Mandela attacks the USA again: How Mandela helped Iraq’s nuclear program

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George Bush won’t be coming to South Africa in January as has been expected. He says too many things have cropped up which are keeping him busy.

Nelson Mandela is something of a God here in South Africa. Calling Mandela “a God” or “a saint” is not an overstatement at all. Here in South Africa everyone treats him as such. Mandela is regarded as a great statesman and someone who holds the moral high ground. Of course many people around the world feel the same way about him. The British at one time were talking of putting up a statue to him – in Trafalgar square if my memory serves me. Here in South Africa at a university in Port Elizabeth they have been doing a study of having a statue of Mandela in this coastal city in a manner similar to the statue of Liberty – only bigger!!

Take a look at some news snippets about this proposed statue:-
PORT ELIZABETH — A proposed billion-rand development, centered on a 65-metre-high statue of Nelson Mandela and designed to “turn political freedom into economic power”, was presented to the metro here yesterday.

Standing with his right hand raised, the giant image of Mandela will be sited at the entrance to the harbor.

One of the developer’s ideas is that it will be built on a massive turntable so that Madiba [Mandela] will gaze out at Algoa Bay in the morning to greet the rising sun, and watch over his people at night.

According to the presentation, it will spark a big increase in tourism, an economic upswing and a psychological lift for the people of the province.

Here is the first portion of another news article regarding the grandiose proposed Mandela statue from The Sunday Times (Johannesburg), 27th October 2002:-

THE government has offered money and land to support a Port Elizabeth man’s outlandish proposal to build a statue of Nelson Mandela bigger than the Statue of Liberty – following the release of a business plan that’s even grander than the monument.

Proposed by local advertising executive Kenny McDonald, the Statue of Freedom is intended to be over 110m high – taller than a 30-story skyscraper – and fronted by a 600m “Long Walk to Freedom” at a R1-billion complex on a site between the harbor mouth and King’s Beach.

The provisional design, of Mandela with an upraised clenched fist has been shelved in favor of one with an open hand, “due to discomfort in some quarters with the fist symbol”.

The figure of a young girl bearing a bowl has been added alongside Mandela as, like the octogenarian himself, the huge structure could not stand for long without support…

At this stage, the proposed Mandela statue is still under discussion. I believe a tender was issued for it. But to my knowledge no firm decisions have yet been made regarding it.

Mandela’s statue would no doubt be a tourist attraction, for some, just as Robben Island is. He was imprisoned there and it is something of a minor tourist attraction. But whether it would justify such expense is another question.

However, a project more grandiose than the Statue of Liberty for a country such as South Africa is something which would evoke a lot of criticism too. The first question lots of people would ask is, “Is this really the best thing we can spend such vast sums of money on when there are so many more urgent things to do?”

As far as I’m concerned, Mandela is a terrorist who cheated the hangman. He was playing Bill Clinton-like stunts in the court room decades ago. He got a free and fair trial – of that there can be no doubt. Recently, here in South Africa, they showed the “Palace of Justice” – which is a very fine building in the center of Pretoria. It is now a national monument. It is very old. It was in this fine place that Mandela was put on trial and found guilty of treason. He is lucky they got all soft and decided not to hang him. From time to time, I get someone writing to me about Mandela, asking if there is any evidence whatsoever that this old scumbag is really a communist? Well, I wrote a detailed article about Mandela in August 2002, which can be found in the archives. It is entitled: “Communists in South Africa’s Government”. It contains a great deal of detail on exactly what Mandela was planning (which would have been much worse than Osama Bin Laden did) and why he ended up in jail. In my opinion, the Apartheid government was too soft and they had every legal right to put a noose around his neck and hang him.

I have no desire to see any statues of Mandela go up, and it irks me to see them trying to turn Robben Island where he and others were imprisoned into some sort of Holy Shrine. They have only been mildly successful in that pursuit.

Mandela is an unrepentant communist to this day. The last chapter on this old communist has not yet been written. I hope and pray that people’s eyes will still be opened so that they may see that Mandela is the greatest communist propaganda success of all time and that inside his heart he is no different to Robert Mugabe, Stalin or any other mad dog communist.

Madiba, as they call him in South Africa – which means Father – he is the “Father of the Nation” – is supposed to be a smiling old man who loves to have children around. This is his wonderful public image – a saint, a Ghandi.

But this same Mandela has a furious temper. I heard from an Afrikaner in the former government that he had negotiated with Mandela, and he said that behind closed doors Mandela was a bastard and that his words dripped with poison. He said they often had to take breaks during talks with him because Mandela could get so worked up.

Mandela, being the good communist actor that he is, rarely loses his cool in public. But he did so several weeks back when he launched attacks against President George Bush. Mandela was furious. He tried to put pressure on President Bush regarding Iraq. President Bush then refused to take his call. Mandela went ballistic and phoned Bush’s father and had words with him.

I never ceases to amaze me how good CNN, the BBC, etc are at hiding the facts. Here is a short article which was published on an Australian news website two months ago:

Leaks from the White House describe President Bush as furious when informed by the CIA that Mandela agreed with a South African government decision to sell Saddam aluminum tubes for uranium enrichment centrifuges that will be used to provide weapons grade uranium.

The South African government instructed the first secretary of the South African embassy in Jordan to act as its local sales representative to Saddam’s agents. Bush has requested that South African desist from helping Saddam build nuclear weapons. So far the South Africans have not responded. Reports indicate that the sales are continuing.

Adding insult to injury, Mandela attacked Bush as the real menace to world peace even as his government was helping Saddam build his nuclear bombs.

New York
TNA News with Commentary
No. 449 October 2002

Source: The New Australian

I have heard from a source of mine, that there is a chance the above story may get a wider hearing when President Bush discusses the recent report on Iraq’s nuclear projects.

Mandela of course, is still on the warpath against America in general and President Bush in particular. Mandela tried to create a outrage here in South Africa by making some strong statements about the USA’s attitude towards Iraq. Mandela has made many pro-Iraq statements as have many South African government officials. The problem I sense however, is that like with Robert Mugabe, the general public in South Africa do not buy into all the government’s views. The newspapers and radio in general have carried across the American viewpoint quite accurately, and so the public generally tend to side with America on the issue of weapons of mass destruction and terrorism. So Mandela’s attempts at creating outrage flopped.

Nevertheless, he tried to vilify the USA recently. When the 12,000 page report on Iraq became available, the USA made moves to get some copies of it very urgently. Mandela then angrily spoke of America taking the reports “arrogantly”. But his line flopped because nobody could understand why he was so heated up about it.

He went on to say that the USA was a threat to world peace because it was acting independently and was not working along with the United Nations.

As you can imagine, it does not matter that Mandela is no longer president because the African National Congress ruling party sang the same song.

Our Minister of Foreign Affairs is Nkosasana Zuma.She was previously the Minister of Health and caused tremendous damage to this country’s medical industry by applying socialist principles. Zuma did what Hillary wishes she could have done! (Those Clintons are so Third World!) I regard her as one of the more evil people in our government because of the suffering she caused as the Minister of Health. For this, she was promoted. Now she has gone on to even worse things. On the one hand she is defending Robert Mugabe to the hilt. And on the other, she is supporting Iraq. She is very close to President Mbeki (there have been rumors of him having sexual liaisons with her). There was even talk that she might be the next President!! I very much doubt it, but the thought gives me the creeps.

Saddam Hussein’s Baath Party is actually a communist party, and it comes as no surprise that the ANC [African National Congress] support them. As with Robert Mugabe, they have to pretend to be objective, but then after a time it becomes obvious that they are very friendly to them.

Mandela and the government have been saying for a long time that they think the USA should act in accordance with the United Nations and world opinion. The moment Saddam and his people faked their latest attempt at “co-operation”, Mandela was shooting from the hip saying that Saddam had proven he was genuine and now the USA “had no right to use force!”

Foreign Minister Zuma went further saying that the USA must now work peacefully with Iraq to remove the weapons of mass destruction and that there was no justification for violence to be used against Iraq. She said the USA must “help Iraq” to get rid of their weapons of mass destruction! Can you believe that?

I also heard that it is the South African government’s staunch stand on Zimbabwe which is actually helping Mugabe to save some face. The South African government now, in a clear case of rewriting history, is saying that the Presidential elections in Zimbabwe earlier this year clearly reflect the will of the people there! One’s jaw drops to the ground at these blatant moves which show how they ignore facts when it suits them and how one communist helps another.

Last week Zuma held a press conference and said outright that the South African government supports Zimbabwe’s “Land Reform” (nice phrase eh?). She said, firmly, that South Africa believed it was the right direction to go, to return the land to the people, but that things had gone wrong and it was not working the way it was intended. Of course, there is no talk of doing things another way, or stopping it. NEVER!! Because they want this to go forward.

In all the years I have been on CompuServe and Internet, since before 1994, I have been telling Americans, and anyone who would listen, that handing South Africa over to the ANC was tantamount to removing this country from the Western world to which it had always belonged. And now you can see that clearly as South Africa defends Cuba, the Palestinians and all the enemies of the West. I have said for years, and I repeated it in my book, Government by Deception, that in a World War, South Africa will not be on America’s side. As world tensions increase, South Africa will side more and more with your enemies. This is very sad because we whites in Africa regard ourselves as being 100% on the side of the Western world. We have a deep hatred and dislike of the Russians, Chinese and all their scumbag friends and we do not share their values. Nor do we want to be a part of their alliances. Most of us do all we can to sway the blacks towards capitalism and the western world. Socialism has never had a big following among white Africans. We are most definitely capitalists to the core for the simple reason that this is the only economic system which actually works.

I should point out that South Africa has been split during each World War. Each World War has caused serious schisms in South Africa bringing it almost to the brink of civil war. The next World War will be no different. There will be a severe internal struggle in this country with the pro-Western elements being outnumbered.

My experiences with Zimbabwe have shown me clearly that the Mass Media definitely get lots of information but they publish only a small portion of it, and only that which suits them. I am very sad that Mandela’s involvement with Iraq, and his statements against the USA and President Bush do not get the treatment they deserve. I hope more Americans will realize that this man is a fake and a liar and that his sentiments are far removed from yours. Mandela, the Saint, the God, is quick to attack people for their “human rights” records, but will hardly say a word about Zimbabwe. He has said he disagrees with what is happening there, but that is as far as it goes. No outcry. No anger. Nothing like the fury he unleashed on President Bush.

Another news snippet which I doubt will reach most Americans is that the ANC is having its congress. Attending it are its “Alliance Partners”, the SACP [South African Communist Party] and COSATU [Congress of South African Trade Unions]. COSATU are the “hands” of the SACP. They hold strikes and rally people when the SACP wants it to happen. The top brass, including Dr Blade Nzimande, who is the leader of the South African Communist Party, are at the congress and gave their input. As one can see, the ANC and the SACP are joined at the hip and they work hand in hand all the time. But the Western Media virtually never tells people these things.

The news I have from Israel is that they are holding a massive military exercise to prepare for the very worst. Apparently they are preparing for all hell breaking loose which includes bioweapons, chemical and even nuclear attack. They are preparing for “mega-terrorism” and for mass uprisings and violence not only from Palestinians but from Arabs too which are aimed at tying down Israeli forces inside Israel. This, in my opinion is very good. The best way to avert disaster is to prepare for the worst. The Israelis have their heads screwed on right.

Sadly, on the political front, Israel is still susceptible to the lies about possible peace. This is not good, but on the whole the Israelis are hanging in there and they seem to be stiffening and moving to the right. Obviously, there are the liberal types in Israel who think “Give them just a little more and then we’ll have peace”. Sadly, this is not so. It is a tactic, and it is a lie, and there will never be peace unless either the PLO destroys Israel, or Israel destroys the PLO.

Some weeks ago I wrote an article, for which I was largely crucified, saying that US air power is its achilles heel and that if I were Saddam I would concentrate on nullifying it. I have noticed more and more news reports of how many more troops are going to go to the Middle East. Most surprising was a recent article which said that this new war would be fought very differently from the previous one and there would be a greater emphasis on ground forces rather than air power! So I wonder if my analysis is not perhaps closer to the mark than my critics thought?

From what I am hearing, clearly, this war is going to be a very serious affair – and I think most people in the world sense it. What I find particularly interesting is that all the communists and their allies keep saying that this could lead to big trouble. Exactly how much of this is bluff and bluster and how much is real, I do not know. But I think on the whole, this affair could be extremely dangerous because of Israel and its internal situation. I do believe Israel is living on the edge and that it is heading towards a make or break situation.

I keep hearing from my Israeli contact that there is a heck of a lot of terrorism and violence in Israel which we never even hear of. I was told of people who were led into deliberate ambushes and killed by the Palestinians. One hears virtually nothing of this in the biased mass media.

If there is one message I can pass on to folks in Israel, America and anywhere else, it is this: Stop the wishful thinking. Stop imagining peace is around the corner. Stop imagining the world is generally OK and terrorism, socialism, Marxism, etc will go away if we give in a bit more. Folks, I’ve lived through disasters, and I will tell you that hoping the worst will not happen will get you nowhere. Take your blinkers off. See the world for the ugly place it can be and realize it isn’t going to get better by itself. It will only get better when we throw ourselves into the fight. Each and every one of us will have his/her turn to serve and to stand our ground. It is up to each of us to get involved and start making a difference. Wishful thinking never solved anything. In the end, people must fight, people must struggle and people must work their butts off. This is the way it has always been, and it will be no different this time. Remember, evil people worked their butts off to create this hell. We must work our butts off to get rid of it. Peace will not just happen. It will be worked for, and fought for. Remember, in God’s Universe, there are no free lunches. We ended up in this hell because people slacked and people let evil reign. We will have to work very hard to get rid of evil. Hopefully, this will teach us a lesson to nip evil in the bud next time around. Only then will this world be a better place.

African News Snippets

They recently ran out of $500 notes in Zimbabwe. Inflation is so high, and the money is now so worthless that they did not have enough notes to satisfy demand. Here in South Africa a white family were attacked by some black intruders. The father was battling one of the attackers when his teenage son hit the attacker over his head with a cricket bat killing him. The other attackers fled. The legal system is now being put to the test because, in principle, the teenage boy is actually up for murder. There was a Police statement to the effect that it seemed as if it was a case of self defense and maybe they won’t prosecute the boy! Duh!! We have stacks of fake five Rand coins doing the rounds here in South Africa. On Saturday I was in a shop when the lady at the till showed me a coin I had just given her was fake. Somebody flooded the country with a vast number of these fake coins and they are now fully in circulation.

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