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Little credit is given to those tough, brawny individuals who run interference and take the hits for leading and protecting the ball carrier in football. They are just thought of as non-thinking brutes, offensive linemen who “open the holes” for the stars of the game: running backs, quarterbacks and wide receivers.

But there is another kind of lead blocker, and I admit to those as being my personal favorites. Instead of being tough and brawny, they are tough and brainy, and run interference for truth with their ideas and their courage. They deliver truth and facts to open holes in walls of sanctimonious politically correct pap, propaganda falsehoods and sacred cows designed to dumb-down the public.

And there is no greater hypocrisy on God’s Earth than the attacks by “organized Jewry,” that term having been e-mailed to me by an orthodox Jewish Rabbi, than the constant unrelenting assault upon the Christian religion by these “Jews” and their Christian Zionist supporters. Anyone who criticizes the fascist and brutal police state of Israel, is immediately smeared with the label “anti-Semite” by the “Jewish” anti-Defamation League, headed up by so-called “rabbi” Abraham Foxman.

Recall how Foxman and his ADL tried desperately to block Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” Reflect upon the ongoing activities of the communist-founded American Civil Liberties Union, yet another Jewish organization consistently attacking Christian and American societal principles: The Ten Commandments, use of the word “Christmas,” abolishing Christmas programs in schools and communities across the nation, isolating and destroying the Boy Scouts of America, and so forth. Are these just coincidences and byproducts of our enlightened and politically correct forward-moving society?

The answer is obvious: there is a well-oiled and well-coordinated move afoot to weaken and eventually totally destroy every vestige of American society. And if that vestige is unclear, think about the Pilgrims who founded this nation in their desire to finally have religious freedom. Compare that of our national origin to the backwards oppression now being foisted upon the religion of the majority of Americans; namely, Christianity, as represented by Catholics and Protestants. Non-organized Jewry, religious Torah-obedient Jews, want only to do what most Catholics and Protestants wish to do – live and let live.

Organized Jewry is virtually a synonym for Zionism, the non-religious religion of idolatry represented by the foreign state of Israel. Israel is not a religion, therefore criticizing Israel is not a “hate crime.” But you can just bet that the most powerful lobby in America, the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee, a group that formerly had the term “Zionist” in their organization’s title, is in the process right now of bribing and buying American politicians to make criticism of Israel a “hate crime” against all Jews. And since bribing a politician gives the impression of a criminal act, Congress in its wisdom has used word science to change the term “bribing” to “lobbying.”

The “Jewish” lobby, AIPAC, has anywhere from 50,000 to 65,000 members, a tiny organization by most organizational standards; but its power and influence relative to its size is astonishing. No one in Congress will criticize Israel. And no one in the Bush administration will either. American foreign policy is now totally controlled by neoconservative Zionists, which explains our costly, deadly and unnecessary destruction of Iraq.

Virtually all of the so-called “liberal” elements of destruction within our society are indeed bringing our nation down, but they are not merely “conservative frustrations” as Paul Craig Roberts offers. They are the unrelenting attack by the many organized “Jewish” organizations: ADL, ACLU, AIPAC, NOW, NAACP, etc. And even if the Iraqi War is manifesting itself as the hostile expression of pent up “conservative” anger as Roberts offers, saying: “The Iraqi War is serving as a great catharsis for multiple conservative frustrations: job loss, drugs, crime, homosexuals, pornography, female promiscuity, abortion, restrictions on prayer in public places, Darwinism and attacks on religion,” citing liberals as the cause and acknowledging the false direction the Bush administration has rallied US to, it still doesn’t enlighten US as to the underlying driving force. “Liberals are against America. Anyone against the war is against America and is a liberal. ‘You are with us or against us.’” [Emphasis in original.]

This is of course characteristic of Limbaugh and the denizens of talk radio. It doesn’t approach the real causative factor. One libertarian site offers our misdirection in the Middle East as serving “the interests of another power.” This is fear! This is fear rooted in the terror of being branded “anti-Semitic.” And that’s just fine with the behind-the-scenes manipulators.

Many websites are now beginning to identify the real cause of our destruction. They are the lead blockers of which I speak: Ether zone, Rense Report, Alex Jones’ Prison Planet, Information Clearing House, The Peoples’ Voice, V-Dare, Counterpunch, etc. My apologies to those sites I’ve missed. The editors and writers represented by these sites have opened my eyes, and breached the wall of Zionist sanctimony as well as the Berlin Wall on the West Bank.

We are fighting a war in Iraq that had nothing to do with 9-11, and everything to do with the imperialistic intentions of Israel in the Middle East. A tiny fraction of the small three percent of Jews that make up our population, and their powerful AIPAC lobby, lobbied [read bribed and intimidated] our government into this costly, deadly war, which has already planted the seeds for our own destruction. As we are now on the losing end of both the war and our foreign policy, the religion of the majority is being phased out. Homosexuality, Ramadan, Kwanzaa and atheism are now replacing Christianity.

What has caused this destruction of our society and its former freedom of religion to revert back to the days of religious persecution that served as the very basis for our beginnings? The secret government of George Bush necessitated the constant inquiry and deduction that leads inevitably to Israel as the conclusion. And what’s the status of the AIPAC spy scandal? And how is it that for a great majority of US, we are only now learning of the act of war perpetrated against US by Israel’s attack upon the U.S.S. Liberty during the Johnson administration? Why was this treachery covered-up? What about the beforehand knowledge of the attack upon the WTC by agents of Israel’s Mossad?

How could all this treachery against US perpetrated by Israel not come to the fore and serve as the basis for a real meaningful debate as concerns our relationship with this horrifically dangerous fascist police state? Clearly, it is because of the total Zionist control and ownership of the media, as pointed out by Jonathan Silverman. Silverman states of the Zionist-controlled news media, “The news and communications industry is a Jewish kingdom. How many Jewish bylines do you come across? From the NY Times to your local paper, from NPR to radio talk show hosts, you are being ‘informed’ by a specific group of people American society.”

What of the “disappeared” Carl Cameron series for FOXNews? Cameron did a series exposing Israel’s Mossad, and broke the story of the five Israeli agents pre-positioned in New Jersey waiting for the air attacks to happen. Are such observations “anti-Semitic,” or are they cold hard facts as offered by lead blocker Silver? The destruction of the political career of Howard Dean, the partial destruction of the political career of Cynthia McKinney, and the retirement revelations of Senator Fritz Hollings are all testimony to the fact that the Zionist media is in constant damage control of the treason being perpetrated against America by “our friends in Israel.”

Consider the only source of the information offered above. It is from those who have the courage of speaking the truth. No decent humanistic organization or entity runs from the truth. No humanitarian effort relies upon propaganda, falsehoods, lies and ad hominem attacks and smears of “anti-Semitism.” The control that organized Jews have over all aspects of American society and its government is downright frightening, and should be of grave concern to every thinking man and woman in America. If for no other reason, organized Jewry should be feared for not only its power and wealth, but for the more significant reason that their representation is tied to far less than only three percent of our population. Three percent! How then could it be possible for AIPAC to represent our interests overseas and in the Middle East? How can the ACLU represent our interests, or for that matter, the ADL or the NAACP? The answer is obvious.

The lead blockers of the Internet represent the new media in America. Many of the writers work gratis. The celebrity status of such “journalists” as Geraldo Rivera, who boasts that Internet journalists aren’t really journalists because they don’t make anywhere near the money he makes, is no longer an argument defining professionalism. Just think of all the Walter Duranty, Jayson Blair, Dan Rather-type incidents. And we know that now Republicans listen to talk radio, Limbaugh and Fox, and Democrats listen to network TV news, NPR and read the NY Times. Either of those polarized information and communication camps still suffer under the mind-numbing burden of non-journalistic allegiance. That’s neither representative nor conducive of the truth, and it doesn’t serve to inform.

And that explains the complete failure of the last presidential election, which was totally devoid of discussion on important issues. The important matters confronting our nation, dominance of our government by Israel serving only Israeli interests, the resultant mass terrorism being planned against US, the eroding job market and outsourcing, the collapsing dollar, and our increasingly fragile economy exacerbated by Bush’s unnecessary war, should all have been openly debated and contrasted. They weren’t. Now rather than debate the issues and uncover viable alternatives, we will be forced irreversibly to live with them.


Published originally at EtherZone.com : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact.”

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