the effectiveness of the Clinton-Gore administration for their decimating of our international intelligence efforts and the dismantling of the FBI, the CIA and the agencies on which we once depended to guard our safety.  Instead, Clinton and Gore, the former last seen in Australia and the latter last observed in Europe, will probably come back bragging about how great the U.S. was, how safe from terrorists, during their reign of big government and give-aways to our enemies.

If the United States doesn’t strike soon, while emotions are running high, then there will be no backing from the nation’s citizens because fear of consequences will set in … big time.

It’s too bad that the action over Afghanistan on the night of September 11, 2001 was apparently a home-grown civil war action.  We had hoped this nation had done something.  No such luck.

We can’t hunt down and arrest the terrorists, they gave their lives for their Jihad.

We’re still learning what the word “Jihad” means even when the WTC stands as the burial rubble for thousands of helpless American citizens who did nothing worse than go to work on Tuesday, September 11, 2001.  Now that’s a day of infamy!

The problem is, the infamy is our unpreparedness … both to intercept and to respond.

Okay Scotty, I believe you … there’s no intelligent life here.

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