Killed by his own sxxx: Lenin’s bagman of the Antilles

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Miami is jubilant. Hialeah and Little Habana shout “Cuba Libre!”. You need not be Cuban to rejoice. Castro plagued at least two generations of Americans like persistent scabies. Yet the Ghoul of Galicia, like a chain-yoked car thru Mephisto Wash, plods to an inevitable end. Castro ‘temporarily handed power’ to high-pot “Hermano de Boozo” Raul. He talks tough yet may shatter when Lenin’s Bagman of the Antilles – snarky reference to Fido’s reported colostomy – surely croaks. Raulito may behave rashly. Did all those missiles really return to Mother Russia? Who can say?

Miami’s el exilio community celebrates cautiously. They’ve seen don Fido croak many times. You’ve seen for yourselves. James Brown collapses in mock exhaustion while belting out “I’ve Got The Feelin'”. Attendants drape him in purple robe and help him offstage.  At the psychological moment, The Godfather of Soul casts away the robe while hurling himself towards an electrified audience.

Fido aped this routine for decades. He cruelly built true hope so as to shatter it. Stooge-apologistas in our country generously assisted. Hollywood, hair up in curlers over nonsensical comments of a man in pain, has much for which it will answer.

When at last The Beast croaks and Hermano Dandy flops, sugarcane curtains will rip asunder. Forty seven years of egomaniacal sadism run amok will be showcased in all its demonic vainglory. The spirit of murderous caprice will be revealed. We know it in general. Hollywood, Check-Pants swells and avaricious Corpseorate titans who enjoyed many folsky visits with el Loco ignored it in specific. Necessary, y’see. Callously dismissing Cuban suffering was a ‘necessary first step’ on their road to riches, post-Castro or otherwise.

Most tyrants don’t get countries of their own to wreck. Some advance in business and torment long suffering employees.  Many preside over households where they slowly kill spouse and offspring deemed inconbenient.   Some pick up with opportunistic second families.  Frank Ragano’s chilling study “Mob Lawyer” tells the tale. Filled with hate, in love with death, they spot goodness and like reptiles, try to kill those posessing it.

Tyrants are about control. They are masters of pacing. Some they terminate immediately. Those who must remain standing in order for them to prosper, they murder slowly. But they are about control. Murder? Just stuff they do to keep control. In our era of tolerance surely you understand?

The Cuban Exile Community gets it. Operant phrase: ‘transfered power’. Unprecedented. Undersigned obtuse observer is grateful to DX Florida Radio Group, comprised of doctors, engineers, exilios and those familiar with the disease plaguing the Pearl of the Antilles. In manner of physicians, they’ve made careful radioexamination of their subject. Radio? “One radio does the fighting of a hundred soldiers” was how Castro so expressed it. Fido like Hollywood misuses the medium for undue advantage.

Last Wednesday was Veinte Seis, the 53rd anniversary of Fidel’s cowardly failed raid on the Moncada Barracks. It’s a commie-rat equivalent of the Fourth of July. Grupo DX FLorida and surely others listened for what should have been the customary long speech. Castro spoke briefly in the morning and briefly in the evening. Briefly? A two hour speech is but preamble to five hour introduction. Briefly? Indicative of something beyond a blown bag.

And now ‘transfer of power’? Freedom may – may – be in the winds. We rejoice for the celebrants. We regret we can’t stand with them on Calle Ocho. Retired LA PD Detective Steve Hoedel knows tyrants. His father Dr. George Hoedel, by all evidence, was the Black Dahlia Murderer. Hoedel corroborates Dr. Marleen’s axiom: “Doctors aren’t all they’re cracked up to be”. Hoedel in describing his father clearly describes Castro and other tyrants. Their mundane vices are evident. Their intrinsic evil isn’t. In Hoedel’s view, this is what makes them so dangerous.

As with Dr. George Hoedel, so with Castro – to the grave, unlamented. Paraphrasing Ghandi, Hoedel well spoke it: tyrants stand and may seem invincible yet inevitably they fall to nothing. Hopefully, none will intercede so as to break it.

“Grupo DX Florida’s contributions are as ever insightful. In addition to radio, they recommend fine Cuban truth sites such as,, Latter site provides clear prognosis for ‘Dr.’ Castro in light of bag reports – killed by his own excresence.”

The Beast falls and yields to joy ascending.

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