Lusting after a legacy (III): Clinton illustrates need for political gag rule

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According to The American Heritage College Dictionary (3rd ed.), a gag rule is “a rule limiting discussion or debate on an issue.”

While the dust has barely settled from yet another of ex-president Bill Clinton’s unconscionable attempts to suture his hemorrhaging legacy, one thing is clear: If there was ever a need for a gag rule to be placed on a former president, it is now.

At no other time in U.S. history has a former president been so treasonous in his acid attacks against a sitting president. With unspeakable hypocrisy, Clinton has incessantly parceled out unsolicited advice to President Bush in a last ditch effort to whitewash the American public to the former administration’s national security blunders.

Although Clinton has tried to divert attention away from his destructive behavior that likely led to Sept. 11 – and further stoked the flames of turmoil in North Korea, he has launched his own preemptive strikes by taking cheap shots at the Bush Administration.

To this accomplish this goal, Clinton has hit the media circuit – having been given more sound bytes, newsprint and Web space than any other former president has ever enjoyed. What’s more, his liberal media accomplices have willingly obliged. The fact that these “news” outlets would give even the slightest credence to his bellicose blathers only further substantiates the reality of the liberal news bias so many in the establishment media vehemently deny.

However vicariously Clinton chooses to live through Bush as some kind of sick surrogate president, it was Clinton’s political fraudulence that has led us to this critical point in history. It was also the liberal media who refused to expose his eight years of corruption that could have spared us from the consequences his administration has now wrought.

While Clinton has been busy patting himself on the back for supposedly thwarting terrorism, the reality is, he did all he could to avoid thwarting terrorism. As we’ve seen with the corporate scandals of Enron Corp., Global Crossing and WorldCom, it is Clinton’s modus operandi to let someone else take the fall for his initial crimes.

Although his numerous scandals run deep into the fabric of nearly every public and private sector, Clinton still manages to skate through life without being held responsible for his political and corporate misdeeds.

For example, in 1996, when the Sudan government had Osama bin Laden in their custody, they literally offered him to Bill Clinton on a silver platter. But, instead, Clinton turned them down – and on at least three different occasions! Clinton had a golden opportunity to be a real commander-in-chief but he blew it, big time. And he has the blood of over 3,000 innocent citizens on his hands to prove it.

In another disturbing example, from 1992-2000, although Clinton knew Saddam Hussein was building weapons of mass destruction, he gave Hussein a free pass by allowing our weapons inspectors to be kicked out of Iraq. At the same time, the leftist media stood by and never once questioned Clinton’s motives, nor exposed his betrayal.

Democratic mouthpiece, CNN, allows Clinton to lie about North Korea

Then there’s North Korea. Clinton recently went on Larry King Live to defend allegations that he was too weak with North Korea’s nuclear threat. In another one of their pro-Democratic PR ploys, CNN even had the unmitigated gall to allow Clinton to appear on Ronald Reagan’s birthday, of all days.

Clinton arrogantly claimed that his “ethical” administration “ended that program and they kept it ended until apparently today they started again. They would have a hundred weapons if we hadn’t done that,” he pompously gloated on left-leaning CNN.

But according to former Clinton advisor – and current Clinton turncoat – Dick Morris, Clinton was “absolutely disingenuous” and persisted in maintaining the fiction of North Korean compliance with the 1994 “Agreed Framework”:

“When I hear Bill Clinton saying that he didn’t know that North Korea was building bombs in these underground caverns – in 1998, when he was president…Not only did he know, but while he knew, he was pressing Congress to give them food and fuel to honor his ’94 agreement,” Morris recently told Fox News.

In fact, columnist Charles Krauthammer recently wrote in the Feb. 13 edition of Jewish World Review that the whole Clinton-North Korea alliance was nothing more than a ruse:

“When it threatened to go nuclear in 1993, Clinton managed to put off the reckoning with an agreement to freeze Pyongyang’s program. The agreement – surprise! – was a fraud,”Krauthammer said. “All the time, the North Koreans were clandestinely enriching uranium. They are now in full nuclear breakout.”


Not surprisingly, the left-wing press never lifted a finger to investigate any of these kinds of scandals during Clinton’s entire presidential tenure. Not 60 minutes, not CNN, not third-rate hack MSNBC, and certainly not Clinton apologist Dan Rather. Absolutely no one in the liberal media ever scrutinized Clinton the same way they have with both Bush presidencies. The establishment media became Clinton’s willingly enablers and never once took him to task, let alone second-guessed anything he did.

One of many prime examples of the liberal media’s devotion to Clinton came to a head during the 1998 impeachment process. What could have been a watershed moment for both the Democratic Party and their liberal media cronies to do the honorable thing ultimately turned into a public relations campaign to save face for their man (even before the hearings), as well as for themselves.

Instead, the Democrats were more interested in saving their political hinds than doing the right thing. They chose instead to hang on to their jobs by appeasing their constituents, rather than hold Clinton accountable for his many felonies. The liberal press equally turned out to be traitors. Journalists, who are supposed to be predisposed to telling the truth – simply by virtue of their profession – resorted to vilifying the very ones who dared to expose the lame duck president.

Clinton presidency represented largest military security breach in U.S. history

In a June 21, 1999 column on, David Horowitz wrote that, thanks to the Cox Report, “We now know that the [last] seven years of the Clinton presidency have coincided with the most massive breach of military security in American history”:



“…Clinton’s record is clear: He has no loyalties, except to himself. It is the solipsistic nihilism that we have come to know as the very essence of President Clinton that has made this treachery possible, even, inevitable.

“…President Clinton has no such loyalties — neither to his family, nor his party, nor his country. As is evident from the disclosures that have already come to light, the damage he has done is without precedent and will dwarf even the legacy of national embarrassment that he earned for himself in the Lewinsky affair.

“The wounds he has inflicted on this nation, and every individual within it, with consequences unknown for future generations, cannot be said to have been inflicted for ideological reasons or even out of some perverse dedication to a principle of evil. The destructiveness of President Clinton has emerged out of a need that is far more banal – to advance the cause of one ruthlessly self-absorbed man.”

The Clinton presidency can literally be summed up in one word: Treason. From selling military secrets to the Chinese and arranging sweetheart deals with North Korea, to the careless disregard for our national security that once again led to Sept. 11, Clinton definitely fits the bill for the ultimate traitor of our national trust. Clinton was not only into self-promotion; he was all about self-preservation, at any cost.

Although he had loyalties to everyone and everything except the national security and safety of the very country he swore in a sacred oath to defend, Clinton’s only loyalties were – and still are – to himself. Hence, his relentless campaign to salvage a legacy.

But as the remnants of Clinton’s loathsome legacy continue to surface, it’s becoming painfully obviously how destructive and negligent he had become. Through his self-aggrandizement, Clinton literally swung the door wide open to international terrorism.

As Krauthammer also observed:

“We are now paying the wages of the 1990s, our holiday from history. During that decade, every major challenge to America was deferred. The chief aim of the Clinton Administration was to make sure that nothing terrible happened on its watch…That is how one acts on holiday: Mortal enemies are dealt with not as combatants, but as defendants,” Krauthammer wrote.

Clinton flattered himself as looking beyond such mundane problems to a grander transnational vision (global warming, migration and the like), while dispatching American military might to quell “teacup wars” in places like Bosnia. On June 19, 2000, the Clinton administration solved the rogue-state problem by abolishing the term and replacing it with “states of concern.” Unconcerned, the rogues prospered, arming and girding themselves for big wars.”

Although telling the truth is an aberration for him, Clinton should be brought to task for what he knows about Iraq, North Korea, China and the countless other security leaks against our nation. In fact, if he ever did tell the truth – like so many in the independent media are now bravely doing that his crimes, maybe we could gain some insight into what really went on behind the barracked doors of the Clinton anti-American war room.

If Clinton wants to blame someone for the mess we’re in right now, he should start with himself. Even Benedict Arnold had nothing on the likes of Bill Clinton. Not only has Clinton sold us out as a nation, his leftist media cohorts sold us out by not ferreting out the truth about his evil deeds and exposing him for the traitor he perpetually represents.

Retired USAF official: Hillary poses ‘clear and present danger’ to national security

Now we have Hillary, who needs to have her own political muzzle, judging from recent independent media reports coming out of Washington. Sen. Clinton, who recently secured a coveted seat on the Senate Armed Services Committee (SASC), reportedly has been leaking classified information that could jeopardize Gen. Tommy Franks’ future position as the United States’ Iraq commander.

The Washington Post reported that Franks was being investigated for allegedly allowing his wife Cathy to have a military bodyguard and take free flights on military jets. She has also been accused of being privy to top-secret information.

But one retired Air Force officer, Lt. Col. Bob Maginnis, who worked on the military’s super-secret black budget program, is far more concerned about what the New York Senator knows – and how that classified information got leaked in the first place.

Maginnis told last Monday that the sensitive information likely emanated from the SASC – who would be the only ones privy to the information – where Hillary just happened to be recently appointed (which makes the timing of the leak suspicious).

Moreover, Maginnis expressed grave concerns over Hillary’s appointment to the SASC that “obvious security risks were routinely given access to information on the Pentagon’s black budget programs during the Clinton Administration.”

I am deeply concerned that Hillary Clinton serving on the SASC represents a clear and present danger to our national security,” the former USAF weapons officer told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren.

In addition, not only did the Post refuse to cite the source of the leak, Hillary was reportedly using the leaked information to launch more caustic attacks on President Bush.

So Bill Clinton has not only wreaked havoc on our nation; he’s using his wife to indirectly aid and abet the enemy. But it should come as no surprise: Just as he used her to get elected, she’s now using him to try to get back into the White House. In essence, both of them have used one another to fulfill their individual lusts for political power.

Leftist media was Clinton’s willing accomplices

Despite all of his countless acts of duplicity, Clinton has walked away a free man without the slightest vestige of conscience. Thanks in part to a liberal media establishment that protected him, Clinton has not had to pay for his despicable crimes against our nation.

But the time has come for Clinton to answer for his heinous acts of treachery and be treated like any other war criminal. For someone who always thought himself as being above the law, Clinton certainly has a lot to answer for on this account.

As in his administration, Clinton does whatever he chooses, with little or no regard for anyone but himself. His narcissistic bent knows no boundaries. Despite the many scandals that continue to surface, it’s absolutely mind-boggling how Clinton and his carpet-bagging wife, Hilter-y, continue to wield so much power and influence.

It’s also hard to imagine that the very ones who literally set the stage for Sept. 11 are now offering political advice – as well as unwelcome criticism – on an impending war. After all, Clinton had his chance to do something great for our country. But, again, he blew it. It’s much too little and much too late for him to be taken seriously about anything.

Indeed, Clinton’s time has long passed – thank God! And if Clinton believes that President Bush will take anything he says seriously, he’s even more deranged than we first thought. Because the more he talks, the more irrelevant he becomes. In the long run, whatever Clinton says will have absolutely no bearing on what Bush decides to do.

If Clinton had any morsel of dignity left, he would call it a day and gracefully fade into retirement. The only problem is, his narcissist nature won’t afford him the luxury. Clinton needs to understand that legacies, good or bad, aren’t sought after – they are left.

In the end, no matter how many liberal news outlets Clinton pops up on or how many rock concerts he emcees to savage an abominable legacy, his ultimate legacy will forever be Sept. 11 – and he knows it (which is the whole reason for his legacy crusade). And the liberal media establishment who have continually defended Clinton are now paying a heavy price for allegiance.

Is it any wonder the independent media organizations such as Fox News, WorldNetDaily, and have become the prevailing purveyors of news and information? It is because America trusts them to deliver fair and balanced news coverage – something the pro-Clinton media have patently refused to do, to their own detriment.

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