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A friend of mine recently commented on Jimmy Carter’s widely reported statement regarding Bush’s presidential performance in an article she wrote for Toogood Reports concluding that Bush “must be doing OK” since Carter said he was “disappointed in almost everything he has done”.

Bush Irritates Carter: The Prez Must Be Doing OK

We need to break out of this mind controlled herd mentality for a moment and realize that the whole purpose of Carter’s announcement was to provoke conservatives into reacting the same way Dorothy Anne Seese did in her commentary and further perpetuate the partisan pageant of Republican vs. Democrat.

Just think about it for a moment. Why would a failed ex-president from an opposing party even make such an overtly predictable and obvious observation; that a Democrat opposes almost everything a Republican does? Was it to gain more support for himself or his party? Hardly, considering the fact that Jimmy Carter is, even among his own, political garbage and of no partisan value to anyone.

Furthermore…why would a statement like that get such tremendous coverage in the mainstream media? The answer is, to publicly provoke a passionately partisan emotional reaction from conservatives in hopes we would rally around our “brother” and ignore the negative aspects of his presidency by overlooking and forgiving the intellectually unsound and immoral decisions he continues to make in office. In other words, by stimulating our emotional right brains with impassioned rhetoric from Bush’s alleged opposition, our logical left brains can be automatically turned off to even considering the incriminating evidence against him. By doing this it creates a *greater approval rating* in spite of the damning facts and *more public support* for Bush within his own party thereby alleviating the growing suspicion and negative fallout from all of his liberal, pro-homosexual, anti-Christian, NWO choices, decisions and activities.

You see globalists constantly seek to distract us all from the devilish details of their agenda by creating hyped-up diversions and distractions like this between political parties. Putting a “conservative Christian” into the White House with another “conservative Christian” as his Attorney General may have been the most effective diversion by globalists thus far. Now that the Trojan Horse is inside the gate, conservative Christians can all go back to sleep knowing Brother George is in control. For those still unaware, the condemning statement by Carter was just one more example of the mass mind control that continues to shape public opinion through the media.

The NATURAL conservative response to a leftest ex-president saying, ”I have been disappointed in almost everything president Bush has done” is, “The Prez Must Be Doing OK”. That IS the controlling elite’s desired result and frankly, when I first read Carter’s statement, it was mine as well. However, it is vital to remember that our emotions can be used as very powerful tools against us when left unchecked.

Carter’s comment is just a little peek into the ongoing propaganda campaign that forwards the NWO agenda regardless of who occupies the Oval Office…a Republican or a Democrat. Allow me, if you will, to quote from a piece I wrote a few months back illustrating how this charade works using the Mafia as an example.


“I’m reminded of that classic trilogy The Godfather where we were so thoroughly indoctrinated into moral relativism with GOOD “wise guys” and BAD “wise guys” as our role models. The five Mafia families would fight bitterly AGAINST each other in public while collectively conspiring WITH each other behind closed doors organizing gambling operations, prostitution rings, loan sharking, bribery, extortion, drugs, etc. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves bonding with the ever-charming Corleone family against the evil Tattaglias and all the other syndicates simply because dear old Vito Corleone refused to participate in their planned drug operations. That being the new standard of good and evil, the Corleones became morally superior in our eyes to everyone else in the movie. So, we made them the GOOD “wise guys” and all the rest of the Mafia families the BAD “wise guys”. The truth is they were all liars, murders, thieves and grifters.

It’s no different in today’s politics. On one side we have republicans, (the good wise guys) forever doing battle against democrats, (the bad wise guys) and yet they ALL continue to move us toward global governance. No matter who the president is or who has the majority in congress we steadily move year after year from one administration to the next away from our Christian heritage and Constitutional laws toward that “New World Order” George Sr. heralded as president. Our representative republic continues to be fraudulently referred to as a “democracy” from BOTH sides of the aisle as our God-given conscience is declared illegal and replaced with an external Govt.-given conscience based on UN values. While we all sit around on our policies and platforms arguing about such things as: “Who really won the election”, “What’s really a fair tax cut” and “What about school vouchers”, our nation slides further and further into the surveillance and slavery of socialism.

You see, although presidents, governors, senators and congressman change with each election, the global agenda never does.”

I would also invite you to read a couple of recent articles from Joel Skousen and Gary Benoit to help you toward a more accurate evaluation of Bush’s presidency.

Bush Administration Update

The Real Bush Record

In closing, let me just add that Dottie is an excellent writer whom I read often and consider both an ally and a friend. She offers many excellent insights and is worthy of respect and attention. My purpose here is not to disparage her or discourage anyone from reading her work. I recommend her highly. This particular issue however, needed addressing to avoid any further confusion among conservatives and make us all keenly aware of those little NWO traps along the way.

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