Lines of socialism: The flippancy of a degenerative dream

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Lines are an aggravating thing, aren’t they? Yet, we spend so much of this precious life ticking away our time in one procession or another, waiting for the same thing as the poor guy in front of us.

It occurred to me one day, probably while I was standing in line somewhere, that lines are more than just an agonizing waste of time. They’re a sign that something is terribly wrong. Lines represent two things to me; lust and despair….the fuel of socialism. I would suggest to you that lines are not a God thing, but a government thing, invented by and for the benefit of the brave new world’s control freaks.

Think about it. Nobody waits in line to go to church. Nobody waits in line to pray. There’s no line to receive mercy, forgiveness, healing or the “peace that passes understanding”. Furthermore, I don’t recall the nation of Israel ever having to form a line out in the wilderness before receiving manna from The Almighty.

If socialist elites aren’t expected to wait in line for their daily bread, why then do they require the hungry to stand in a line for theirs? It’s because socialists are the scribes and pharisees of the 20th century, who Jesus warned; “love the uppermost seats in the synagogues, (The Capital), and greetings in the markets, (Wall Street)….who make clean the outside of the cup and platter, (photo ops, church exits, charity events and baby kissing), but whose inward part is full of ravening and wickedness…..O generation of vipers”.

Socialism is all about lines….assembly lines, gas lines, picket lines, border lines, hiring lines, firing lines, soup lines, bread lines, unemployment lines, bottom lines, bloodlines, welfare lines, dotted lines, cocaine lines and party lines. How about the holocaust? I’m sure the survivors of that nightmare could tell us all a few frightening things about lines.

Now, I know catholics wait in line to receive communion and sometimes stand in line outside a confessional. Lines have always been a way of life at parochial schools. But then, consider the origin of catholicism. Was it not the result of a decree made by The Emperor Constantine I, mandating a universal conformity to his chosen religion? Sounds like big government to me. To be fair though, the lines you’ll most likely see a protestant stand in on sunday in America are buffet lines and ticket lines…again, a signal that something is terribly wrong.

Let’s face it…nobody does lines like the government. If you want a license? Get in line. If you want to mail a package? Get in line. If you want a job. Get in line. You say you¹d like to discuss your taxes with the IRS? Get in line. If someone is beating down your front door with a baseball bat at 2 AM and you feel the urge to dial 911 for some government assistance…brrrrrring…..brrrrrring “Hello, this is 911. Could you hold please?” Hey…….What did you expect? It’s a phone line.

Lines are the natural offspring of socialism, where the few control the many. When starting out in public school, the first thing society’s child learns is how to form a line. Lines are now commonplace in high schools across America, so that the government may facilitate those things necessary to maintaining the order of a socialized society. What things, you ask? Metal detectors, armed guards, K-9’s, strip searches and surveillance cameras, of course. You see, if one is raised with the tools of socialism, it makes their universal acceptance into everyday adult life thereafter, much easier.

How have we ended up with so many lines in a country that has always been known for it’s personal freedom and prosperity? It seems to me that lines were a phenomena that began appearing in America during the industrial age, around the time socialism and communism became fashionable alternatives to our Judeo Christian heritage. Many folks began unwittingly underwriting socialist elites and their agendas by taking their business to big name companies in far off places, with picture-filled catalogs, snappy slogans and the seductive glamour of celebrity endorsements, instead of continuing to trade locally with their own neighbors and developing lifelong friendships into solid communities. So, in a sense, we’ve been putting all of our eggs in one big socialized basket, building corporate conglomerates for Wall Street and government bureaucracies for Washington, while killing the family farms and businesses of hometown, USA.

How can anyone learn the value of hard work, sacrifice, determination, independence, perseverance, prayer, charity and faith, by standing around in a line? Some of the things we DO seem to learn in lines are anger, hatred, bitterness, envy, resentment, racism, covetousness, laziness, discontentment, cursing, idol worship and a hopeless dependency on the lords of the day, who pompously exchange promises of power, position, prominence, peace, profits, pleasure and protection for the surrendered souls of gullible men. To me, lines are but a standing monument to our country’s misplaced faith and perverse priorities….the bitter wine of the common man who embraces, not the faith of our founders, but the flippancy of a degenerative dream.

America was once a nation of producers, who didn’t have time to stand in lines complaining about how life had cheated them. Now we are a nation of capricious consumers, who feverishly follow the frenzied folds to fast food and fashion, porno and passion; guided by a hierarchy of hegemony, who’s mission for us, (should we choose to accept it), is to search out a self-worth measured by corporations, critics and credit lines. Behold the new paradigm.

Someday, when all is well and life is good, the lines will be gone. But it will never happen as long as we kneel at the feet of a god spelled GOVT. When Jesus said to His disciples: “…Suffer little children and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of God”, I’ll bet not one of them had to get in line.

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