Mayday: Double meanings

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Mayday. May Day. Double meanings: The first is the international call sign for a pilot in distress and he needs a rescue immediately.

The second is the Soviet Communist anniversary of the triumph – Ha! – of their Revolution.

Monday’s May First pro-illegal immigration rallies around our country are also a sign of distress – the distress of the hijacking of our freedoms by people who scoffed at the law and want to use American rights as their own.

Only in America can people violate the law to come here and then use our First Amendment – the right of freedom of speech and assembly – to protest that their crimes should be forgiven.

Monday’s demonstrations – whereby illegals are going to ‘strike’ for the day in hopes of hurting the American economy – will be a turning point in the immigration debate. From Tuesday on, it will be clear that American citizens cannot allow themselves to be hurt or dictated to by foreigners who didn’t come here legally.

Yes, there is much compassion for the under trodden here in America; but that sympathy is going to go out the door this week when it becomes apparent that these illegals are not humble ‘guests’ who adore this country. Rather, their leadership is aggressive, sneaky – and arrogant with power.

Last week’s attempt to win us over by having a Spanish-language version of the Star Spangled Banner went over like a lead balloon. Radio stations rejected it; it turned many people ‘off.’

Like the adjustment that the Illegal Lobby made a month ago by substituting American flags for Mexican flags in their demonstrations, this movement is playing a cooney Public Relations game. Someone is running this movement who is smart and calculating.

But they have now overstepped and over-reached – and thus their movement is going to start to lose support as of the end of Monday’s demonstrations.

How shutting down – or damaging the American economy – is a good thing escapes reason. Striking against America – when you are asking America to accept them makes no sense!

This illegal immigration issue is ripping apart the Republican Party – and, along with Iraq, destroying GW Bush’s presidency. Last week’s report that Bush has told people privately that he favors citizenship for the 20 million illegals already here is further proof of his duplicitous nature.

Make no mistake about it: Bush, like his father, is no conservative; they are both Big Government, Wall Street Republicans. GW Bush just pretends to be a Reagan conservative.

The father used to eat pork rinds in front of the press and changed his preppy madras watch bands so as to look more ‘Texan.’ W has tried to go one step farther: a ‘ranch’ – (with noanimals) – and cowboy talk and clothes.

What cowboy rides a trail bike and wants to give amnesty to illegals?

Bush and the GOP are in a self-created corner. They have allowed this mess to fester – and now they are paying a severe price for it.

Their base voters want no part of amnesty – no matter what you call it. And yet Bush, McCain and Hastert all want a so-called ‘Guest Worker’ program which is, in reality, amnesty for the law-breakers.

No wonder so many conservatives have abandoned Bush and the GOP.

Who can blame them?

Mayday…mayday…we need to be rescued! From our own leadership!!!

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